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Re: Seven Years And Counting


Chapter Six - Part Two


"Suppose you already have that card, would you be willing to trade?" Will asked the girl sitting next to him, Ava Travers. "I have three Diggoty Babbers cards already; I bet you have none of him!"

"Four, actually," she replied with a smirk and pocketed her new Chocolate Frog card, "but you can have the Frog."

James and Addie, who were watching the exchange, smirked and paid attention to their own evening mail. "Mum's written to me. The second time this week," James noted as he passed over the Quidditch Weekly issue and The Quibbler.

"Any more of your mum's brownies?" Addie asked hopefully, looking up from a letter sent from her home.

"No packages today. Everything good at home?" James tossed the mail aside and promised himself that he would read his letter before going to bed.

"So far so good. Mum's wedding plans are in place, and they should be running in course time for me to attend during the Christmas holiday." Addie frowned. She had explained before that she wasn't happy her mother was remarrying. Again. It was to be the fourth husband, and it had only been just this last summer since the last divorce Mrs. Sanders had. "Suppose that maybe she'll stick with Jim—although I can't say I know him very well."

"I'm sure he's not all that bad. Your mum seems to have good taste," James reassured, just as Will decided to engage back into their conversation.

"Yeah!" he said, "I mean, look at you! Your dad must have been pretty OK to have you. Does Jim at least know that you two are witches?"

Will was referring to Addie's second father. After her birth father died, her mother decided to marry a man without telling him that either Addie or herself were witches. They were married for nearly an entire year before he found out and left. Addie was so upset she ended up coming to James’ house for the last week of summer. His parents, being as understanding as they were, also allowed for Will to attend the festivities and the three spent the remainder of their summer causing mischief and mastering new spells (there was always that small advantage to one's father being the Auror Department Head of Ministry of Magic).

"Yes," she answered. "She says here that I can invite you two. If you'd like to come I guess that's your invitation. She can't even plan a wedding properly!" she said as she,too, tossed her letter to the side and laughed half-heartedly.

"Aw, come on, Addie, it can't be all that bad," Will said comfortingly, "my parents absolutely hate each other and they're still married to one another."

"That's just love," Addie joked and then bit into her supper at last. "Besides, they're still together, so it's not the same."

"How many times has your mum been married, Addie?" Ava asked, peeking around Will's head.

"Four," she answered openly. "I doubt she even knows what love is anymore."

"I don't know," Ava chided, "maybe she knows what it is, and she's just trying to find it?"

Addie and James looked at her in disbelief. James normally wouldn't mind, but he knew Addie. Thankfully, so did Will, who jumped in and tried offering more of his Chocolate Frog cards.

"So when is the wedding?" James asked as a few of the surrounding students stood to leave and head for their common rooms for the rest of the night.

"December the twentieth. Are you coming?"

"Maybe. I'll have to let Mum and Dad know first."

"I'll ask my mum if they can come along. She should allow it, your family has done so much for us," she added with a smile.

"Yeah, but have you seen the size of my family, Addie?" James scoffed. When she said family, she was also including the Weasley side, which was even bigger than the Potter side.

"Right," she said, "maybe then it'll look like a decent-sized wedding. I'm sure my side of the family has stopped showing up after the last one." Most people would have been brought down by that sort of news, but not Addie. She was just as spunky as James himself. That was probably one of the high factors of her being one of his only girl friends. The only other girls he talked to were family, and even they got on his nerves most of the time.

Suddenly, something caught James' eye and he turned and watched as a group of girls walked by behind them to turn in for the night.

"Oh dear," said Will, noticing his friend's gaze.

"What?" Addie asked, trying to see past James' big head and messy brown hair.

"He's spotted her."

"Who?" Addie pushed James aside and saw a group of Hufflepuff girls walking by.

“Angel Robins” James replied shortly as he watched the girl with very dark hair walk by. Her skin was dark and she taller than the rest of her friends, but they weren't very tall to begin with. Her hair was in braids and her smile was very white; not that he really saw her smile because she was walking away.

"Who is that?" Addie interrupted his misty bliss and watched him from behind. A bit of distaste behind her voice.

"How do you not know?" Will groaned and began to laugh at his friend's absent gaze. "You still with us, James?"

"What? Oh, yeah. What are we talking about?" James then turned his gaze from Angel and back to his friends.

"Still about Angel. Do you like her or something?" Addie asked bitterly and pushed the golden plate from her, knowing the answer already.

"Where have you been for the past year?" Will asked her, stealing the plate she delightfully passed off.


"Of course. He's been raving about her in the boy's dormitory for the past year. Thought he told you?"

