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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
All I'm saying is that Ron and Harry argued with Snape and that's why they got a detention, while Draco didn't argue. Before that Snape was asking Draco what happened to Goyle and Hermione, but looking at the passage again it does not say when Draco left the hallway.

When Harry and Ron went into the room, Draco was in his seat. That's why I assumed he had gone into the classroom before them. I'm just stating the way I viewed it as a reader - it's certainly open to interpretation.
I agree with you that it can be open to interpretation to a certain degree; however I think that if you review it in context of his other actions in the same incident -- sending Goyle to hospital with no comment, but being cold (JKR's description) to Hermione in commenting he "saw no difference" in teeth going past her collar (effectively negating evidence that Draco ever threw a curse) -- it seems to me that he intended to penalize Harry and not Draco from the get go. Another example of Snape being unfair is in book 1, point against Harry for not noticing and correcting Neville's potion-making in class on the fictitious notion that Harry wanted to look good by comparison; which is ironic as he punished Hermione every time she tried to help Neville. So the way I view it, there is more evidence to support the theory that Snape would have punished Harry regardless, but not Draco.

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