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Re: Molly Weasley: Character Analysis

I always loved Molly, especially in the later books, because even when times were tough she could inject a bit of common sense. I'm not saying she doesn't get upset about stuff, look at her boggart, but the way she's always cooking these huge meals and looking after everyone makes me think of her house as a sort of sanctuary: whenever you were there you were safe. The death eaters at the wedding shocked me way more than they should have because they were violating that.
Her line to Bella didn't really shock me, because it was such a perfect reaction to what was happening. I loved it though, go Molly! I wonder how it made Ginny feel?
People have said that Molly was like the opposite of the Dursleys. I think you can also compare her approach to Harry with Sirius', think of what they both said when the DA was set up.

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