"Yeah, I thought I told you about her?" James said suddenly, and he took a drink of his pumpkin juice, face blushing and eyes wondering to Addie's direction. "If not then ... I like Angel Robins. Just thought you should know."

"Thanks for telling me, you prat!" He couldn't tell if she was playing around or just naturally peeved. "Does she at least know about it?"

"Of course not, Addie! You don't go telling girls you like them, it makes you look like an idiot!" Will teased.

"Oh, right," Addie huffed, crossing her arms and looking away. Almost as soon as she did so, though, her attention changed and she turned to James again. "Hey, there's Dominique! Didn't Molly want us to do something tonight? Maybe she's the one to tell about the meeting in the North Tower tonight!"

"Hm? Oh, right!" James said, standing up and meeting his cousin further down the Gryffindor table.

Dominique was talking with Ethan Trotsky, a seventh year Gryffindor boy, and a few other people and relatives he recognized that still hadn't gone up to bed. When she didn't notice him standing there, Ethan pointed and she rolled her eyes to take a look.

"Yes, James?" she asked with over slight annoyance.

"I've come to report that it has been told a few students will be out of bed after hours tonight in the North Tower. I thought you should know," James said with a sly smile. If his presence annoyed her, surely this did as well. Unfortunately, his plan backfired.

"Why did you have to tell me? You and Addie are prefects, you aren't around just to listen to me give orders, but you can take matters in your own hands, too," she said bluntly, and then tried to get back to her conversation she was having with Ethan, who stared at her awkwardly.

Addie, who wasn't going to stand up for this sort of behaviour from a Head Girl, piped up, "And what do you expect us to do? Wait around until after hours to see who shows up?"

"James has an Invisibility Cloak, doesn't he?"

"Way to go, Dominique, just blurt that out to everyone, why don't you?" James scolded, frustrated at his cousin's boy-crazy behaviour.

"What?" she scoffed and then rolled her eyes and went back to trying to converse with everyone else.

Addie pushed James passed her and stomped off. "The nerve," she grumbled, and then lead the two boys out of the hall. "Will, do you have anything you want to do before James and I just hang around for the next few hours? Seeing as the Head Girl can't?"

"Why don't you just ask the Head Boy?" William asked while he wiped the crumbs from his robes that Addie didn't give him the chance to do before. "I'm sure Brandon would do something about it."

"No, Dominique is right," James said much to Addie's displeasure, "we are Prefects this year. We need to take care of it."

"Why can't I come with you? There should be room under the cloak—”

"That's considered after hours for you, Will," Addie added, looking up at him with a very disappointed face. Her short, blonde hair was sticking up and blue eyes were fierce; without a doubt, anger suited her more than it should.

The trio decided that going to their common rooms would be wise for the next hour to catch up on studying before James and Addie went off for their rounds (even though it was Hufflepuffs' turn). James suggested they tell the Hufflepuff prefects after he thought about it, but Addie was too determined to tick off Dominique at that point. They waited until Addie was halfway finished with her Charms essay and James read the letter from his mum.

It was filled with what his mum normally wrote about. How was his week going and if he'd been in any trouble? Had he been keeping an eye on his brother and sister? This time she asked him something she didn't normally ask, however. It was possibly the reason for her writing him two letters this week. She asked him if he'd noticed anything peculiar happening so far this year. He didn't have the time to reply, but he thought about the answer and couldn't think of anything. Hogwarts was perfectly normal as it was every year.

Finally, Addie was ready when the rest of the Gryffindors filed into the common room with dinner chat still wildly going on. "Let’s go and get the Cloak," she said, leading the way to the boy's dormitory as if she were used to this. Truth be told, they were used to it. In previous years they used it to sneak into the kitchens, and a few times this year they decided to have a go at creeping up on students that stayed out after hours. Most of the time rounds were boring, and the students were never doing anything too bad to cause a lot of trouble over, so the cloak was their only source of fun.

"Do you think the two of us can still fit underneath this thing?" James asked, pulling it out of his trunk and holding it out at arm’s length. "I know that Dad and Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron used to fit under here all the time, but I'm taller than my dad was at fifteen."

"We should be fine. I'm sure that your Aunt Hermione was taller than me, so it should even out. Just be happy Will isn't coming, then we'd have problems!" she chuckled and then folded the cloak and stuffed it in a bag.

"I heard that," Will said, coming up into the dormitory, "and I'll have you know that I take that offensively!" But he smiled and then sat down at his four-poster.

"Having an early night?" James asked, making sure that his prefect’s badge was now on. They were supposed to wear them at all times, but sometimes his mind would slip past him and he'd forget to wear it for the day.

