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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Originally Posted by ShadowSonic View Post
Actually, we see later that you can evade and block the AK spell with physical objects. I think when they say it can't be blocked they mean by purely magical means it can't be blocked.
Yes but that's not what I meant. I meant getting hit with an AK and surviving. i don't think one can get hit with an AK and still survive, which when Harry did became a thing of wonder. It was something unheard of until then. IIRC the fake Moody in GoF says that Harry Potter was the only one to survive the AK.

Originally Posted by Sereena View Post
Sure, but it was still a request done out of selfishness, right? As Dumbledore himself pointed out when Snape said he'd only asked Voldemort for Lily's life. I don't disagree that Snape's actions were important that night, but I disagree with the implication that he was a hero in that situation in some way. Remember that Snape's actions also contributed to the family being targeted in the first place. So in my mind it's something like this: minion tells psycho about a child who might grow up to destroy him, psycho identifies child and targets him and his family, minion is unhappy because the mother of the family happens to be someone he loves so he asks for her life to be spared as psycho does not need her dead in order to fulfill his purpose. I don't really see anything heroic here, though I agree that Snape has done other heroic acts in the series.
Am answering in the Snape thread.

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