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Chapter Twelve
I'm In A Spot Of Trouble


Halloween would be on a Sunday this year, and that meant it would be the first Quidditch match of the season. James Potter would be playing against his little brother Albus. As for now, it was the day before the game and also the first Hogsmeade trip of the year.asking Angel to go to Addie's mother's wedding was such a success that James decided to ask her to come with him to Hogsmeade as well. Again the dark-skinned beauty agreed and they found themselves in The Three Broomsticks.

"Are you sure you want to come here, Angel?" James asked as he pulled a chair out for her. She smiled and nodded her head.

"Yeah, totally! I love this place. Madam Puddifoot's has always been a bit much for me." Angel's voice was melodic and smooth. She had full lips, braided black hair with a splash of random red braids, and an extremely friendly personality. James was definitely ecstatic when she said yes to an outing with him twice.

So far the date was going very well. Angel wasn't as girly as most girls and she had a sense of humor extremely similar to Addie's, making it all the easier to get along with her. The only thing about the date he wished he could change was how clingy Will was being. Since the three arrived at Hogsmeade Will accompanied them everywhere they went. James would have pushed him on Addie by now, but he honestly didn't know where she was. For the last week she had pretty much avoided him. He didn't know exactly why, but he supposed she just spent most of her time with Noah anyway.

"Can I get the three of us some butterbeers?" Will offered.

"That'd be great!" Angel responded and shortly after Will waddled toward the bar. She laughed and her attention was back on James. "I like your friend. He seems sweet."

"Sweet?" James scoffed but then cleared his throat when h noticed she was being completely serious. "I mean, yeah. Will is a great guy. He and Addie are my best mates in the whole world."

"That must be awesome," Angel said sweetly. "I have a couple of best friends, too, but we don't seem as close as you two."

James thought of the perks of having two awesome friends like Addie and Will and decided they were definitely living up to the reputation he gave them.

"I guess they're alright," he joked. "I'll keep them for now."

Angel laughed and Will came back with the drinks and demanded to know what he missed. Once James filled him in, Will rolled his eyes and looked around.

"Where is Addie anyway?" He wondered out loud.

"Believe me, I've been wondering the same thing all day," James sighed.

"I'd like to meet her. She sounds amazing." Angel was really buttering James up, and he liked it.

"Don't say that around her or she'll never let us hear the end of it," Will informed her.

"What?" asked Angel in true surprise. "Don't you tell your friend how awesome she is?"

"I told her once in second year," said James, "and she reminds me about it every year."

"Well that isn't so bad is it? Every year?" Angel seemed bewildered and didn't know if she should take the boys seriously or not.

"Well you see, Angel, now it is every year. In the beginning we had anniversaries. First off it started out with everyday of the first week. Then it turned weekly until it hit the first month. Then of course there was our six month and one year anniversary, which she threw two major parties for. Now she only reminds me once a year. If I'm lucky that is." He ended dramatically and Angel laughed. Suddenly he felt two small hands grasp his shoulders and a face right next to his.

"Hey, James, guess what?" Whispered an all too familiar voice.

"Don't say it!" he pleaded.

"I'm more awesome than you are!" Addie finished with a grin.

"NOOOO! No! Take that back! Take that back this instant!" James threw himself on his knees and pleaded before his spunky, short haired best friend. All eyes in The Three Broomsticks were now on the group and some were laughing while others were exasperated at such ridiculous behavior.

"Sorry," Addie said, scurrying past him and taking his seat, which she was shortly followed by Noah. "But what has been said cannot be undone. Happy three year anniversary by the way!" She smiled sweetly at him and then turned to Angel, which proceeded to make all traces of a smile disappear. James got up and sat next to Angel.

"So you must be..." Addie began, pretending to have a hard time remembering the other girl's name.

"Angel," his date said sweetly with a big smile. "Angel Robins."

"Ah, Miss Robins," Angel's smile disappeared, "I'm Addie. James' best friend."

