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Re: Grindelwald: Character Analysis

What did you think of him?

Very interesting character. It's a shame Rowling did not relieve as much as I would like to fully analyze him. I hope the Encyclopedia that she is planning to write will discuss him in more detail. I would like to know more about his earlier life and childhood.

What did you make to his and Dumbledore's blossoming friendship?

I think they were both young and ambitious and wanted to achieve and create a whole new world together. Their friendship ended when Grindelwald killed Dumbledore's sister and of course Dumbledore felt regret for being blinded by him and not seeing his true nature.

For the greater good - did they have a point (albeit not going about the right way)?

Frankly I always saw that as an rationalized excuse to make it seem that what they were trying to achieve was not so bad.

Did the fact he was prepared to die rather than betray the wand's whereabouts redeem him?

In some ways yes. I think he finally understood the dangers of the wand and even Dumbledore believed that he felt remorse during his later years. But mostly no because we still have to remember that he murdered countless wizards and witches while using the "greater good" as an excuse. To me, that noble act in the end was too small in comparison to the crimes he committed to actually fully redeem him.

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