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Re: The Trio - Group Character Analysis

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
As to your remark on my comments on the article, my post very clearly says that while it's possible it was down to being muggleborn, I also say that it's admittedly too vague to be certain.
The thing about her being Muggleborn is pretty much a missed occassion to give more depth to her character, IMO. I'm not talking about her studies here but rather about the war and her participation in it as a fighter on the good side. We know why Harry fights and it's mostly because he knows he has to be the one to kill Voldemort. Ron is a pureblood but his family are considered blood traitors so they would be in danger in Voldemort's regime. But with Hermione, I got the feeling that she was in the war mainly out of loyalty to Harry which is admirable of course but I would have liked to seen her have a more personal reason to fight as well. She's, after all, Muggleborn and basically it is people like her which are the main cause of the war since Voldemort and his cronies don't think they belonged in the wizarding world. But to Hermione, it's almost like this is just something secondary to helping Harry with his hero quest.

The only time that I can remember that she identifies as a persecuted Muggleborn is after she is tortured at the Malfoy Manor. But that's it. We aren't told much about her feelings when she sees what is happening at the Ministry, when she sees the fountain for example. You'd think something like that would scare and traumatize her or enrage her. But she's more concerned about house elves. So I don't know, but her role as a Muggleborn could have been emphasized more and it would have given her more depth.

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