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Re: Seven Years And Counting


Chapter Six - Part One
Do You Think This Counts
As Something Peculiar?


The silence that Molly Weasley had kept was not something she expected to still have two weeks into school. She sat in the Ravenclaw common room and stared at the fire. It wasn’t something she’d normally do during her free periods. Normally, this time was filled with homework, or hanging around by the lake with… Noah.

She found it extremely hard to believe that it only happened two weeks ago, but it did, and she had practically become an emotionless robot. Her two best friends, Luke and Avery, came into the common room with sighs of relief as they found their disgruntled friend sitting on the sofa and staring blankly at the fire.

“Molly?” Avery bravely nudged the puppet that had become of Molly. It was a careful gesture, because the two soon found out that, if she was interrupted during certain deep thoughts, she would break out into severe sobbing. Luckily for Luke, that generally only happened in front of Avery.

The free period was nearly over, and they needed to get her to Potions, one of the only two advanced classes all three of them had together. "Mols, it really is about time that that we get to our lesson."

Without crying or showing any emotion at all, Molly stood up from the sofa, her long, black robes reaching the floor as she stood up. "All right," she said blankly. Her face was white, making her black curls look extremely dark and blue eyes like crystal. Avery and Luke shared a look before escorting her to the dungeons from the tall tower of Ravenclaw common room.

When they reached the dungeons and entered the Potions classroom they saw a desk with three available seats left for them. After two weeks of term, everyone that was in the class was pretty comfortable with where they were and knew where everyone sat or who they sat with. The table left from them wasn't their usual table, but it would do.

"Ah!" said Professor Wilkes, the Potions teacher, "So glad you could join us today!" Her smile was wide, nearly too sweet, and it matched her voice. She really brought a ray of sunshine to the dark, damp dungeons. She wore bright red robes with a few emerald accents here and there. She even had the biggest and ugliest brooch Molly had ever seen. It was like a dark red stone that was planted in the middle of a batch of wild flowers. Flying just centimeters away from it as to not bother the wearer was a bunch of buzzing bees.

Professor Wilkes was a Slytherin who left Hogwarts about fifteen years ago, but she was too sweet and overly rambunctious when it came to her Potions classes. She took over the position a couple of years before Molly started school, when Professor Young died from an experimental potion over a summer holiday. Needless to say, the Slytherin students couldn't stand her, and stuck with Professor Reubnon as their Head of House.

She flicked her wand and the door shut from where the trio previously entered. Luke sat by the boy who saved their seats and Avery sat on the other side of Molly. It was as if they were expecting her to faint or drop suddenly wherever she was.

"It's about time," whispered the boy harshly to Luke. "I swear, if we get points deducted from Ravenclaw one more time this week—”

"Owen, give her a break. She's going through a hard time right now, and you need to respect her condition." Luke's retort made Molly cringe her face. Condition? You'd think I had three months to live or something! she thought as looked directly at the two boys bickering.

"Excuse me!" said Professor Wilkes, her smile huge and voice sweet, "do you have a question, boys?" Every Ravenclaw and Slytherin head turned to see who she was talking to.

Shrugging one another off and grimacing, they both replied with a "No," and returned to facing forwards. Most of the time, Molly spent her time trying to earn points for Ravenclaw, but this year she ended up losing points more than she ever had by lack of answers when teachers asked her questions and being late to classes twice. She even had to admit that she wasn't acting like herself, but describing herself as a “condition” was not exactly what she had in mind. After dating someone for three years and then having to break up with him was a perfectly good excuse to be reclusive and robotic. It was, to Molly, at least.

"Well, if that's it then," she said, her hands clasped together and wand sticking out at an odd end, "let’s get started!" She turned so everyone could see the back of her bright red robes as she reached down for a cauldron that apparently had been there the whole time. She heaved it up with all of her strength and slammed it onto the table, holding onto the lid so none of the contents spilled. "Now, can anyone tell me what this potion is?" she asked as she pulled off the lid and showed it as if a model were modeling a new broomstick. She was leaning more towards the Ravenclaw side.