"Hey!" Shot Will. James gave Addie a warning look but she didn't seem to notice.

"So you're the girl James is bringing to my mum's wedding?"

"Yeah, I'm the one." Angel replied uncomfortably.

"Did he tell you it is her fourth?"

"No, that didn't seem to come up I guess."

"Ah, I see. Well, nothing really exciting happens at fourth weddings. It's far past traditional if anything. Just ask Noah here."

"Addie, I think that's enough," Noah whispered to her but not quietly enough so James couldn't hear.

"Yeah, Addie, I think that's enough. Why don't you two get some butterbeers?"

"Are you two, like, on a date now?" Will asked Noah since Addie seemed to blow off his last remark. James glared at him for his inappropriate sense of timing. "If so, can I find a different date to your mum's wedding because I already had someone else in mind..." Suddenly it was now Addie's turn to shoot a death glare toward Will.

"Oh, so you asked Will to the wedding?" Noah asked, clearing his throat a little and looking down. "I didn't know you would need an answer so soon. I was looking into a change of plans for this break."

"Noah, I'm sorry! I didn't think you were coming with me so I just asked Will since he was there."


"Sorry, Will," she commented, noticing his complaint this time. "Listen, Noah, if you've changed your mind, I'd be happy to take you with me."

"I don't want to make Will feel left out, Addie," Noah sighed.

"That's OK! Leave me out! I don't want to go with her!" Will wailed.

"Do you want to go with me, Noah?" She invited, choosing to ignore Will once more.

"Please go with her, Noah!"

"Oh shut it, Will!" James whopped the other boy on the back of the head to silence him.

"Of course is like to go with you," Noah replied hesitantly, but that was good enough for James.

"Well that settles it then!" praised James. "Angel is coming with me. You're going with Noah, and Will will find someone last minute who is related to him. Now could you guys please get out of here? I'm on a date!"

Addie huffed and stormed off without another word. James was positive whatever silent treatment she was giving him before resumed. Noah looked at him apologetically and followed her pursuit.

"You too, Will!" James snapped once his other friend showed no signs of leaving.

"OK! OK! I'm gone!" And Will wandered off elsewhere.

"I'm so sorry, Angel," James apologised when the two were left alone at last.

"Don't be," she said, practically forcing the smile back on her face. "Your friends are... Interesting."

James let a hysterical sigh of relief and allowed himself to collapse into his arms on the table.


No amount of lotions and bathing creams could satisfy Rose. She was, after all, a red head and magic could only help her fair skin so much. Plus, she loved the scents the small shop provided and she wanted to buy all of them. Instead she settled for a complete set of peach smelling aromas and left the shop two sickles lighter.

She was enjoying roaming around Hogsmeade on her own for once and found an extra spring in her step now that she had been everywhere she wanted to go in a much more time efficient way. In all honesty she did start the trip with Ava and Abigail, but she managed to escape once the two were preoccupied. it was nothing against her friends, Rose just preferred to be alone when it came to Hogsmeade. She could get things that she needed to be done faster and still have plenty of time for herself.

All of the shopping was done, an it was a Saturday well spent. Most importantly, she hadn't run into Scorpios during the whole trip. She had to admit, she sort of hoped she would, but she found the more she didn't care about worrying for him, the better she felt. then again, there is always a time for thinking too soon. When she made her way down the path leading back to Hogwarts, the aforementioned blonde was walking in the opposite direction toward Hogsmeade. She bowed her head in hopes that he didn't see her. The terrible coverup worked, however, because Scorpios didn't recognize her and he continued to walk by. However, looking down at the ground, Rose did not see the look of conflict on his face as Scorpios passed by.

Deeming it safe to look up, Rose did just so. Her pace quickened and she could feel tears sting her eyes. Neither of them had talked with each other since she found out he had a Muggle girlfriend at home. That, and she was absolutely positive someone turned him against her.

