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Weeks were passing by quickly. “Every time you have loads of homework to do, the time passes so fast as if it was bewitched”, Lily sighed. She was a good student so she started slowly preparing for her O. W. L.s. She realized that the sooner she started working on it, the less stressed she would later be. She was omitting Slughorn’s parties more frequently than usual. She attended it only one time in January it was rather short party as her teacher’s special guest (the Minister of Magic itself this time) was rather busy. Sirius, Severus, Bellatrix and Narcissa were there too. There were also few more people from noble Pure-blood families, for example Avery, whose parents were both working for the Ministry. The minister of Magic arrived with his young, long- haired, blonde assistant called Lucius Malfoy, who could even be handsome if he didn’t have this disdainful face expression. Lily noticed that Narcissa and he looked as they were both in love and after about an hour Lucius arrived, he took her to the corner of the room, where they were both talking animatedly; Lily saw Lucius take Narcissa’s hand and kiss it.
Slughorn of course was promising his students future Ministry careers, pointing the Minister all his students advantages, helping him recruit new talented employees as many of the old ones were dead. Lily tried not to look at Snape, who was sitting in the opposite corner of the room, sipping slowly a dark brown drink which could be a Muggle coffee. “Slughorn likes extraordinary parties and it could be a real Muggle coffee”, she thought. Although Lily tried not to observe him, being immersed in conversation with Slughorn and then with a Hufflepuff friend Andromeda, she noticed that he was dressed in black as usual, looking pale and his eyes were shining strangely, as if he was sick. His long legs outstretched in a nonchalant pose, he looked as if he didn’t care about all this party and only dreamed to go out. He had been introduced to the Minister at the beginning as a boy who’s talented in the Defense Against The Dark Arts, Potions, Herbology and Charms and the Minister knew the Princes pure-blood family, but Severus somehow seemed to be resistible to Ministry career, looking bored and not particularly interested.

The week after last Hogsmeade Lily wrote a letter to Snape using the navy-blue quill he gave her. She wrote that she wanted to meet him in the Room of Requirement: it was a secret place she knew as James Potter showed it once how to use it. Lily explained where it was and what he should do in the case he didn’t know this secret place. It so happened that he knew about it. Lily stood in front of the place, concentrated on thinking “I want to have a place to meet Severus Snape” and the door were ajar for her. Snape was already in.
“Lily- ”, he greeted her and went forward with a hungry look in his face. His black robes billowed behind him, so fast he hastened towards her, “Does that mean- “
Suddenly he stopped and looked into her green eyes and he understood. “So you don’t”, he whispered in a tense voice.
“Severus... I can’t meet you on Sundays right now. I have to study other subjects”, Lily said, blushing and feeling he wouldn’t believe any single word she said.
“I understand. You want to study. Or maybe you prefer somebody more- ah- popular, a Gryffindor perhaps?”, he jeered, but his face looked as if it was in pain. His jaw clenched, his fists tight, his skin extremely pale.
“Don’t say that, Severus... It’s not true”, Lily asked, “I wanted to tell you that it will last only for few weeks. You gave me time... and I still need a bit of it. I’m half decided what I should do. I promise it won’t last long”.
Snape was breathing deeply, his chest waving. “I thought-“
“You thought wrong, Severus. I like you very much”, she admitted and looked down. He touched her face gently and said:
“I wish I understood how girls’ brains work. Right now I can only say I understand some subjects I like. There should be a subject “Women’s understanding”, he smiled slightly in a corner of his lips.
“I even don’t understand myself. I’ll write to you, I promise”, she told him and went out of the room.
She didn’t see it, but Snape was staying in for a quite long time, pacing quickly back and forth, his face expressions changing from hate and anger to felicity. Lily had no idea that his feelings were hard to stand for him too; they were so ambiguous that they made him mad, but he couldn’t stop them, he couldn’t admit he didn’t care for the Mudblood with such pretty green eyes and a good, understanding heart. She was the first girl who cared for him because she was listening to what he wanted to say.

During the Potions Snape was always behaving as if Lily didn’t exist. She was grateful for that and knew he was only pretending. It wasn’t an easy decision for her; it was so hard to trust somebody who was interested in the Dark Arts even if he seemed to control his knowledge. You could easily feel the tension between the inhabitants of the Slytherin house and the three other houses. The more often Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were learning about the latest disappearances or killings – fortunately there were less of these events last month- the more they hated Slytherins. It’s not that Lily cared about people’s opinions: she simply felt that there’s something inside of Snape she was afraid of.
Finally, sitting in the classroom during extremely boring History of Magic lesson, she decided that she had to give Snape a chance and ask him some questions about the Death Eaters and about himself.
“Lily, you’ve been so absent-minded lately!”, Frank Longbottom brought her Potions book back to the dinner feast, “You haven’t taken it after Potions! And you even stopped chasing people because they use some of the things forbidden by Filch!”
“Thank you, Frank”, she smiled, “How’re things with Alice and you going?”
Frank bent over and whispered: “It couldn’t be better. We’re in love, it seems”, he grinned and sat next to Alice, who seemed to be extremely happy and they took themselves by the hands immediately.
“Hey, birdies, how are you going to eat?”, James Potter shouted, attaching loving girls’ looks, “You know what? Avery’s sick again!’, and he lowered his voice: “Somebody must’ve hexed him. Maybe he won’t recover till the next Quidditch match”.
Most of the Griffindor girls who were sitting near him laughed. Hestia Jones was laughing the most loudly.
Suddenly Professor McGonagall stood up and said very loudly:
“Attention, please! All the students who want to go to Hogsmeade on Sunday, which is the St Valentine’s Day, are asked to deliver permissions to the Heads of the houses before going out. We’ll go at 11 a.m. and will return at three. There will be Professor Moody, Professor Sinistra and me to guard you”.
“Lily, I somehow feel that Sirius and I are finished”, she heard Terra’s whisper, “He told me that he wanted to talk to me seriously in Hogsmeade”.
“Really?”, Lily felt it can happen, “And what are you going to tell him?”
“It could be great if we still could go out”, Terra said honestly and smiled, “Because all the girls except Slytherin ones are jealous like hell. He’s so cute... I could even stand his Potter fascination... so I’ll wait and see what he’ll tell me”.
After Lily came back to the dormitory at night, she took out her quill and wrote a short note:
Let’s meet at 5 p.m. after Hogsmeade on Sunday in the Room of the Requirement.
The answer on the parchment came after about five minutes.
I’ll be.

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