The potion was marble-coloured or maybe even pearl-coloured, and it swirled around in the cauldron. As soon as she did so, nearly every girl began to giggle and turned straight to their neighbor to tell one another what they smelled and who they connected it to. The boys started groaning and leaning back in their seats. Molly turned to Avery, expecting to hear her express her current infatuations, but she simply blushed and slumped in her seat.

A girl from the Slytherin side raised her hand immediately and started waving it frantically. Professor Wilkes, who was surprised by the sudden involvement in the small class, turned and asked sweetly, "Yes, dear?"

"That's Amortentia! A love potion!"

"Very well done! Five points to Slytherin!" she said, and she put the lid down at last and stood in front of the table. "Now, can anyone tell me what it does or how it works?"

Every hand that was up before immediately went down, and the giggling skyrocketed as every girl began to blush and look at the boys. None of them wanted to give the boys any wrong idea, or let out a hidden crush. When no one replied and Professor Wilkes had to ask again, the unimaginable happened. Molly raised her hand.

"Molly Weasley? I didn't think you were much for words this year. Go on! Tell me!"

"Amortentia is a very powerful love potion in which the drinker falls into a deep infatuation with the maker. The maker, who believes that they love the drinker, will recognise smells that are similar to the one they love. The side effects are extreme paleness and loss of weight because the drinker has lost all sense of mind for themselves and have completely started obsessing over the maker. Also, the drinker must be given the potion continuously, or else they will slowly go back to normally and more than likely hate you."

The words came out of her mouth before she knew it. Even though they were nothing impressive and could have done with at least some sort of emotion, since the class had lost interest in her explanation long ago, it was progress from one-worded sentences. No one was really shocked or surprised by her speech, especially since it was usually normal for her to do so, but Luke, Avery and even Owen all looked very relieved. Any point, they didn't seem so worried about her dropping dead all of the sudden.

"Very good!" said Professor Wilkes, trying to regain her interest after the dull speech Molly had given. "Five points to Ravenclaw! Now tell me, dear, what do you smell from the Amortentia?" she dared to ask.

This was the part she had been worried about. The fact she even answered a question that remotely involved anything with love in it was automatically surprising to her, but to admit to what she might smell? Her hands automatically drew up to her black curls and she started fidgeting with her hair and bit her lip. She took a whiff and nothing came to her. Well, something came to her, but it wasn't from the Amortentia.

Damp, cold stone and mixtures of herbs and potions were wafting around the room. Possibly even Avery's shampoo, but it wasn't anything she liked. If it were a smell protruding from the potion, it would be much stronger, and impossible to mistake. She would know, because she'd been to her uncle's shop more than a few times. The class was expecting her answer.

"I smell nothing," she admitted. Luke, who was looking at her expectantly, was disappointed in the lack in her answer and returned his focus to the front of the class.

"Curious," said Professor Wilkes, "nothing at all?"

"Nope. Nothing."

"Well that can't be right. You must smell something! Are you sure?"

Molly, who was getting more than annoyed now, answered, "Yes, Professor. I am sure." She wasn't sure if this change in attitude was exactly on the positive side or not, but at least she was trying.

"Nothing at all? Maybe you're just confused, maybe your senses are being blocked because they are so... close." Her gaze went straight to Luke and her smile was wide. Luke perked up again at this sign and meant to look at Molly without her noticing, but she did notice and he turned and quickly began looking at whatever notes he thought he took.

"I'm not confused, Professor. I don't smell anything!" retorted Molly.

"Well, if you say so," she said, as the walking lobster of a woman began to stray away.

Molly, whose ears were now red and face flushing, couldn't help but reply anyway. "I did say so! I don't smell anything!" Maybe the sudden change wasn't a good thing. Hopefully, it wouldn't last long and she could go back to being normal as soon as class was over.

