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Re: How much does Harry need to learn?

Originally Posted by Dumbledore_girl View Post
Would it be so bad if Voldemort did infiltrate Harry's mind? Think about it. The last time Voldemort infiltrated Harry's mind, the love caused him so much pain that he couldn't even stay there. Yes, Voldemort could attack his mind from afar, implanting false memories and dreams. But by now, Harry should be able to tell if Voldemort is attacking his mind or not. Whether or not he does...well....I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
The pain Voldemort felt was not from infiltrating Harry's Mind, as he did this to great extent in OotP to lure Harry to the Ministry. The Pain was felt when he tried to possess Harry's soul... quite a difference. The reason Voldemort is no longer going to infiltrate Harry's mind is because Harry could then see what Voldemort was also up to, as his mind would be open to Harry

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