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Re: How much does Harry need to learn?

Originally Posted by PotionA View Post
Voldemort would know better by now. He is well aware of the fact that Harry is capable of distinguishing between reality and false dreams, and knowing Voldemort, he would attempt some other scheme to throw Harry off-track. It is important Harry leans Occlumency for the effective use of non-verbal spells, but chances are he won't because it's just not in him.
i'm with you on this one. in my opinion, voldemort really has nothing to gain through infiltrating harry's mind in dh. he may be somewhat reckless, but he is well aware of the fact that harry has educated himself on whether or not what he is seeing is real or a figment of voldemort's imposed imaginings [is that a word? ]. therefore, entering harry's mind would only serve to hurt him; i can't see him making that decision.

i also agree that harry simply doesn't have it in him to properly master occlumency. as discussed a little bit earlier on in the thread, rowling herself discusses the major issues with harry learning this magical art. as helpful as occluemency would undountedly be, i just don't see is [as far as harry insg it goes] as playing a major role in dh, as there is so much more for harry to do and so much more plot to cover.


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