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Re: Lovestruck

OMG MY COMPUTER DELETED ALL OF MY SAVED WORK ON THIS CHAPTER!!! I hate my old computer! GAH! I'll try to post from memory. It won't be as good, but oh well! I can't do anything about it.


The group trudged in after a long day of snow fights. Dinner was on the table, and Ginny was telling them to wash up for dinner. Rose was covered in mud, along with her friends. They were laughing and talking about near misses and wins.

The girls entered their room and Rose headed towards the showers. She took a long, hot shower, making sure she got all the mud out of her hair (and it was there no thanks to Rob). She pulled her towel around herself and walked into her room. She was pulling out some clothes to wear when Rob walked in.

"Charlie told me to ask if Alice had his scarf - " Rob started, then noticed Rose. Rose pulled her towel more tightly around her and screamed. Rob yelled and ran out the door, slamming it behind them. Rose stood there in shock for several moments before starting to laugh histerically. Alice and Lily walked in, fresh from their showers and in their bath robes.

"What's going on? We heard screaming!" Alice said worried. Rose laughed and explained what happened. Lily started laughing with Alice as soon as she got over the shock. Rose put on jeans, a white tank, and a green, v-neck sweater. Lily put on the same thing, except with a red turtleneck. Alice wore a white, long sleeved shirt and a green skirt. The girls looked cute as they examined each other's outfits.

"How long does it take a girl to get ready!" Rob shouted from behind their door. Rose rolled her eyes.

"You should know, you are one!" Rose called back. She heard Rob stumble for a reply and Albus laughing at him.

"Shut it mate," Rob said to him, punching his arm. Rose and the girls giggled. They exited the room.

"You look absolutely dashing, ladies," Rob said, "But can we go down to eat? I'm starving!" Rose rolled her eyes.

"You men and your stomachs!" she said, smiling.

"Control yourselves!" Alice said, in a good imitation of McGonagall. Albus grabbed her arm.

"Now now, McGonagall, let them off easy, won't you?" Albus said, looking deeply into her eyes. She couldn't pull herself away from his emerald eyes.

"And she's fallen for me!" Albus said, pulling her closer and kissing her on the cheek. Everyone laughed as Alice turned red.

"I have not fallen for you, Albus Potter, you arrogant git," she said calmly, but Rose could tell she was embarrassed. Albus shrugged, disappointed.

"We all try," Albus said, holding her hand. "But I try the hardest." Alice rolled her eyes.

"You two can stop your love fest," Charlie said.

"It's no love fest, mate," Albus said, "It's a love party!"

"As I am for Lily," Charlie said softly, looking her in the eyes. Alice averted her eyes long enough to see the only two not talking.

"And that leaves... well what do you know it! Rob and Rose," she said sarcastically. "Come on, you two, get over yourselves and snog a bit."

Rose turned red as always. Her defenses immediately rushed up. "I am not crushing on Rob!" she said. "And Rob doesn't like me that way, do you Rob?" and without waiting for Rob's reply, she said, "You see! We're just friends." For some reason, Rose felt like she was lying to her friends. Lily smirked at Alice.

"Whatever you say..." Lily said. "But you're missing out, Rose." Rose, remembering what it was like before Lance broke up with her, nodded faintly.

"I know," she said shortly. She didn't want to be reminded of such pleasant times.

They started walking down to the kitchen, where James had just arrived. He was training to be an Auror, like Harry. He was in his first year of training.

The group sat down at the table and started eating dinner. They laughed and talked, and it was time to decorate the tree.

Charlie and Lily took out the fairies together and let them hide in the tree. The tree suddenly seemed to have a white glow around it.

"I'll race you to see who put on the most ornaments," Rob whispered to Rose.

"You're on," Rose replied, smiling. She grabbed a box and started piling ornaments on the tree along with everyone else. Soon the tree was covered in a rainbow of ornaments, teddy bears, candy canes, color-changing ornaments, and even singing ornaments. Rose plopped onto the couch next to Rob.

"I obviously did more," Rob said. "I did 3 boxes." Rose giggled. "Well, then how many did you do?" Rob said, annoyed.

"4," Lily said simply. Rob shook his head.

"You always beat me... even if it was by one..." Rob said, muttering to himself. He got up and left the room with the rest of the kids. Rose was about to leave, but she heard James getting up to go back to work

"It's great to see you all, but I have to go," James said, pulling on his cloak. Ginny rushed over to him.

