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Re: How much does Harry need to learn?

Originally Posted by RustyGoBlue View Post
Exactly, I don't see JK turning Harry into what he is fighting. He spared Wormtail because of his Love for Sirius, when he could very easily have let his Godfather kill him.
great example. kudos.

harry was not even able to make himself allow someone else to kill pettigrew, knowing the reprecussions for them, and knowing how his long-gone father would have felt about it.

and, of course, this throws back to the whole idea that creating a life debt with pettigrew will pay off in the end [dumbles did say that he may one day be very grateful he made the decision he made...and i, like many other hp fans, no longer take those words in passing]. this may be one great tool he'll both need and make use of.


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