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Re: Fortescue and Ollivander: Their roles in the final book

I think that Harry might well run into one or the other as an Inferi. Seeing someone that he knows would be chilling for him.

I also think that one or the other may well be in hiding at number twelve Grimmauld Place, if that's not where Emmeline Vance is. Remember, Dumbledore told Draco, ("we can hide you more completely than you know").

I can't think of a use for Ollivander beyond making wands (though Vldemort might want to know why his and harry's acted as they did), so I'd guess that Ollivander just went into hiding.

Fortescue might as well, because we have the parallel of his place being trashed--and like Slughorn's place, no mention of a Dark Mark over it (I think).

On the other hand, he knew a lot of Wizarding History--and we have the fact that one of the Headmaster portraits is also named Fortescue. Perhaps there is a tie there, that the younger Fortescue knows something of the History of Hogwarts from his ancestor, or via family history. Like something that was hidden away somewhere in ancient times (not a Horcrux).

I think that this is an intriguing connection. We'll see what happens!


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