"Not on Christmas night, dear! Stay a bit longer!" she begged. He shook his head and pulled away.

"I'm sorry, Mum. But it seems a group of Death Eaters have escaped Azkaban, and they're out for revenge," James said. "And I've got to go help sort it out. They're tearing down Muggle houses everywhere. I'm really sorry, Mum." He gave her a hug and left. Rose watched Ginny run over to Harry.

"I thought it was over, but it's not," she said, sobbing like a school girl. "Oh, Harry, I want our little boy back! I want my little James again!" Harry stroke her head.

"It's all right Ginny... he's just growing up," he said, kissing her forehead. Rose's thoughts were disturbed by Rob pulling her arm.

"Give them some privacy," he said softly. She nodded and left up to their room.

The girls were changing into their pajamas when she returned. She pulled out another white cami and a pair of silky, purple pajama pants. Rose pulled the covers over her eyes and tried to go to sleep. She heard Alice get into bed.

"Tomorrow's Christmas morning!" she said excitedly.

"Christmas is always full of surprises," Lily said, laughing. They both fell asleep soon afterwards.

But Rose couldn't sleep. It was late at night, and Rose felt an urge to have some hot chocolate. She slipped on her purple robe and fuzzy slippers. Her hair was down; she could never sleep with it up. She tip-toed downstairs and into the kitchen.

There was already a pot of hot chocolate on the stove. A bag of her favorite mini marshmallows were out as well. Probably Ginny made it, she was a wreck, Rose thought sadly, feeling bad for her. She poured herself some hot chocolate and lots of marshmallows. She heard a creak in the living room. She put down her hot chocolate to see who it was. And right as she was about to turn the door handle, Rob opened the door and looked at her.

Rose looked up at the mistletoe. She expected Rob to back away, but he did something completely unexpected and... well, surprising. He pulled her close and kissed her.

It was a short kiss, but it was tender and loving. It sent a tingle through Rose's lips. A zing went through Rose's body, and she wanted more. Rob suddenly pushed away at two different sounds.


It was the clock, announcing the fact that it was midnight. It was Christmas. Rose laughed to herself. Lily had no idea what kind of surprises Christmas held in store she thought.

The second sound was...

"You gits finally took my advice but decide to snog in the middle of the night on Christmas?"

It was none other than Alice. And she was with Lily, Charlie, and Albus.

"We would have joined the snogging party if you had told us," Albus said. "Right, Alice?" Alice slapped his arm.

"How did you guys get here?" Rose said, finally speaking. "I thought you were sleeping?"

"We were, but I woke up hearing you go down," Alice said. "I woke Lily up, and she woke Charlie up, and he said that Rob wasn't in their room. We were going to have a midnight party and you guys already had all the fun."

Rob flushed. "It's the mistletoe... remember last year? I got jinxed because I kept avoiding it! So this time... I just didn't avoid it! And it was only a friendly kiss, right Rose?" Without letting her answer, he continued. "You see! Really, you guys need to back off!"

"Well, there's nothing more we can say when we walk into the kitchen and see two people kissing in the dark, under mistletoe, in their pajamas, at midnight," Charlie informed him. Rose blushed. It sounded much worse when he put it that way.

"What are you waiting for?" Lily said to all of them, "Grab some hot chocolate and let's get in the living room!" They all took some hot chocolate and sat down in the living room. They chatted for a while, sat in silence, and Lily and Charlie would start snogging (to everyone else in the room's disgust).

Rob took Rose's attention away from them. He changed the subject, and Rose was grateful for it.

"So, where's Hugo? Why couldn't he make it?" Rob asked.

"He was invited to his best friend's place for Christmas," Rose said. Rob was gazing at Rose with such an intensity that Rose needed to look away. His eyes were so... intruiging. But Rose couldn't dwell on Rob's eyes, as Lily and Charlie snogging got more akward.

"Oi! You two! Get a room!" Albus finally said. They broke up, faces flushed. "And get your hands off my little sis!" Albus said. Charlie immediately took his hand off Lily's waist. They all started laughing.

"One night of surprises," Rose said, staring out the window at the gently falling snow flakes.

"It sure was," Rob agreed, staring at Rose.

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