"Well I never!" she said, pulling her hand back as if she were slightly appalled. "Five points from Ravenclaw, Miss Weasley, and I hope next time you decide to talk to me, you have a much better attitude!"

Owen groaned and looked at her with great disappointment. "That's great, Weasley, thanks!"

"No need for the name calling," she said, sinking back into her seat. She thought she was returning to her normal self, but the loss of house points spoilt it for her. She slumped into her chair and began twiddling with a quill she pulled out earlier.

Professor Wilkes returned to the front of class and regained her sweetness again. "Seeing as we now know what Amortentia is, can anyone take a guess at what we'll be doing as our first official project this year?”

"Drinking Amortentia!" several students from behind Molly chorused, giggling.

"Sweet Salazar, no!" Professor Wilkes exclaimed, hand over heart. If she really tried at it, she could be head of Hogwarts theatrics department, if they had one. Molly was almost certain the enchanted bees were going to sting her hand and automatically began to wonder if the sting would hurt or not.

"Perhaps we are going to make Amortentia?" Owen said while still in the process of raising his hand, and then lazily put it back on the desk, as if his hand didn't really matter. He had a cocky grin on his face but he also looked slightly annoyed about the stupidity of his fellow classmates.

"That's right, Mr. Bates! We are going to make Amortentia! We will be starting today of course, but first I'd like you to take a few notes. Of course I know that these classes are supposed to be advanced, help the individual student, and be more of an independent working class, but I think I'd like for this project to be done with a partner!" she clapped her plump hands once more, which Molly noticed were sting-free.

There was excited whispering all around and Owen smirked, watching as several girls were fawning over him. Molly groaned and slammed her head on the desk. It wasn't that one of her friends would have to go partner-less because there were only three of them, which would more than likely be Luke because Avery couldn't bear talking to anyone else, but she thought the idea of the lesson was pointless. Why make a potion if it was illegal to use it and Hogwarts banned it from any students? This thought would soon be voiced, too, when Professor Wilkes noticed her new-found behavior.

"Is there a problem, Miss Weasley? You know, just because you don't smell anything from the Amortentia does not mean you are excused from this project!" she told her, not unkindly, or at least she didn't sound mean, but she sounded as though she were now being forced to talk sweetly to Molly.

"It's not that," Molly explained and rested her chin on her folded arms, "it's just that I don't understand the point. Why make a potion we can't use?"

Wilkes cleared her throat and then batted her eyelashes as though the question was out of hand and she didn't understand. "This is a very advanced potion, my dear! This is your OWL year, and Salazar knows you'll need to know things like this if you plan on making it to your NEWT year!"

"Of course," Molly grunted.

"Now, you will all be able to choose your partners, but the pairings must be boy and girl!"

Owen, who was about to high-five a boy behind him stopped, mid-high-five and looked at her in disbelief. "What, Professor?"

"You heard me, dear! I want this to be a girl and boy partnership. It'll be interesting and a good way for all of you to meet new people." Professor Wilkes looked completely innocent in her own way underneath all of the green and red makeup. She looked more like an awkward Christmas advertisement.

"Don't know if you've realised or not, but we're all sixth years and have been in the same houses with one another for years!" Jackson Winters from the Slytherin side of the room remarked. It was most likely the most intelligent thing she'd heard him say in a while, and even that wasn't very intelligent.

"Then perhaps you should try partnering with someone different in, I dare say, another house, Mr. Winters?" That shut him up quickly and he turned to a girl that was sitting right next to him and was already pulling at his sleeve to be his partner. "Now get to it! And once you're paired, get your books out and look Amortentia up to take notes and make sure you let me know who you are paired with!"

Professor Wilkes retired behind her desk and prepared a piece of parchment and quill. Luke took immediate action and instead of turning to talk to Molly, he leaned out behind her and started giving commands to Avery.

