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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Originally Posted by OldMotherCrow View Post
I agree with ShadowSonic that Voldemort and Lily created a contract, because Voldemort opened negotiations and Lily counter offered, then Voldy inadvertently agreed to her terms by taking her up on her offer to kill her "instead". Voldy could have just Stupified her when he walked in the room, but he decided to present his murderousness as a choice she was making instead.

I think Voldemort did consider sparing her because of Snape's request, but it is Voldemort's personality foible that turned that into a contract, because he decided he needed to talk to her and turn it into a choice for her rather than just incapacitate her and get on with murdering Harry. I think Voldemort liked presenting his victims with cruel choices, because he liked to make his victims feel like the cruelty he inflicted was somehow something they chose. Or maybe he truly feels magnanimous when he does that-- he does genuinely seem to feel like he can murder whomsoever he wants, like their lives belong to him, so maybe he feels big when he offers people these false choices. Because Lily didn't choose what he offered, but instead countered with an offer of her own, this time it cme back to bite Voldemort for breaking the agreement. I think the same thing happened at the end of Deathly Hallows, when Voldemort agreed not to attack the castle if Harry came to him (this time terms Voldemort picked himself), and then Voldemort immediately went to attack the castle after he got Harry. I guess the lesson here is beware what magical contracts one enters into!
I don't understand why Voldemort would open a contract with Lily who he considered his enemy and who he intended to kill long before the Prophecy. I do think that without Snape's request and Voldemorts intention to honour Snape's request, Lilys death would not have created the protection that Harry received.

There is no reason in the Books to my understanding for Voldemort to open a dialogue/contract with Lily when he had just killed James and when Lily knew he was intending to kill baby Harry.

I think Snape was the reason (taking the Prophecy) Voldemort targeted the Potters specifically (to kill Harry), though I do believe they were pretty high on the list of wanted people long before the prophecy, but I also think it was because of Snape that Harry got his protection that ensured his survival in the end.

That this type of protection would be received by Harry is something No one would have never known or planned for, so the Potters need not have died.

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead View Post
I agree. It was Lily's choice to die for her child rather than save her own life that allowed Harry to live. Lily would not have had that choice had Snape not asked Voldemort to spare her and had Voldemort not offered to spare her for Snape. Otherwise, I expect Voldemort would have killed James and then killed Lily without fuss (no "stand aside") before killing Harry. Therefore, Snape asking Voldemort to spare Lily (and Voldemort acting on that request) is paramount to Harry receiving the blood/love protection.
I think it was the fact Lily never refused Voldemort's offer. By that act she did not negate or cancel Voldemorts plan to honour Snape's request. Voldemort started to honour Snape's request and then went back on it. When he backed out and killed Lily, Snape's request merged with Lilys and gave Harry the protection Snape wanted for Lily and Lily wanted for Harry against Voldemort, to Harry.

The man who, in my opinion, won the war against Voldemort for Harry Potter and the Light! Severus Snape!

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