But who in school would hate me so much to do so? she wondered. Why would Scorpios have a Mugg- "Ah!" she screamed as someone grabbed her shoulders from behind and turned her to face the unknown culprit.

It was Scorpios. Apparently he decided to turn around and talk to Rose after all. She didn't know what to say and she was incredibly shocked. So, instead of confronting him, she looked down and the tears continued to flow down her flushed cheeks.

"You're crying," he stated and she heard guilt in his voice. "Why are you crying?"

Rose ignored his question and decided to look up at him, smiling weakly. "What do you want, Scorpios?" she sniffed. The boy was surprised, but he didn't want to upset her further so he let it slide.

"Can we go talk somewhere? he asked impatiently, looking around to see if anyone overheard him. Rose looked behind him and then back to his face with a raised eyebrow. Normally she would inconvenience herself for the son of Draco any time he asked, but that could not happen anymore. It was up to her to stand her ground and demand better for herself. She is after all a Weasley.

"I'm heading back to Hogwarts," was her reply. It was weak, but it worked. Scorpios sighed and looked torn between two options. He must really need to get some shopping done, she thought sarcastically to herself.

"Rose, I know you're upset, but I have something to tell you and it's important."

"Then tell me!" she demanded, pushing his hands off of her shoulders and she took a step back. He didn't want to be seen with her and she could tell. "No one is around so tell me!" she said again once the blonde looked around once more. He gave her a stern look but she didn't falter. Sighing, Scorpios gave up on whatever internal battle he was having with himself and looked down into her eyes.

"Rose," he stared, and she melted on the inside at the sound of her name leaving his lips. She remembered feeling the same way at the Quidditch pitch, but this time she wouldn't show him how weak she was. "I'm in a spot of trouble."

Se knew it. She knew it from the start that he was involved with the people her parents warned her about. Of course she had hoped he would have something different to tell say. Anything at all would have been better, but she knew deep down he was involved in whatever group it was that already had the Ministry of Magic worried. I was the reason she had been avoiding him ever since he told her the lie about having a Muggle girlfriend. Even now Rose would prefer the infatuation of her life tell her he was seeing someone rather than he be in this much trouble.

"I know," she said, her emotions catching up with her voice. Those two words were all it took for a huge look of relief to spread across Scorpios' face. Rose couldn't help but fill up with anger when he seemed so at ease with the situation. The smile currently plastered on his face quickly disappeared though when they heard voices coming from behind.

"I'm going to kill them for what they've done to you!" one of the voices said. When the figures grew closer Rose recognisd them as Lorcan and Lysander Scamander. It must have been Lysander who spoke because Lorcan was black and blue from head to toe. His grey eyes had nasty purple bruises around them and the damage was similar to when she saw him a few weeks ago. Then he told everyone he had an unfortunate incident with he Whomping Willow, but she should have known better. When the fourth year twins came closer they stopped talking and stared at the pair on the side of the path watching as they strolled along. Lorcan was eyeing Scorpios dangerously and Lysander focussed his attention on her. Neither of them seemed remotely happy to see them, but they continued to walk by without words.

"Shoot," Scorpios said quietly, snapping Rose's attention back to him.

"Did you do that t him?" she asked without question. The look Lorcan had given him was one of pure hatred. Scorpios must have done something to him. Guilt crossed across the blonde's face and she felt sick.

"Rose I-"

"Don't talk to me!'' she spat, rage filling her mind as her cheeks flush. "You disgust me!" With that, she drew out her wand and screamed a definite, "Flipendo!" and did not bother to watch as the boy flew back a few meters before running at a full sprint toward the castle and wiping tears away with her sleeves. Scorpios Malfoy was her friend no more. She had to believe that, or else it would be one hundred times more difficult to explain he was a part of what was going on.