"Now I have to be partners with Molly here, OK? I think its best—”

"NO!" Avery burst out. "You can't! I c-can't work with anyone else!" Her naturally sickly pale skin looked even paler. Molly never saw anyone more scared to leave their most immediate group of friends. If it wasn't for Molly insisting Luke and her go up to talk to Avery in their first year, the girl would have no clue on how to breathe by herself.

"Listen, Avery, Molly needs someone to work with and I think if I work with her that'll make sure she doesn't daze off and make a harmful mistake. You can manage with someone else, I'm sure. Let's see, who here would like to be Miss Masters' partner?" Luke looked around him but no one was paying attention.

"Everyone is nearly all paired up, you dolt," Owen jumped into the conversation. "Besides, I don't think the girl could work with anyone else. She may wet herself!" Avery didn't stand up for herself and only sulked in her chair and blushed heavily.

"Why are you such a prat?" Molly butted in. "Avery is fully capable of doing this project with anyone she wants."

"Aren't you capable of working with anyone you want?" he asked cheekily and eyeing Luke.

Molly didn't think of that and glared at him. "Yes. Avery, who do you want to work with?"

Avery looked at her hopefully and then to Luke again. "I can't handle working with anyone else, Molly. Please?"

"OK then," Molly said, unsurprised. Avery stuck to Molly and Luke like glue, and with Molly automatically out of the picture, Luke was Avery's only option. "You work with Luke and I'll find another partner."

"Did I hear that Miss Masters and Mr. Matthews are now partners?" Professor Wilkes peeked up from her desk and grinned excitedly. Before she got an answer, she began scrawling down the duo and then looked back up at them again. "That only leaves us with Miss Weasley and Mr. Bates. Congratulations, you two!" she said, and she proceeded to scrawl their names down as well.

"What!" Molly exclaimed, but Wilkes ignored her and began tallying the number of pairs she had in the class. Owen was a jerk, and had always been one since she knew him. He was exceptionally intelligent, of course, but that was ten times worse. He was never wrong and he knew it. He smirked and looked over at her from across Luke.

"Well, partner, get over here," he told her, patting the seat Luke stood up from in order to sit next to Avery. When she stood, she had a small thought in the back of her mind that she should pretend to faint right then and there. Maybe then the two weeks of obsessive following her friends were doing would finally come in use. She changed her mind as soon as the thought came to mind and sat in the wooden chair and grimaced as he started opening the Apothecary and Beyond. "Come on now, it's not that bad."

"You have no idea," Molly moaned.

"I rather like this situation; it means that I can maybe prevent you from losing future house points! Oh look! It says here that Amortentia takes just a little over a month to brew perfectly!" Owen pointed to the spot on the book and she groaned.

"You did this on purpose, didn't you?" Molly asked, opening her own book and trying to avoid eye contact with him. Instead, she focused on her friends on her other side and saw that Avery was reading aloud while Luke was glaring across her to Owen. She was thinking that he was just about obsessed with watching out for her well-being. "I'll be fine," she mouthed to him, but his eyes never left Owen. She wasn't even sure he saw what she said.

"Actually, I was trying to get to the point where Avery would want to work with me. I figured you and your little boyfriend would want to work with one another," he said, still gazing at the book and checking things off with his quill. She wanted to make a comment about how he shouldn't be writing in the books, but the thing he said about Luke caught her attention first.

"What was that?" she asked, without waiting for an answer. "Luke and I aren't, never have been, and never will be girlfriend and boyfriend!" she barked, slamming the book shut that had finally found the right page they needed.

Somewhat amused, Owen looked up from their lesson and grinned. "Oh really?" he asked, gesturing to Luke who was now focusing severely on Avery and Molly couldn't see his face. She knew her comment didn't bother him because he knew that they were just very good friends, or at least, it shouldn't bother him. She couldn't tell, but she didn't feel like bringing it up there.

"He just likes to make sure that his friends are OK when they are being antagonised by insensitive prats like you!" she whispered harshly so Luke would not hear. Owen, too, got closer to her face and then began to whisper a little louder than necessary.