"Yeah. If I even look at a book one more time tonight I think I'll go mental and start shooting hexes at the next passer-by," Will said while kicking back in the bed.

"That's not good," Addie said, "term has only just started."

"Yeah, well, I wish fifth year would hurry up. I hate these OWLs already!"

"I know what you mean, mate," James laughed. "Well, we better get going before they get there before us. See you later?"

"If I'm not asleep, tell me all about it when you get back. Take away loads of points too!"

"Will do!" James pushed in before Addie could protest and then took her down the stairs and out of the Gryffindor tower.


The halls were empty and everything that normally filled them was gone, and it was extremely quiet. The windows illuminated a night sky across the echoing floors and James walked just a few paces in front of Addie. Moments ago she was angry because they had to do this, but the further away from the common room they got, the more she thought about their conversation at dinner. James admitted to her that he liked another girl and she wasn't sure if she liked her or not.

Truth be told, she had never even heard about Angel Robins until today, but she could already tell that she wasn't going to like her. She wanted to ask him what was so interesting about Angel, but she also couldn't think of a way to begin conversation. So, James, I know you like this girl, Angel, but what does she have that I don't have? Addie looked down and frowned. That wasn't the best way to bring it up, but she also realised she now hated Angel even more.

Fortunately, James was able to break the silence. "Would you count this as something peculiar?" he asked, turning his head slightly so he could see behind him. Addie raised an eyebrow.

"Peculiar? How do you mean?"

"Well, Mum sent me a letter today, as you know, and asked me if I'd noticed anything peculiar. I think it's a little unusual, seeing as she'd be one of the first to know if something peculiar happened here at Hogwarts, but if she has reason to believe something peculiar should be happening ..." he babbled, concern showing in what little bit of his face she could see. She hurried to catch up to walk by his side and looked up, her steps long strides next to his normal ones.

"I'm sure she's probably just run out of things to ask you. I mean, she did send you two letters this week. Probably bored around the house and needing something to write. I mean, the Quidditch season this year isn't going that great, so she probably ran out of things to write," she told him. The Tornadoes were on another one of their random winning streaks, but no one followed them so no one really cared. Addie's favourite team was the Soaring Ravens, but they had been losing all season.

"Maybe you're right," he said, the worry disappearing from his face a little bit more. "So someone meeting in the North Tower isn't peculiar at all? I mean, they could have met anywhere else."

"Anywhere else includes the North Tower as well. Is there something big and bad about the North Tower I should know about?" she asked, smirking to herself.

"I guess not," he sighed, relief overcoming his face now. James wasn't normally one to worry, but if it was something his family worried about, that was generally the right time for anyone to be worried. His attention then went downward and he walked while looking right at her. "What about you? You OK with your mum remarrying?"

Addie sighed and thought about it for a moment before answering, "I suppose so. I mean, at least she tells me when she's interested in another man and getting married," she said as she shot him what she hoped to be a playful glance. It must have worked because he laughed.

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," she said, "just that I can't believe that you never told me you were interested in anyone!" To add to the act, she nudged him in the side of his stomach.

"I didn't think it would matter to you that much, Addie. I'm sorry," he replied honestly. "I just think that she has great potential for being my first girlfriend, that’s all."

Addie's breath caught and she choked a little. "Girlfriend?" she sputtered. "No offence, James, but does she even know you exist?" she asked when they turned the corner and entered the Great Staircase.

"Of course she knows I exist! I am a Potter after all," he boasted. Addie glared at him. She knew he was kidding, but if that was how he associated girls with liking him, then she didn't want anyone knowing she liked him or else they'd think it was because he was a Potter. "I'm kidding," he confirmed. "We've talked a few times."

"Oh," she dragged, "you've talked. Did this all happen when I took my nonexistent trip to Canada?"

James laughed and then stopped walking for a moment, checking down the stairs to see that no one would hear them walking down the stairs and make a run for it. When he deemed it clear, he continued. "OK, so we haven't talked much, but she’s in one of my classes. She was in two last year, and we partnered up once."

"Was she the girl who transfigured your tie into a monster eating clothes shredder last year?" she realised, and stared at him wide-eyed.

"Yeah, that's her."

"Oh, OK. So you're attracted to girls that try to rip you to shreds, I should have seen that," she said, and she tried her best again to sound as teasing as possible.

"Do you think it's a possibility that she could like me too?"

"Isn't this a conversation you should be having with Will? I mean, he was the one you told in the first place."

"Yeah, but you're a girl. You should be able to talk about this sort of thing."

"Now you're being sexist!"

"I am not!" James cried.