Once James was able to get rid of his friends, the rest of the date with Angel went very smoothly. They went for ice cream after their butterbeers, bought some sweaters for the changing weather at a shop James had never heard of before, and Angel even bought some Gryffindor paraphernalia to support him in today's game.

Now that it was Halloween and just a mere couple of hours before his first Quidditch game of the season, James was in a complete sports mode. At breakfast he hardly heard Addie apologise for her behavior when he was on his date and she promised to make it up to him by throwing him a celebratory party in the common room when they won.

Will was going on about how he asked some girl to Addie's mum's wedding but she said no. Addie snorted and then elbowed James in the side.

"Ow! What was that for!" James asked, snapping out of the fantasy he was having of holding the Quidditch cup. Even though he would be playing against his younger brother today, there would be no mercy.

"You were off daydreaming again! You need to keep your mind focused and think of the game!" Addie scolded. He just smirked and decided not to bother correcting her.

"So are you two going to the match today?" he asked, already expecting both friends to say yes. They did and he decided to load his plate with the festive foods. It would be a good day to be a Gryffindor indeed. Once his team won they would come back to a Halloween feast and Addie's party in the common room would top everything off.

"Good luck today, James!" Lily squeaked with Hugo in tow. "We'll see you there!" She ran off to the Slytherin table to wish their brother the same courtesy before he had the chance to reply thankfully. Once he finished his breakfast (which took considerably longer with students coming to wish him luck every ten seconds) he decided it was time to meet the rest of the team in the tents before the game. Addie and Will accompanied him on the walk down as they constantly talked about how good their team was. Addie was going on a thousand miles a minute and barely let either boy speak.

"Do you think Styles will be able to get enough shots before Johnson catches the Snitch? I mean, lets face it, you're an awesome chaser, but Dylan is a legendary Seeker. You'll really have to rack up those points before he even catches a glimpse of that Snitch or you may as well have lost. How do your parents support you guys with you being on different teams? They were Quidditch players back in their day, right? Do you think your sister will be on the team next year? It would be disappointing if she wasn't. Ooh! I hope you get to be Quidditch captain next year! Think of how awesome it would be to be Prefect and Gryffindor Quidditch Captain!" It was like the girl didn't need air to breathe and she was making up for her silence over the past week. "If we win or lose, I'm still throwing that party so you better come!" She added, silence following her at last. James looked at her carefully and decided it was his turn to speak.

"I promise to come to that party as if my life depended on it. Now, have more faith in our team, Addie. We took the cup last year!"

"Johnson wasn't your Seeker last year," Addie snorted. "Oh alright. Go Gryffindor!" she added when James gave her his pathetic puppy dog eyes.

"Good luck, mate," Will said before heading up the Gryffindor tower. "I'll save you a seat," he called back to Addie when he realised she didn't follow right away. Instead, James was taken by surprise when she threw her arms around his neck, kissed his cheek, and held on for a moment longer.

"Fly safe," she whispered in his ear before letting him go and running off after Will. "Gryffindor for the win!" He heard her say before he disappeared into the tent the rest of his team was in.

"Look who finally decided to join us," Sarah Styles said sourly when James walked in. She was a sweet girl, but the pressure she received from her mother when it came to Quidditch made her extra competitive on game days. Brent Johnson, who had no relation to Angelina Johnson, was standing next to her and sent James an apologetic look for his girlfriend's behavior. The three of them were the team's Chasers last year, but Brent was bumped to Seeker this year when a second year girl named Amanda Quick took his spot.

Shaylie Roberts was the Keeper and Gryffidnor Quidditch captain. She was a seventh year and James found it really hard to like her because she remained competitive at all times. She would make games out of everyday, normal activities just so she could win. Outside of the pitch Addie and him called her Crazy Shaylie, but inside the pitch he did no such thing. She was still crazy, but even more-so about Quidditch. He couldn't blame her though. Ever since she became the captain the year before, she worked them harder than ever and lead them to their first cup win in eight years.

