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Re: Rubeus Hagrid: Character Analysis

I want to take a moment to analyize the Hagrid/Dumbledore relationship. Now, Hagrid obviously regarded Dumbledore as a surrogate father figure and he was someone who accepted and supported him through dark and difficult times. Dumbledore's death would have been a major blow to Hagrid as we saw.

But I think it is more interesting to analyize why Dumbledore trusted and honoured Hagrid so much. After DH, you could say it is an expression of Dumbledore's Machvellian Manipulitive tendancies. Hagrid being strong and physically powerful yet slow, innocent and maybe a bit dumb but with a good heart would make the perfect tool. Someone you could trust with your most important because no one would mess with him and you know he is loyal to you to death. But I think it might go deeper for Dumbledore.

Has anyone sensed a connection between Hagrid and Aberforth? Hagrid strikes me as very similiar to Aberforth Dumbledore and vice versa. I find that extremely intruiging.

1. Both Hagrid and Aberfoth have a sometimes unhealthy obsession with animals. Hagrid with his beasts and Aberforth with his goats.

2. Both are more emotional than practical. Both perfer duels to a good debate. Both are prone to anger and lashing out. Hagrid has quite a temper and we've seen this from Aberforth when he punched Albus in the nose at Ariana's funeral.

3. Both are slightly innocent and academicly inept but completely loyal to their family and loved ones.

4. Both have had a strong connection to their younger sibling however 'odd' or 'deranged' in the case of Gawp and Ariana.

5. Neither are motivated by their careers but more maternal and both are 'carers' by nature.

6. They are both fond of the drink. Hagrid is a frequent haunt of the Hogs Head and Aberforth is the barman.

Dumbledore even compares Hagrid to Aberforth in GOF when he tries to persuade Hagrid to go back to work after Rita's article about him being a half-giant.

I don't know I find them very similar and maybe Dumbledore's trust and love of Hagrid has something to do with his guilt about dismissing and abandening his less brilliaint younger brother and never getting to know him well and connect with him. Also some of Hagrid's rash and impulsive qualities may remind Albus of his long lost father who was imprisoned for attacking the muggle boys who attacked his sister.

The fact that Dumbledore would befriend a half-giant like Hagrid and trust him and support him so much is just another tribute to his socially progressive and often controversial persona. I just wonder if it goes a little deeper.

Hagrid would be the stand-in figure for the little brother who had since disowned him (even if the brother's relationship became friendlier later in life.)

It's an intriuging and interesting issue IMO.

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