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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by Grymmditch View Post
Being that I finally got my raise and can now afford to take my family, I'm going next year, w00t!! I'm not sure if we'll over Easter vacation or summer yet -whichever has the least crowds, I imagine.

I've decided we're going to Florida via train, I'm not putting up with the current TSA nonsense -flying has become too much of a hassle. Train should be cheaper anyway, and I'll just pretend with my son that we're on the Hogwarts Express.

So, if I get this right, you don't actually buy your wand at Ollivanders, but you can get chosen by a wand that you can purchase next door, correct? Are the birthday wands also made of resin, or do they actually make any of them out of real wood, ala Alivans? My son is dying to have the whole experience. I'm going to go all out and buy a ton of stuff there, because I don't know when we'll be able to go again. May as well do it right! I just wish they sold Skelegrow bottles too.. they're cool.

One other question- when you're doing the tour of Hogwarts, (Forbidden Journey) exactly how do Harry, Ron, and Hermione "appear" while you're touring the castle? On a big flat screen? Or a hologram type thing? How does that integrate with the castle tour exactly? I can understand talking portraits.. but..?
Also, is part of the tour on foot? Can you actually walk around DD's office, or are you on a guided track system of some sort? I'd love to just be able to walk around in there.
Woah! Alrighty, well let me start by saying that Ollivanders is an experience that you can not miss! As has been previously stated, you enter
Spoiler: show
Ollivanders and the wand keeper chooses one person out of the crowd (usually saying something witty saying something such as "I sense someone magic is in this room..." and then pointing at an audience member, saying "And I believe it is you!") and that person gets the experience of a wand choosing them. The show is different every time, so you never know exactly what to expect. When the wand finally chooses the person who was chosen for the experience (usually followed by a series of "wrong fit" wands that create havoc in the store), he is asked to exit where he can purchase his wand or buy a different one, and you are "welcome" to follow him and browse the full selection of Ollivander products xD... You can buy any wand you like or you can ask for assistance in finding your birthday wand. All of the wands are made of resin. And if your looking for a Skele Gro Product, I suggest asking a shop keeper in Dervish and Bangs, as they do have a cute little key chain with a skele gro bottle ... Harry, Ron, Hermione (and before them, Dumbledore) appear in front of you as if by magic (no pun intended) via a holgram, albeit a VERY realistic hologram that places them directly in front of you in the scene as if they were there without a screen or anything. They appear in the defense against the dark arts room (I warn you now this is a total spoiler) to help you get out of the castle. As Dumbledore previously explained, they are using the Defense Against the Dark arts room for Professor Binns to give you his lecture, "Hogwarts through the Ages". Harry, Ron, and Hermione come to help you get out of this and go watch a quidditch game, the adventure thus ensuing is a very fun one.
Hope that helped you plan it out and know what to expect!

Originally Posted by ShireMagic View Post
I'm going to the Wizarding World in February! Never been to America before, very excited, though slightly odd as I'm leaving the UK to see something that would be in the UK if it was the real Hogsmeade!

Anyway I wanted to ask about the robes, am I correct in thinking they are about $100? Has anybody bought these? I want to know what the quality is like, the washing instructions, sizing and is it really worth that much money? I need to know as I need to start saving up my money now!

The robes are made of a very fine quality material, as are most products in the Wizarding World. It is true that they cost $100, but if you really want them, I think they might be worth the money... But that's up to you, only if you want them. The only reason I would buy robes would be because I can't find any house robes other than Gryffindor... There is plenty of other less expensive merchandise if you think it's just a tad too much for robes, trust me, lots of house merchandise and exclusive merchandise. Have fun!!!

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