"Shhh!" Addie tried to force out between the fits of giggles and placed a finger to her lips. They were walking up the spiral staircase to the North Tower. When they reached the top, Addie grabbed the Cloak from her bag and draped it over them before they opened the door and walked into the circular room once making sure it was clear. No one was there.

"No one is here," James pointed out the obvious. "You think we should wait here?"

"Yes," she said without thinking about it. In truth, she just wanted to figure out more of his girl situations. "Whoever it is will probably show up soon," he answered quickly and then led them to a spot that would help them hide without having to wait underneath the Cloak the entire time.

"What about you?" he asked unexpectedly. "You seem to be so frustrated that I didn't tell you who I liked, but I don't even know who you like. Hypocrite," he winked.

"I—I'm," she tried finding her words, "I'm not a hypocrite! I just don't happen to like anyone that you wouldn't know of," she answered, blushing at how honest she wasbeing.

"Really?" he asked, shock apparent in his voice. "Hmm, would have thought that someone as pretty as you would have someone barking up your tree by now," he absentmindedly commented. Addie's face was going to peel off from embarrassment any moment now.

"Me being pretty has nothing to do with there being someone that I like," she mumbled, trying to find another spot in the room to look at. James grunted contently and smiled just as she noticed the door opening and a young girl walked in with Jackson Winters following shortly behind. "Shh! Put this back on!" she whispered frantically and put the Cloak back on them.

They would have come out of hiding by now to catch them, but they were already engaged in conversation.

"Thanks for coming and meeting me, sis," Jackson said playfully (well, for Jackson it was playful). The girl must have been Hayden Winters, who also looked very unhappy.

"Of course, Jackson. Now come on, I don't want to get caught out of bed this late!" Hayden demanded, but she didn't show signs of not caring for her brother's wishes.

Jackson pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to her. "I want you to have this from now on so we don't have to use so many people to get in contact. This whole plan is proving to be much more complicated than I thought."

"You're telling me," she said, taking whatever he was giving her and pocketing it, "the Sorting Hat triple-checked to make sure I thought I knew what I was doing asking to be in Ravenclaw. I thought you said we'd see each other more often than this either way though?"

"I thought so too, but things are hard. I can't make it look obvious I'm OK with you being in Ravenclaw and still keep up in homework," Jackson complained. "I just thought you should know that you and Chloe are bored now, and I'm working on a few others. Oh, and no one else has one of those," he nodded his head toward her pocket, "so be careful no one realises that you have it. How are things going in your House?"

Hayden yawned and wiped sleep from her eye, "Good for now. I haven't talked to anyone about it, but Chloe is trying to get me to."

"That's a good girl. If only she weren't so stubborn, she'd have far more potential." He shook his head and tutted as if it truly were a loss.

"Why did you want to meet up here anyway, Jackson? Wouldn't it have been easier to meet in the middle so you don't have to go all the way back to the dungeons?"

"You're a first year, and if someone catches you all the way down there at these hours you're likely to be expelled if you're not a Slytherin. Besides, I know a few shortcuts here," he answered with a loving smile. It was perhaps the weirdest sibling appreciation Addie had ever seen.

"Well, how considerate of your brother," James said suddenly, revealing him and Addie from underneath the Cloak. The two trespassers pulled their wands out, and Addie pulled hers out as well since James already had his. "Put those away and show me what's in your pockets," he said, pointing toward their robe pockets with his wand. The siblings shared a look but didn't comply. "Accio!"

Any other circumstance and Addie would have laughed at the tried attempt, but she needed to be serious, and to her surprise, the spell worked. A few Galleons, Knuts and Sickles flew to his hand along with a parchment with a list of things to do. She couldn't see what the parchment actually said, but she assumed so since she could see ticked boxes on the side. Thinking that these were what the intruders were trying to conceal, he took the parchment and tossed the money at their feet.

"Seems pretty risky to come all the way up here to exchange parchment, don't you think, Winters?" James asked him, lowering his wands. Thankfully, the duo opposite them did the same.

"Sorry, Potter," Hayden jumped in suddenly before Jackson could say anything, "I'd tell you why but I'm sure you heard the whole story from there with Miss Sanders. My brother and I haven't seen each other since term started and now was the only time to meet." She spoke innocently, but Addie wasn't buying it.

"I'm sure. What about Chloe, you mentioned something about her. Is she a part of this? Is she out of bed, too?" she asked, remembering to lower her wand too so she wasn't threatening them.

"No, Addie," Jackson rolled his eyes, "Chloe isn't a part of this. If you two would kindly not interrupt our conversations anymore, we'll just be going after you tell how you knew we'd be here."

