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Re: How much does Harry need to learn?

Originally Posted by xFluerDelacourx View Post
I imagine that if Harry wants to win against an enemy like Voldemort hes going to need to learn alot more and maybe even some dark arts. I think that in book seven harry will have to eventually know and use a unforgivable curse.
ooooh, that gave me a shiver. what an awful thought, harry using an unforgiveable curse.

Originally Posted by RustyGoBlue View Post
I agree he will have to sharpen his skills, however I don't believe he will be able to truly use the UC's as this goes against his very nature. When he tried Crucio against Bella all he could manage was a slight grunt of pain from her, then she laughed at him. She stated that he truly had to mean to cause pain which stems from extreme hatred. This is very telling as to how evil you have to be to use these curses as Harry was enraged at her at that time. Obviously anger does not have the same potency as pure Evil, and Harry's natural power of Love makes no room for that.
i have to say i'm with you on this one. harry has proven that he is simply not capable of the pure hatred that drives the most effective uc's. he sure has a whole lot to be mad about [his parents, sirius, and now dumbledore to name only the most obvious], but as you said, i think anger is a poor substitute for pure evil that, say, lord voldemort possesses.

i also think that we have to examine the standard reprecussions of harry performing an unforgiveable curse. as is made clear throughout the series, the use of any of these curses is a one-way ticket to azkaban. now, i do have a strong suspicion that the powers-that-be would be willing to allow for some leeway if harry used these to defeat one of the darkest wizards of all time. however, there would be a lot of issues in between that i don't think have any real place in the plot, and thus i assume may be avoided altogether by keeping harry away from the uc's.

in my opinion, this means that harry will be forced to come up with other methods of defeating voldemort and his followers, other than unforgiveable curses. as to what those are, anyone's guess is as good as mine.


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