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Re: Fortescue and Ollivander: Their roles in the final book

In the HP world, not everyone who is qualified to teach at Hogwarts does choose to teach at Hogwarts. This reflects reality. But it also means that, in the HP world, there are 'teacher figures' for Harry outside the school. Maybe Fortescue would have been the top choice for History Professor but DD keeps Binns (who's ineffective) at Hogwarts because Fortescue is carrying out other work? Anywhere like an ice cream shop, bar, etc. is a good place for picking up gossip and having semi-secret meetings. And Fortescue gives Harry extra ice cream and teaching which gets him through Binns's exams. Even if he's a Chosen-One-admirer, that's a lot of time to take out from minding his shop.

I think he's either been killed and we'll find out why, or that we'll see him again in an "Aha" way. "Florean Fortescue" is a strong, memorable name and Rowling has bothered to construct a little history for his family. I wouldn't be surprised if he owned, or had a clue to, a Horcrux-object.


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