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Re: How much does Harry need to learn?

Originally Posted by gradstudent08 View Post
I don't think Harry will use the UC's. I think the prophecy says something like "he will possess a power the dark lords knows not", and certainly Voldemort is well versed in the UC's.
I think wandless magic will be the most important thing Harry will learn in DH. Occlumency would be a good idea, but I think Harry's given it up for good. And since we know he can do nvbls, I think he'll get much better at them during DH.
I don't know about the wandless magic... It seems as if a lot of writing has gone into the Wand connection that Harry and Voldemort have. That being said, I do think your on the right track as far as Harry using his wand specifically against Voldemort. We have seen the effects of that at the end of GoF, not to mention the Cover art for the US version of DH shows both Harry and Voldemort wandless. I just can't reconcile that Harry will become proficient enough to defeat Voldemort in the Wandless/Non-Verbal spell department.

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