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Re: Lovestruck


Rose woke up early the day of the Winter Ball. She quietly escaped the common room with a book and went to the library. Rose felt like she needed to think where she had no distractions.

The armchair in a cozy corner of the library was welcoming. Rose took out her book but didn’t read.

She wondered what she was going to do at the ball since she didn’t have a date. But Rob didn’t have a date either… he’d probably ask some pretty fan girl. Rose was jealous Rob could get a date so easily.

“Why can’t it be that easy to get a date for me!?” Rose desperately wondered out loud.


Rose’s head darted up and she saw Scorpius standing in front of her. Her heart was pounding. Did he hear what she said? He didn’t look like he noticed anything.

“So… how’s life been treating you?” Scorpius said jokingly, sitting down in an armchair beside her.

“Mmmm… pretty okay-ish, I guess,” Rose said absently, pretending to be absorbed in her book.

“Listen, I was just wondering… do you have a date for the ball?” Scorpius asked. Rose’s heart beat skipped a step.

“No, I guess not,” Rose said, as though she had just thought about it.

“I was just wondering… since I don’t have a date… if you want to, that is… I mean, you don’t have too… it’s just,” Scorpius stammered. Rose giggled.

“Get on with it,” she said, punching his shoulder. He smiled and continued.

“Rose, do you want to go to the ball with me?”

~ * ~

Rose sat alone in the common room. Her thoughts swirled around her mind, causing her to have a headache. She was waiting for Alice and Lily to get back from breakfast. They had been planning on getting some homework done and sending some letters home before lunch.

“Aww, is Rosie lonely?” Rob teased, walking through the portrait hole.

“Just a little,” Rose pretended to pout.

“Don’t worry,” Rob said, “I’ll keep you company.” He sat down on the couch next to Rose.

“Sooo… how’ve you been?” Rob asked nonchalantly.

“Um, pretty good, actually,” Rose said. Since Scorpius asked me to the ball, that is. Rose thought to herself. She grinned at Rob.

“I was just wondering… do you have a date for the ball?” Rob asked. “Cause I heard you didn’t.”

Rose’s lips tightened. Who told him that she didn’t have a date for the ball? Was it common talk? Or did everyone just assume that the smartest girl in Gryffindor wouldn’t get a date? Rose felt a sudden rush of anger.

“Maybe… why do you ask?” Rose said, not really paying attention to him. She was thinking about how Scorpius had said the exact same thing to her before he…

“Because no one’s asked me yet, and I was planning on asking you if no one asked me, so -” But Rob didn’t continue, because Rose’s anger point broke.

“So you’re only asking me as a last resort? Is that it? You just presumed that I wouldn’t get a date?” Rose yelled.

“No, that’s not what I meant to say, I really -” Rob spluttered.

“Oh puh-lease, I don’t want to listen to your nonsense!” Rose said, standing up and marching towards the stairs to the girl’s rooms. She looked back at the paralyzed Rob before making her way up the stairs. “Oh, and next time, make sure that the girl you ask is a total loser. She’ll reflect your personality, and she definitely won’t have a date.” Rose turned and stormed up the stairs.

Forgetting his anger, Rob yelled up the stairs. “So wait, does that mean you do have a date?”

~ * ~

Rose, Alice, and Lily found themselves running everywhere before the ball. They were blasting American music and happily getting ready for dance. Alice had just gotten out of the shower and was drying her hair while talking to Lily.

Rose took a breath and dangerously started a new subject. “So, who are you taking to the dance?”

“Since I didn’t like anyone else who asked me, I’m just going with Albus,” Alice said while pulling on her short red dress. She modeled it in front of the mirror. Rose thought she looked great.

“I’m going with Charlie, of course,” Lily said, standing next to Alice to model her knee-length bottle green dress. They were frowning as though the dresses didn’t look right. Rose noticed this and spoke before they could complain.

“Both of you look ah-mazing,” Rose said in a preppy voice. The girls broke down giggling.

“So, Rose, who are you taking?” Lily asked. Her red hair was perfectly straight.

“Um… it’s a surprise,” Rose said. The other girls turned and looked at her.

“Aww, come on Rose, tell us,” Alice said, making puppy-dog eyes.

“Noo,” Lily said. “Let’s leave it be, it’s more romantic for us not knowing. And they’ll escape into the garden and kiss in the moonlight with no one else knowing…” Lily stared into space and sighed.

Alice rolled her eyes. “You and your romantic dreams. I just want to know if he’s hot and what his name is… that’s not asking for much, is it?” It was Lily’s turn to roll her eyes.

Rose reached down and pulled on her dress. It was a thin strapped fitted pale-gold dress.

“Ooh, Rose, you look lovely!” Lily squealed. Alice nodded in agreement.

“Thanks, but I need to borrow some makeup,” Rose said to Alice in particular. She always had the best makeup there was to offer.

“Yeah, me too,” Lily said. “My mother says I don’t need any at such a young age.”

