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Re: Bellatrix Lestrange: Character Analysis

I think Bella is one of J.K.s best characters.She is the personification of evil,itself,only for the pleasure of it.Voldy had had a tough childhood,one could excuse him in a sense for being bad,but Bella,i can see her as a spoiled child,very like Dudley,and when grown found LV who offered her all sor t of eviltasks that would satisfy her evil desires and inclinations...The think with Bella is that she is a very real character,in our muggle world,so many people are bad for the sake of bieng bad,no one has ever hurt them and still they are bad.

I was thinking...maybe she did have a hard childhood,maybe her mother went gaga over cissy for beign pretty and never gave Bella the same affection...they are described as very different...this might have given her a reson for being so bad...


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