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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Originally Posted by purplehawk View Post
Curmudgeonly Old Lady here. I don't believe Snape had anything to do with the charm Lily bestowed on Harry when she gave her life trying to save him. Snape's request was obviously on Voldemort's mind when he entered that bedroom, but that's as far as it went. The protection came from a loving mother pleading for her child's life, asking to be killed instead so that he might be spared. There's no Snape in that at all.
What could be the charm that allows Lily to bestow on Harry the ability to stop killing curses. It was such a wonder, a one of its kind even in the Wizarding World that Harry was called the BWL. No one had ever stopped the killing curse ever before. No kind of sacrifice could do it.

Lily stood in front of her baby, wanting to protect him somehow, just as James did downstairs. James's death did not protect Lily, and I think the situation at Godrics Hollow was somewhat similar to the situation between Harry and Peter in POA. Dumbledore called it magic of the deepest kind.

I think that magic was pure intent in an extremely charged atmosphere. Accidental magic occurs when small children are emotionally charged and I think the magic that happened at Godrics hollow was like that.

Voldemort came with the intention to spare Lily. That intention was because of Snape's request. Voldemort himself was extremely charged up emotionally because he thought he was going to remove the one obstacle to his immortality. Lily was emotionally charged because she was dealing with a betrayal of someone they thought a friend, the death of her husband and facing not only her own death but also the death of her beloved baby.

All those emotions exploded when Voldemort killed Lily and cast the AK on Harry. Voldemort was reduced to a spirit because two people wanted someone other than Voldemort to live and Voldemort started off by honoring Snape's request.

I think without Snape's request, Voldemort would have never asked Lily to step aside. That is the most important thing that happened in that room, because without Snape's request Voldemort would have killed Lily straight away, like he did James and then whatever Lily wished, it would have never translated into any kind of protection.

James did try and hold off Voldemort. He shouted to Lily asking her to take Harry and run. Yet that did not result in a protection for Lily, because no one asked Voldemort for James's life and Voldemort never agreed to spare James.

Originally Posted by OldMotherCrow View Post
Snape's request is what caused Voldemort to not outright kill Lily, as I understand it, but had nothing to do with the protective magic. I don't think Voldemort's intention to honor Snape's request had anything to do with the protection, because Voldemort did not honor the request, and the agreement that got honored wasn't the one either Snape or Voldemort wanted, but the one Lily offered.
But why would Voldemort want to spare Lily, a Muggleborn and an enemy? I think it was for Snape. That was the agreement Voldemort backed out when he started to honour Snape's request and then backed out. That ended up in giving Harry his protection imo.

I think the books state that the protection was magic from Lily's sacrifice.
Lilys sacrifice enabled the protection because of Snape's request. That's why James's sacrifice did not save Lily. what Lily did that night was that she never refused Voldemorts order to step aside, which I think would have cancelled the agreement with Snape. Had that happened, I think Harry would have died, because Lily refused to accept Snape's request of Voldemort for her life.

Had she stepped aside too, I think Harry would have died. But Lily simply stood there asking Voldemort to spare Harry, keeping Snape's request about which she knew nothing, alive. When she died she passed on that request of Snape to Harry, who received the protection Snape wanted for Lily and Lily wanted for Harry.

The protective magic that Lily invoked seems to be a known but obscure type of protection. Both Dumbledore and Voldemort knew that it is an old type of magic.
I believe it was a magic based on the basest and most powerful form of magic. Emotion and intent.

As I understand it, Snape requested that Voldemort spare Lily if Voldemort was able to kill her son, which is what caused Voldemort not to kill her outright, but Voldemort could have easily fulfilled Snape's request by incapacitating her.
If Voldemort had stunned her or incapacitated her, I think Harry would have died that night.

Instead Voldemort tried to get her to agree that if she stood aside and let him murder her son then he would let her live.
Let her live because of Snape's request imo.

Lily did not step aside, but offered that Voldemort kill her in exchange for Harry's life.
Snape asked for Lily; Lily asked for Harry. It was a kind of a sub lease imo.

Voldemort then killed Lily.
So Snape's request went to Harry, who Lily wanted to keep alive.

Voldemort and Lily were the ones who negotiated the contract between them, and Lily was the one who paid for it with her life.
The agreement was between Snape and Voldemort for Lily. Since Voldemort dis honored that agreement, it went to Lilys beneficiary, Harry.
Her sacrifice fueled the protection.
I think her death transferred the protection to her son.

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