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Re: The Trio - Group Character Analysis

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
Sorry, but did you take the time to read JKR's quote about Hermione's insecurities in the link I posted? She specifically says that Hermione was most secure in the classroom which would seem to indicate she wasn't really worried about her studies. She was worried that she wouldn't measure up somehow. Memorizing the entire coursework for all subjects BEFORE school, and says "I just hope it's enough" -- sounds like insecurities to me.

As to your remark on my comments on the article, my post very clearly says that while it's possible it was down to being muggleborn, I also say that it's admittedly too vague to be certain. So I don't know where you get the idea I said the article proves it, because I say the exact opposite, that it can't be assumed.
I read the quotes you posted, yes. And what JKR says seems inconsistent because Hermione did worry a lot over her results. Reading the entire coursework and saying what she did might be down to her insecurities but it also tallies with Hermione's general behaviour of wanting to be very thorough with everything she did and not wanting to be caught unawares with anything and this was her heading into a complete unknown. So yeah I think that was general Hermione behaviour.

You started the entire discussion saying it was CLEAR that Hermione had insecurities due to being muggleborn when in truth there's not the slightest bit of evidence in the books of that being the case.

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