"Whatever you say, Molly." His attention when straight back to the book and he read for a little bit before she was speechless for too long and then asked, "What do you mean, I'm insensitive?"

"It means," she answered quickly, "that I just broke up with my boyfriend of three years and I am not taking it very well, if you must know!"

"Oh! So that's your ‘delicate condition’"? Sounds like you just need to grow up to me."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me," he said, and he was near laughter now as the volume was picking back up, "you need to grow up. So what? You broke up with someone and you're a teenage girl with plenty more opportunities in life to have another three year relationship. Maybe, if you're lucky, and a bit more mature, you could have one for longer than that, how's that sound!" he mocked her, just as a small child would.

Luke, who was, thankfully, concentrating on his book, wasn't hearing their conversation and Molly was full of rage. Soon, maybe her new self would have a happy change, but Owen wasn't going to be the cause of that any time soon.

"I'd prefer if you don't refer to my past relationship with Noah like that!" she said matter-of-factly, but inside she felt like she was near tears.

"Noah? As in Noah Clark? You two went out?" He shook his head and let out a long whistle. "Poor guy."


"Do you two plan on getting to work today?" Professor Wilkes chimed once she started walking around to inspect the room.

"Yes, Professor," Owen reassured and then went back to his book. "Now," he said, directing his conversation back at Molly, "I'm thinking that it'd be best if we split the ingredients up between us. A few of them can be found in the room so we should probably get those now. With classes every Monday and Thursday, I'd say that in between now and next lesson should be when we have all of these ingredients. You find these," he slid a piece of parchment toward her with a list of items, "and I'll find these," he indicated to his own parchment.

"Now listen here, Owen," Molly scolded, "You don't go telling me off about relationships and then change the subject as though nothing's happened!"

Owen was annoyed now and let out a cry of aggravation. "I understand, Molly. You're too delicate to live life normally now and can't do homework by yourself. That's what I'm here for, since your friend over there seems to be permanently and emotionally unstable. According to you, I'm just here to make sure you don't pass out from fatigue or something from lack of eating because your thoughts are too focused on some past relationship that was probably never going to work anyway and pass this project for you. I'm not going to linger, OK? Now pay attention."

Molly looked at him with utter scorn. She would have been less annoyed if it wasn't for another Ravenclaw girl turning around from in front of them and saying, "If you two don't want to work with each other, I'll switch!" Owen broke out into laughter.

Molly hid her face in the book and read about Amortentia and how each ingredient could be found and when it was grown at what specific times. The potion was very advanced. By the time she finished reading, Professor Wilkes dismissed the class, Molly grabbed a hold of Avery's arm and Luke followed as they stormed out of the dungeons.


"I can't believe him!" Molly cried as soon as they entered the Ravenclaw common room. She was so frustrated that she couldn't even answer the riddle to get inside. "First he mocks me for the stupid house points, and then goes on about my relationship!"

She punched the seat of the sofa as she sat down on it and Avery sat next to her. Luke, who hadn't said a word since they left class, didn't sit. He looked from the two girls and upstairs and then finally said, "I'm tired. I think I'm going to rest for a bit before I catch up on some homework."

"What about dinner?" Avery asked, her brown eyes inspecting him carefully behind her round glasses.

"Not hungry," he said before heading up to the boys’ dormitories.

"I wonder what that was about?" Molly said aloud as she watched him walk away. "I'm having a breakdown here, and he's walking away?"

"Seems out of character for him," Avery pointed out quietly, focused deeply on a piece of lint on the arm of the sofa.

"It does, doesn't it? He probably heard what Owen had to say about us going out. I mean, Luke is a guy and he even understands what a girl goes through when they get out of a three year relationship! I wouldn't doubt it if that's his problem," Molly fumed, crossing her arms now and staring at the fire that was already started. There was silence for a few moments before two boys that went unnoticed before playing wizard's chess got up to leave for dinner.

