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Re: Merope Gaunt: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by persian85033 View Post
Good point that he may not even have known.

I know this may sound weird, but I feel quite a bit of sympathy for Tom Riddle Sr. I mean, imagine waking up one day, finding yourself somewhere you don't know, and then being told that you had been put under a spell or something. That must have been horrifying. Dumbledore said he didn't say exactly what happened when he returned for fear of being thought insane. Maybe he was very traumatized.
I felt sorry for him, too. I know he was a snob, but he did not deserve what Merope did to him. He did not deserve to be abducted and forced in that way. I can understand his desire to put as much space as possible between himself and his abductor. I agree he might have been traumatised - being kidnapped and forced into a relationship, all in the context of something you believed impossible (magic) would traumatise anyone. It must have been terrifying for him when the love potion wore off. Perhaps he even spent the rest of his days living in paranoia, fearing that anybody could be her, magically disguised.


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