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Re: Fan Scripts: Remake Harry Potter

Originally Posted by Dementor13 View Post
About the death of Voldemort... I was actually thinking how this should be like.

Interesting, yet I feel it's a bit short for the big finale.

I definately think that Voldemort's "No" can't be chessy.

I actually think that the thread name is mis-leading, as not all the movies have actually been made yet. I think I'll change it (for the 10th time)

Anyway, about my script. I've decided to write a treatment before continuing. Here's what I've done:
PS Treatment:    

  A cat is sitting outside a house.

In this house are Petunia and Vernon Dursley, both happy, but only on the outside. Their son, Dursley, drops his cereal in protest. “Shan’t!”

Vernon goes to work to find weird people in cloaks whispering about the Potter’s son, Harry.

At home, Vernon discovers that owls have been flying around during daylight and that there has been a downpour of shooting stars. Trying to make sense of all of this, he asks Petunia if he has heard from her sister (She says no), as asked for a reminder of his nephew’s name. It’s Harry.

That night, an elderly man appears (Dumbledore). He turns out all the street lights with a cigarette-lighter-like device (Deluminator). He approaches the cat, which turns into a woman: McGonagall. They discuss what everyone is celebrating: The downfall of an evil wizard by a infant who was to be the last to be killed in his family. McGonagall then asks why Dumbledore is here. “To bring Harry to his aunt and uncle”. Dumbledore says he has written a letter. McGonagall doesn’t initially side with Dumbledore on this. Hagrid, a half-giant, brings Harry on a giant motorbike. On his forehead, Harry has a lightning-bolt scar, a souvenir of the attack. Dumbledore leaves Harry and the letter on the doorstep and they all say their goodbyes.

10 years later.

Harry wakes to Petunia’s shrill voice. Harry remembers a dream he had with a flying motorbike. She comes back and announces it is Dudley’s Birthday.

Dudley counts his many presents and is displeased. The phone rings and Petunia come back with some news: Harry can’t go to Mrs. Figg’s. Petunia and Vernon can’t decide what to do. The doorbell rings. Petunia and Dudley leave and Vernon tells Harry “No funny business.” Harry remembers the odd happenings that seem to happen around him.

A motorbike passes and Harry tells Vernon of the dream he had about a flying one. “Motorbikes don’t fly!” “It was only a dream.”

They arrive at the zoo. Dudley spots the largest snake and orders his father to make it move. It won’t; it’s asleep. They all move away, except Harry, who tells the snake “It must be really annoying,” and, astonishingly, the snake wakes. Harry asks where it’s from and the snake points to the sign next to him. Brazil. “Was it nice there” Harry is told to read further: “This specimen was bred in the zoo.” Then, Piers Shouts noticing what the snake is doing. Dudley shoves Harry onto the floor, Harry looks up and… the glass has vanished. Dudley and Piers are terrified as the large snake slithers out of the cage. “Brazil, here I come ... Thanksss, amigo.”

The group head home. Dudley and Piers make up heroic tales. Piers turns to Harry: “Harry was talking to it, weren't you, Harry?” Vernon is not happy.

Vernon forces Harry into his cupboard, where Harry remembers the tale of his scar.

1 month later.

The mail arrives and Harry is told to get it by Vernon and Dudley.

In the mail there is… a letter for Harry.

Harry comes back with the mail and starts opening his letter, but it is noticed by Dudley. Vernon snatches it and opens it himself (“Who’d be writing to you?”), but is terrified by what is inside. He shows Petunia who shares the same emotion. Vernon chucks Dudley and Harry out of the room to hold a private conversation.

Once outside, Dudley listens at the keyhole and Harry at the gap under the door.

Inside (while Harry listens) Petunia and Vernon decide what to do. Petunia wonders how they know where he sleeps. Vernon demands they don’t reply as “I'm not having one in the house, Petunia! Didn't we swear when we took him in we'd stamp out that dangerous nonsense?”

That night Vernon tells Harry that the letter was addressed wrong and that he should move to Dudley’s second bedroom as he is getting to big for the cupboard. “Why?” “Don't ask questions!”

Later that night, Harry comes down the stairs to find Vernon nailing the letterbox and in a conversation with Petunia. “See, if they can't deliver them they'll just give up.” “I'm not sure that'll work, Vernon.” “Oh, these people's minds work in strange ways, Petunia, they're not like you and me.”

The next morning, Petunia opens a new packet of eggs to find… letters. But they’ve changed. They now read ‘Mr. H. Potter, The Smallest Bedroom, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey’. She shows the rest of the family. “Who on earth wants to talk to you this badly?” says Dudley.

The next morning is Sunday. No post, exclaims Vernon, but a letter suddenly hits him in the back of the head. They are flying out of the fireplace. Harry tries to grab one, but he is thrown out of the room by Vernon.

In the Hall, Vernon announces they are going away.

The next day. They’ve travelled far and wide. Everyone wants to go home except Vernon, who is now searching for the perfect place. He comes back to the car: he’s found it.

He points to a hut on a rock way out on sea. “Storm forecast for tonight! And I've been able to lend a boat.” And to Harry, “Could do with some of those letters now, eh?”

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