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Re: Merope Gaunt: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by FurryDice View Post
Riddle Sr. may not have known Merope was pregnant. Or, depending on when she told him, he may not have believed her. Merope may have thought it romantic to let the love potion wear off, then tell Riddle she was pregnant - in which case, it would seem to him another lie, to persuade a kidnap victim to stay. Or, if she had told him before she left the potion wear off, but was only early in her pregnancy, he may not have believed her when she left the potion wear off. He may have seen at as just another lie. And if he believed her, I can see why he wouldn't want anything to do with them - he was forced against his will to have this relationship, this child. IMO, the best that could be hoped for would be for Riddle to take his son, and keep Merope far away from him. Also, it would have been very hard for Riddle to track down Merope and his child, after he escaped. This was in the 1920s.

Perhaps. If Riddle had believed Merope, or if he had found his child, Tom Riddle would probably never have grown into Voldemort. IMO, he would still have had some serious issues, though.
Good point that he may not even have known.

I know this may sound weird, but I feel quite a bit of sympathy for Tom Riddle Sr. I mean, imagine waking up one day, finding yourself somewhere you don't know, and then being told that you had been put under a spell or something. That must have been horrifying. Dumbledore said he didn't say exactly what happened when he returned for fear of being thought insane. Maybe he was very traumatized.

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