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Re: Lovestruck

Rose walked alone towards Hogwarts, trying hard not to cry. The air was getting chilly as winter was almost there. She walked up the path to enter Hogwarts when she heard a voice behind her.

"Rose! Wait!"

It was Lily. Charlie was right behind her. "Rose, we have to talk. Come on, let's go to the Common Room," she said. Rose nodded and wiped her eyes.

Charlie sat in front of the fire while both the girls went up the stairs to the girl's dormitory. Rose collapsed on her bed with a fresh wave of sobs.

"There there... it's all right, Rob was just being a slimy jealous git, it's not your fault," Lily said soothingly. Rose looked up at her with hurt eyes.

"It's not that, it's just... I think it's my fault. I told you it was okay to go out with Charlie to make Rob jealous, and now he's feeling terrible. You don't even like Charlie, so he must feel terrible too. It's all my fault!" Rose finished, sniffling. "Everything always comes back to me! And Rob hates me... I'm just not good enough to be his friend."

"Don't ever say that! You're wonderful! And actually..." Lily began, blushing, "I like Charlie. I really do. I think things between us are going to work out fine." Rose smiled at her. "AND that doesn't mean you have to blame yourself, Rose!" Lily continued, "Just because Rob's jealous..."

"No, he's a stupid git. I don't even know why I'm friends with him," Rose said, wiping her eyes. Lily looked at her.

"Rose, I know you're mad, but I don't think that's a reason to wash your friendship down the drain," Lily said.

"Lily, he said he hates me. Does that mean nothing anymore?" Rose said, depressed. "I just don't want to get hurt, and I don't want him to get hurt, so I'll just not talk to him."

"Just remember what I said, Rose," Lily finished. Rose rolled her eyes.

"Yes, mum," Rose said. Lily laughed.

"I'm going to wash up before dinner, I'll see you in a few minutes," Lily said. She grabbed her stuff and left towards the bathrooms. Rose decided to read a book in front of the fire place. She pulled her hair up in a pony tail and grabbed the book from her bedside table. She went down the stairs to the common room and headed towards her favorite chair, but saw it was already occupied. The boy sitting in it looked to her. It was Rob.

Rose immediately turned around to go back into her dormitory. "Rose, wait a minute!" Rob called, standing up.

"I've got to read this book, Dame, and I don't want to be disturbed," Rose said coldly. She started walking when Rob grabbed her arm. Warmth spread from his fingertips and through her cold arm.

"Rose..." he said, looking at her. She stared angrily back at him.

"Will you let me go?" Rose said. Rob dropped her arm.

"I just wanted to apologize," Rob began, but Rose cut him off.

"Save your breath, Dame. I don't want an apology from you," she said nastily. Rob grew angry at this remark.

"Fine then, Weasley. Have it your way. I won't be talking to you," Rob said. He stormed off and exited the room through the portrait hole. Rose went to the girl's dormitory, more depressed than before.

He's better off without me, Rose told herself. All I end up doing is hurt him. And I don't know why I do it! And he obviously thinks he's better off without me too, after that act of cruelty.

She fell on her bed angrily. It hurt Rose to see how much Rob wanted Lily and how Lily felt more comfortable with Charlie. She felt sorry for Rob, but that didn't mean he could take his anger out on his friends. She took out her book and began to read to distract her mind.

~ * ~

Lily had just gotten out of the shower. She was drying her hair with her wand. There were a lot of things on her mind, the first thing was Rose and Rob.

Lily had always had a crush on Rob until she had gotten to know Charlie. Not the Charlie that everyone saw, the one that acted cool for the crowd, the sweet, funny, and kind Charlie. She really liked him.

And Lily knew that Rose really liked Rob, but wouldn't admit it to herself. The little game of close friends they always played really bothered Lily at points. She wanted them to give it up. But Rose always said profusedly that they were just friends. But sometimes Rose would stop reading and just smile, and Lily knew who Rose was thinking about. Rose wouldn't admit it, but she was in love with Rob Dame. Lily just needed to get her to admit it.

That was short, I know, but oh well! At least it was kind of informative, I guess.



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