Currently Crazy Shaylie was yelling at the team Beaters because they missed a practice two weeks ago and she still hadn't forgiven them for it.

"If you two miss a target once because you're so rusty that my one hundred year old grandmother could move faster than you, you'll be running laps around the grounds while I aim bludgers at you! And I can promise you I won't miss!"

Seth and Bridge Everbloom, and brother and sister who were two years apart, cringed before the captain and promised to play their best.

"so help you all if we lose!" Shaylie cried. "If we do, I'm finding a new team from scratch!"

Considering the rant was nothing new or out of the ordinary, James changed into his Quidditch uniform and grabbed his LightningStriker100 from the racks. Everyone else was ready and Shaylie was waiting for him to join the circle the team had formed.

"So everyone knows the play?" she asked a few minutes later.

"So do I pretend to go after the Snitch before or after our seventh goal?" Brent asked nervously.

"After," James replied calmly, seeing the deranged look in Shaylie's eyes.

"Thanks, mate" the Seeker mouthed and James nodded. Nothing could dampen his spirits today.

The seven team members lined up with their brooms and waited to hear Rosalie Emerson, a naturally loud Ravenclaw girl, over the rest of the crowd.

"AAAAAAAALRIGHT LADIES AND GENTS!" Rosalie started and the crowd cheered wildly.

"It's time," commanded Shayle as she mounted her broom and the rest followed.


Shaylie kicked off the ground and zoomed into the air. The other six followed pursuit and the crowd went wild. James looked around and spotted all of his friends in one cluster on the Gryffindor tower cheering him on. He waved and continued to fly around the pitch with the rest of the team as Rosalie introduced them.

"KEEPER ROBERTS! SEEKER JOHNSON, FOLLOWED BY GIRLFRIEND CHASER STYLES! CHASER QUICK AND CHASER POTTER! BEATERS EVERBLOOM AND EVERBLOOM HAVE TAKEN THE FIELD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, LAST YEAR'S QUIDDITCH CHAMPIONS AND THIS YEAR'S TEAM!" Rosalie boomed. She had a certain appeal to her voice that made everything she said sound like an extremely good thing. James had heard she was a Muggle-born witch whose father sold suitcases for a living. He was very successful and taught Rosalie how to speak in an agreeable way to get everyone to like her.

"NOW FOR THE SLYTHERIN TEAM!" she said, and the same thing happened once moer. The Slytherin team flew out, lead by Scorpios Malfoy, and the crowd went wild once more. The crowd was easily split half Gryffindor supporters and half Slytherin supporters.

"KEEPER MALFOY! SEEKER KLYSER! CHASERS GRANT, BRUSH, AND PRICE. FOLLOWED BY BEATERS JACOBS AND REED! LETS HEAR IT FOR THIS YEAR'S SLYTHERIN TEAM!" Again the crowd cheered uproariously, but James didn't really hear them. He was too focused on looking for his brother. Albus was on the team, that much James knew. He was on it last year and this year. So why was Carl Reed taking his place? Was he sick?


"Potter!" Shaylie yelled across from the hoops. "Start playing in this game or I'll personally take one of Everbloom's bats and knock your head off with it! GET IN THERE!"

James, who was still looking for his brother, snapped out of it and flew off to where the play was going on. The Slytherins were passing the ball repeatedly back and forth as if trying to confuse Amanda and Sarah. He, on the other hand, noticed their pattern and jumped in the middle of one of their passes.


James smirked as the ball passed right by Scorpios' head. All he had to think about was the day he found Rose crying in the library and he was able to make the goal. Of course, he was aiming for his head...


James flew to the bottom half of the pitch, knowing that's where everyone was headed, and waited for Amanda, who was seemingly OK after the Bludger attack, to pass the Quaffle. Once she did he flew straight up for Malfoy and tried for the same thing as before. This time when he threw it, Scorpios deflected it with his broom, sending the ball right back into James' hands. He threw it again before the Keeper realised.


