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Re: The Trio - Group Character Analysis

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
It's actually her comment afterwards that is telling, not the studying itself.
"I only hope it will be enough."
That only tells us that Hermione worried about academics - which would apply to any kind of school she was attending from what we're shown. School and grades were very important to Hermione and, for her, it wasn't enough to just do well. She had to be the best at anything she did. If she didn't get the the top grades over everyone else, she was disappointed in herself and felt like she had failed. At that point in the story, she even considered getting expelled worse than getting killed. All of that came back to Hermione's fear of failure. That type of extreme fear doesn't just develop overnight - it develops over years. Hermione's study habits were also deeply ingrained and automatic for her - demonstrating that she had developed them years before. Those behaviors were too deeply ingrained for any of them to be new. From what we're shown, Hermione was doing what she had always done for school - memorize the books, study constantly, work ahead, etc...

The bottom line is that Hermione never expressed any concern about being muggleborn - not even when she found out that there was prejudice against muggleborns in COS. On the contrary, Hermione was very proud and excited because nobody else in her family had been magical. The fact that Hermione was so proud and so open in telling Harry and Ron that she came from a muggle family is more telling because it shows that she wasn't concerned about being muggleborn at all and she didn't expect anyone to judge her for that. If she had been worried about being muggleborn, she wouldn't have mentioned her muggle family to anyone, IMO.

It was actually Harry who was worried about that. He knew he wasn't muggleborn, but he had been raised by muggles and had only just found out he was a wizard. Unlike Hermione, Harry was aware that there was some prejudice because of his encounter with Draco in Diagon Alley. That caused him to worry that he would be way behind everyone else - though that fear was quickly alleviated once they started classes and he realized that Ron was right about everyone starting at the beginning. Hermione had no idea that there was prejudice against muggleborns so she had no reason to be concerned about it at that point. By the time she found out about that prejudice, she still had no reason to be concerned because she was the top student of their year and Draco's opinion didn't matter to her. The only thing Hermione had cause to be concerned about in terms of being muggleborn was the possibility of Slytherin's "monster" attacking her in COS and, when the war started again, the Death Eaters coming after her. Of course, by then, Hermione had loosened up a bit and changed her mind about getting expelled being worse than getting killed so she took those threats seriously.


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