"Seems as if we just love to walk into conversations because we had a tip off that someone would be up here after hours," James said coolly, staring at Hayden with his shielded brown eyes. "You two will have a Saturday detention and both Ravenclaw and Slytherin will lose five points from their Houses once I tell Professor McGonagall about this. As for now, go on and don't let us catch you two out of bed after hours again or we'll call Peeves and let Filch come and get you."

"Very well then, Potter," Jackson glared and then bent down to pick up their belongings. "Come on Hayden, we have to get out of Potter's and his little girlfriend's presence," he sneered, and they both left, slamming the door and leaving James and Addie alone again.

"Why did you let them get away like that? They were obviously up to something, James!" Addie exclaimed at last.

James put his wand away in his robes at last and folded the Cloak back up. "We don't really have any proof of that, do we? We'll just have to tell McGonagall about this and see what she says."

"But you and I both know that wasn't an ordinary meeting after hours. They were talking about planning things and how things were going as they were supposed to. What things do you think they were talking about?" Addie insisted, pushing his shoulder so he'd look at her. He looked grave and almost sick. "James? What's wrong?"

"Do you think this counts as something peculiar?" he asked, his voice shaking. Addie's face dropped and the blushing that occupied her face only ten minutes ago was now cold and pale.

She wanted to say something, that it wasn't something to worry about, but she couldn't honestly say that. If his mother already had her suspicions then most likely so did James’ dad. Something was up, and it had the Potters's attention.

"Do you think we should head back to the common room now?" Addie asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah, let’s go, Addie," he said, and they walked down the staircase in complete silence again. Addie found herself wanting to break the silence again, but couldn't find her mind thinking of anything but the possibilities that they could be wrong. She thought maybe asking Jackson and Hayden what they were up to and not giving up would have been a good idea, but McGonagall handling it and finding everything out was probably the best thing they could do. That way, they wouldn't be getting too involved in whatever was going on.

"What was that?" James asked, holding out an arm so Addie wouldn't step any further. He was listening for something, and Addie heard it too. Someone was in the room, or closet at the bottom of the staircase.

"Help!" came a muffled voice that heard them as well, and then there was banging at the door. James pulled at the door but it was locked.

"Alohomora!" he said, pulling his wand out and the door unlocked and out came Christian Jacobs, falling to the floor.

"Thank you so much!" he said, picking himself up. "That Jackson Winters guy saw me and pushed me in here!" he complained.

"What were you doing out here after hours?" James asked him. Addie never would have thought about asking Chris what he was doing out of bed, because she was a little more focused on the being pushed in a closet bit.

"I, um, er... I was distracted by Peeves," he answered, hanging his head.

"Is Peeves still hanging around here?" Addie asked, looking around.

"Doubt it," Chris answered honestly, "once Jackson came up, Peeves was gone, feeling like his job was done."

"Why didn't you get yourself out?" she asked finally, once James had gone quiet again.

Chris looked ashamed and looked down again. "Jackson stole my wand."

"He what?" Addie exclaimed. "What did he do with it?"

"He still has it as far as I know," he shrugged.

"We'll have to tell McGonagall about this, too, James," Addie pointed out and James nodded.

"We'll tell her in the morning. As for now, I'm afraid that we're going to have to give you a detention too, Chris," James said bluntly.

"What? Wait! You would never have known I was here if Jackson didn't take my wand! What about him? Are you going to do anything about him for being out of bed?" Chris demanded, face turning red.

"That's not the point," James argued back, "you were out of bed and now you have detention. Talk to McGonagall if you don' like it. As for Jackson and Hayden, we've already caught them out of bed and they have detention already as it is. Probably double for this closet and wand thing. Now if you don't mind, I have a letter to write still and I'm tired. Come on, Addie. Goodnight, Chris."

They walked away, leaving Chris behind cursing and shuffling down the steps and to the dungeons.

"James, what in the hell was that about? Chris didn't deserve that and you know it!"

"Addie, McGonagall will take care of it, OK? If it was that big a deal, you should have stepped in. Can we please go to bed and just drop it?"

She was shocked and angry at the same time, "As soon as you forget about the deal with Jackson and Hayden I can. Otherwise, give me a chance to do my job as well instead of taking it all into your own hands!" she scolded. James ignored her for a moment and she continued. "Come on, James! What exactly are you thinking?"

"I'd rather not worry about it, Addie. It may be nothing, so please just drop it." He placed his hands on his temples and took his glasses off momentarily.

"Fine," she answered after a while, "as long as it's nothing." They couldn’t have reached the common room any faster, and they finally parted ways without another word.


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