What? James thought. Shaylie would have all of their heads if the other team caught the Snitch so soon. Brent went zooming after Dylan and James flew straight for Seth.

"Aim for Dylan!" James shouted to the other boy.

Seth nodded and said, "Duck!" James managed to do so just in time for the Bludger behind him to miss his head.


Seth hit it and sent the Bludger straight for Dylan. He missed the Seeker, but he got the tail end of his broom and it was enough to make Dylan lose track of the Snitch and both Seekers flew back to the top to observe.

The rest of the game followed in a similar fashion. Shalie was blocking like a pro, allowing a fifty point lead, and Brent succeeded in pretending to see the Snitch and getting Dylan to follow. Unfortunately, Shaylie was so proud of his success that she missed a block. The score was now seventy, thirty. Then something bizarre happened. The Snitch fluttered around James' head and with pure instinct, and without meaning to, he reached out and caught it. No one noticed. The game was at full go above him and everyone thought Brent was after the Snitch already.

At first James didn't know what to do. He had the Snitch now, but both Seekers were zooming around looking for it. Perhaps if he could get Brent's attention he could release the Snitch right in front of him and they'd win for sure. As long as the Seeker ended up catching it in the long run, James didn't see a problem with his plan.


He had to do it now before anyone realised there wasn't a Snitch to chase and the Slytherins continued to get more poitns.

James waited just long enough for Brent to fly back up in his direction.

"Brent!" he yelled. The older boy turned to fly straight towards him. James released the Snitch and, bewildered, Brent reached for it and caught it.


As half the crowd cheered and half the crowd booed, both teams flew towards the pitch's ground. James and his team cheered while the Slytherin team waited impatiently so they could shake hands and get off the field.

"We did it! Great gob team!" Shaylie cheered, pulling everyone she could into a bone crushing hug.

When they went to shake the Slytherin team's hands to show good sportsmanship, James shook Scorpios' hand longer than necessary and said, "You deserved it after what you did to Rose." The other boy didn't answer but he pulled his hand away with a quick jerk.

Once in the tents and changed, the tam promised to meet at the party Addie was throwing after the feast. However, when James stepped out of the tent, he wasn't expecting five people to be waiting on him.

Addie, who had a sour look on her face, Will, Lily, Hugo, and Angel were all waiting for him. Once Addie caught sight of him she ran for him and threw herself on him. The others followed, except for Angel, who stayed back and patiently waited her turn.

"Oh congratulations, James!"

"You were amazing!"

"Did you catch that Snitch?"

"You barely missed Malfoy's head!"

They all praised him, barely giving him room to speak.

"Thanks! I know! Maybe. I won't deny it if you saw it. I know right! I was so close!" He answered all of them. He heard Angel's laugh behind the group and motioned for her to come over. He missed the face Addie made. "And what are you here for, My Lady," he asked with a goofy grin.

She returned the gesture and said, "I was only wondering if the greatest Quidditch player Hogwarts has ever seen would care to escort me to dinner." Before he had a chance to answer, Addie turned on him and glared.

"I'm throwing a party!" she cried. "You promised you would come!"

"I will," James reassured her, eyes still on the girl who currently had his heart thumping at a thousand beats per minute. "I'll meet you guys there after the feast," he finished, now at Angel's side.

"Alright, mate. See you later!" Will said, dragging Addie with him and preventing her from saying whatever it was she was about to say. She glared at the other boy as she walked off but decided it wasn't worth the arguing. James was good on his word and would make it to the party. At least that's what he thought before he spent several hours with Angel and forgot completely about Addie's party. Maybe if Angel hadn't said yes when he asked her to be his girlfriend he would not have been too smitten to forget. But that was what happened and he never showed up until the party was well past over and Addie was in her bed crying. He never once thought about how disappointed she or Will or any of his team members were because their seventh member didn't show up to show his appreciation. He forgot, and that's all there was to it.


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