"Yeah," Avery answered finally. "He likes making sure that no one is going to mess with you when you're so upset. So do I."

Molly forced a smile at her delicate friend. "Thanks," she said, trying to calm down a bit more. "I just think that Owen really needs to learn what it is like to have something taken away from him after so long."

"Something he loves?" Avery asked solemnly, head hanging down.

"Well, it doesn't have to be something that he loves," said Molly thoughtfully, "just something he's attached to, or always used to having around."

"I don't think you can take his brain away," Avery retorted. Molly snorted and then looked at her small friend for the first time and saw how uncomfortable she looked with the whole conversation. More uncomfortable than she usually was that is. With the current conversation and events, she quickly put two and two together and realised what was wrong, but before she could voice the problem, Avery said, "I think I'm too tired for dinner too. I'm going to maybe see if anyone knows where a few of the ingredients are for the Amortentia and then go to bed. I’ll see you later."

"Yeah, see you," Molly returned, eyeing Avery the entire time she walked away and up to the girl's dormitory.

What is everyone's problem today? she thought to herself, before shrugging it off and then heading down the staircase by herself.

She started thinking about how emotionless she had been the past two weeks, and wondered if she missed it yet over being constantly angry now. She didn't like getting in trouble, but either way she managed to get in trouble somehow. The robot Molly seemed to get less attention though, and less attention meant fewer questions and awkward conversations that made her want to cry, even if she was angry. During her thoughts, however, she heard someone else nearby talking aloud to someone else.

"Jackson wants to see you tonight, after dinner," said a voice that Molly didn't know at all. "Not in your tower, but in the North Tower. Says it's important so you should be there."

Jackson Winters? thought Molly. What's he going to be up to after hours? She looked over the flight of stairs she was on and saw two girls waiting for the third floor staircase to finish connecting to the second platform before continuing their walk. Both of them were still in school robes, but they were too far for her to see a house badge. One had black, straight hair, and the other had short, choppy brown hair. The stairs connected and she tried to keep up and listen at the same time without letting them know she was following.

"Something about a meeting. Says he hasn't seen his little sister since she was sorted and he needs to congratulate her. I suppose you know what that means?" the girl with the black hair asked sarcastically, her voice melodic and smooth.

"Of course! North Tower you say?" asked the one with brown hair. Her voice seemed somewhat soft and quiet, but it echoed in the Grand Staircase.

"Yes," said the first girl, "he can't see you any other time—"

"Because it may raise suspicion. Yes, I get it, Chloe, you don't need to explain everything to me in child's terms. I am not my brother!"

"Sorry, Winters. Forgot." The voice which belonged to Chloe, the black haired girl, seemed unpleasant and very annoyed. "Just show up and don't be late. Don't tell anyone either!"

Molly's head snapped back away from the railing and thought about what they were saying. Obviously the other girl that wasn't Chloe was Jackson's little sister, and typically it wouldn't be anything Molly would worry about if meetings and stupidity weren't involved. She waited for the girls to enter the Great Hall first before she walked in, too. As soon as the doors opened her attention was caught again by the doors to the courtyard swinging open.

"Told you we'd make it with plenty of time!" James laughed while Addie and Will were following behind them. Will was panting for breath, and the trio stopped when they saw Molly standing there, face as emotionless as it was earlier in the day. "Something wrong, Mols?" James asked her, laughter dying down.

"I don't know," she said honestly. "I've heard someone is planning on sneaking out after hours today though, you may want to check that out," she added for safe measure.

"Oh," said Addie, a smile still plastered on her face from whatever the trio was talking about seconds before. "Any idea where they'll be?"

"Um, North Tower I believe. I would have told the Head Boy or Girl, or the prefects in my own house, but I've just heard."

"Will do," James said and then led the group past her. "I'm hungry now though, so I'll see you later, Mols!" And he stormed past her, with Addie and Will in toe. Molly followed shortly after, not bothering to find anyone at the Ravenclaw table to sit with.


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