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Originally Posted by Doggy
We don't know how Snape spies. If he does it in person or what.. As people have suggested, he could be using polyjuice, even though I doubt it. So we don't know if his cover is blown or not.

But... Voldemort must know by now that Snape was a spy in the last war at least. In one of the trials (Kharkaroff's, I think it was) Dumbledore says to the whole court that Snape became a spy for him, and that he already has given evidence on the matter. This means that it's recorded in at least two trials. Someone (ie Malfoy) must have told Voldemort that by now..
We do know that Snape spies in person. When during an Occlumency lesson he sees in Harry's mind the dream he had where he saw Rookwood advising the Dark Lord, Snape says 'How doe that man and that room come to be in your mind?'

Snape knows that this dream is one of the ones Harry is getting out of the Dark Lord's head. How does he know that? How does he know it's not just a normal dream that happens to feature Rookwood (after all, his face is plastered on wanted posters everywhere, so Harry could quite easily be dreaming of him)?
The only way he could know that dream was a mind reading one, a real one was if he recognised the room, and knew Harry ahd never been there.

Now this seems to be quite clear to me; Snape recognises the room and knows where it is. And the only way he could recognise that room was if he's been there. So presumably he's been in the Dark Lord's presence recently, since he started living whereever he's living now.

As for the 'hadn't anyone told the Dark Lord about Karkaroff's trial' thing, my take is this. Wormtail had indeed told him. That's why in the graveyard scene he says 'One I believe has left me forever; he will be killed of course' But then later that night, I assume Snape turned up, claiming that he was actually a double agent, and look wasn't I good at it, Dumbledore believes me, I can spy inside the school! And the Dark Lord is used to being able to tell when someone's lying, and he doesn't sense Snape lying, so he figures that Snape's telling the truth.

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