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Re: Molly Weasley: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by chparadise View Post
I also agree that she didn't consciously favor any one child over any other one, but she feared equally for all of them. Her boggart in OoTP (dead Percy, even, who was estranged at this point) showed this to me. That being said, seeing her daughter in danger gave her that extra "oomph" to go and take on Bella.
Hmm...that's a good point! Her boggart did showed us that she loved all of her family equally, and she thinks of Harry as part of the family. When I saw that, I thought, "Awwwwwww, that is so sweet!" She is a very loving and caring woman who cares equally for each member of her family. And I agree with you about her fighting Bella; her only daughter was in danger, so she natually went in for the fight. And she did a good job of it, too. We get to see how protective of her children she can really be. I think of her as a lioness protecting her cubs.

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