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Re: Grindelwald: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Hut_On_The_Rock View Post
First of all, we don't know if the book you mention was available in the library. In fact, given the canonical evidence, it's reasonable to assume that it wasn't. It was most likely locked away somewhere out of reach for any student. As for Hermione summoning the book out of Dumbledore's office with a simple spell... Dumbledore was dead and whatever protective and anti-theft enchantments he most likely had placed upon his office had died with him.
It says Dumbledore moved them, I think it's meant that Dumbledore had moved them after Riddle so no other student would find them. Considering there are many other books of dark magic available in the library I'd say something triggered him to remove the only book on Horcruxes, I think that something was him suspecting Riddle. And we don't know if Dumbledore placed any magical protection around the books, I think it's perfectly acceptable to assume Riddle knew about horcruxes, what they were and roughly what he needed to do to create one.

Secondly, the very fact that Riddle asked Slughorn about Horcruxes, proves that he wasn't able to find the information anywhere else. I know what you might say, that Riddle was particularly interested to know what would happen to a person who split their in seven. Particularly, yes, but not solely (and not initially).
Dumbledore specifically points out that he wanted to know about the soul divided into 7 because he couldn't find out about that anywhere else, implying there was a way Riddle could have found the rest out. I'm almost certain Riddle knew what a horcruxe was. He wasn't likely to go up to Slughorn "Hi professor, I've been looking into making horcruxes and I've found out about how to make them and all that, but I just can't figure out if having 6 horcruxes would be worth it or not, any ideas?". Riddle was manipulative, he didn't want Slughorn to think he knew what he was talking about.

How can anything be "almost certain" when there's no evidence to support it?
He was interested in the Hallows like Dumbledore, that's how he wanted to get power. And it's not mentioned that he did, the fact he chose what is viewed as an alternate means of immortality (even though it isn't, and it's possible he knew that given he'd researched the Hallows a lot) and it isn't said he created one. There's also no mention of Dumbledore having experience with Horcruxes before, he'd have probably been the one to destroy Gellert's. Grindelwald was obsessed with two things; his mission to overthrow the statute of secrecy and the Deathly Hallows, I don't think he ever cared about horcruxes.

This is exactly what Grindelwald was doing at roughly the same age. It's also possible that he had killed someone as well, although we can't know for sure, due to lack of evidence. I'm actually inclined to believe that someone did die as a result of his "experiments". That seems to be only kind of thing that'll get you expelled from a school like Durmstrang.
I think seriously endangering the life of students would be enough to get someone expelled, even from Durmstrang. And I've read somewhere (can't remember where) that they endangered lives but was expelled before anyone died. Obviously as I can't remember the source it's not perfect, but it's never mentioned he killed anyone, it'd probably state that he was expelled for fatal experiments if a student had died in them.

This is speculation on your part. We don't know if Grindelwald ever loved anyone beside himself and it seems to me that a true friend wouldn't have left Dumbledore after Ariana's death. Grindelwald was selfish, imo and cared about nothing but personal gain. He became "friends" with Dumbledore only because the latter would no doubt prove to be useful and help him further his goals.
I think it's quite clear Grindelwald and Dumbledore were genuine friends until Ariana's death, or maybe even when Grindelwald turned on Aberforth before Ariana died. You seem to view Grindelwald as the same as Voldemort in how he sees others, there's no evidence for this, there's more evidence that he genuinely cared for Dumbledore, not every dark wizard is like Lord Voldemort. Grindelwald fled as he feared the consequences of being associated with the death and probably feared Albus' wrath. I think it's fairly clear Grindelwald and Dumbledore were friends, even if the friendship was inspired by Grindelwald seeing him as a great help in finding the Hallows, it was a real friendship.

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