Alice sighed. “If both of you weren’t already extremely pretty, then I’d be in a state of shock.” She pulled out a bag containing everything from nail polish to mascara.

Rose pulled out her wand and carefully applied the gold eye shadow. Lily used hers to make her eye lashes perfectly long and thick with the mascara. Alice put on some lip gloss.

“Shoes!” Rose suddenly yelled. She had completely forgotten on what shoes she was going to wear.

“Don’t look at me, I’m wearing a pair of my mom’s. I don’t have any,” Lily said. She pulled on a pair of satin green ballet flats.

“I’ve got loads!” Alice said. She pulled out her suitcase dedicated to shoes. Rose looked through them and found the perfect pair. They were gold and had high heels. Rose took her wand and shortened the heel length.

“Hey, you better put those back like they were before,” Alice said as she watched Rose.

“Don’t worry, I will,” Rose said. All three girls did a makeup check, nose hair check, mustache check, outfit check, and when they had finally run out of checks, they went down to the common room. The boys were waiting for them there.

“You look wonderful,” Charlie said to Lily.

“Ditto,” an awestruck Albus said to Alice. Rose stared at the ground and left with everyone to the Great Hall.

Rob ran down beside everyone once they were in the hall. Rose noticed that he looked a lot cuter than he normally did in his hot tux. But Rose felt a hot monster claw her insides when she noticed the person standing next to him. It was the ultimately beautiful Bailey Locks, with her perfect face, long wavy brown hair, and deep amber eyes. She was chased by every guy, but she chased only one. Rob.

Rose tore her eyes away from them and searched the crowd for Scorpius. McGonagall was giving a speech that she ignored. She only heard the last words.

“… assortment of American bands playing their best,” she said. The curtains rose and a band started playing a rock song. Everyone was out on the dance floor. It would be impossible to find Scorpius.

Well I’m not paralyzed,
But I seem to be struck by you,
I wanna make you move,
Because you’re standing still…

She saw a blonde headed person move towards her in the crowd. Scorpius emerged, smiling.

He had reached a different level of cute. His hair fell down slightly over his eyes, and his tux was even better than Rob’s.

“Dance?” Scorpius asked. Rose beamed and took his hand. They danced crazily, holding hands, spinning, mouthing the lyrics… Rose noticed several popular Gryffindors pointedly whispering about her being at the dance with a Slytherin. But she didn’t care. It was just so simple to be with him.

The songs changed from rock to pop and finally to a slow song.

I know a place that we can go to,
A place where no one knows you,
They won't know who we are…”

“Come with me,” Scorpius said. He pulled Rose through the crowd and into the garden. Scorpius walked to a wall and pulled out his wand. He drew an archway that appeared as chalk on the wall. The bricks melted away and a garden appeared. The bushes were covered in light pixies and the water fountain in the middle had floating lilies in it. The music from the Great Hall filled the air inside it. It was all so incredible.

“Wow,” Rose said softly. Scorpius smiled.

“Like it?” he asked. “I made it just for you. It’s not exactly sealed off from intruders, but the only way someone else could get in is if they accidentally stumbled upon it.”

“I love it,” Rose said, looking him in the eye. Scorpius grinned and looked at the ground. His shaggy white blonde hair blew in the wind.

“You look beautiful,” Scorpius said to her. Rose blushed. No one had ever said that to her before.

He put out his hand. “May I have this dance?” Rose nodded, and as though in a trance, she danced with Scorpius.

The music slowly disappeared. Time seemed to slow down. Rose didn’t know how long they danced. She could only see into his grey eyes. She was pulled closer and couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. They sparkled in a way no one else’s could. His face was right next to hers. She could smell his alluring cologne. His lips were moments away from hers.

“He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do.”

Bailey was dancing with Rob. She smiled and her perfectly straight teeth glittered. Rob gave back a fake smile. He looked around the room. Rose seemed to have disappeared half way through the ball. When he turned back and looked at Bailey, she was inches away from his face.

“Robbie, you’re sooo cute,” Bailey said. She leaned in a bit. Rob backed away.

“I… uh… have to go to the bathroom,” Rob said. He walked into the garden where he had seen Rose last.

“But Rob! You can’t go to the bathroom in the garden!” Bailey called after him. He ignored her. Right now, Rob needed to apologize to Rose. He imagined them making up and laughing at their dopey dates who were by themselves.

Rob had walked around the garden. He called her name a few times. But she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Rob leaned against the wall to relax for a few moments, but the wall wasn’t there. He felt himself fall into another place.

“And all I can taste is this moment,
And all I can breathe is your life,
Cause sooner or later it's over,
I just don't want to miss you tonight…”

Rose’s lips touched Scorpius’s. Then time seemed to completely stop. It was just her and him. His kiss was different than Rob’s. It didn’t feel like she had touched an electrical current, it was warm and loving. He pulled her close and deepened the kiss.

But everything broke when she heard a crash and someone yell something at them. “Rose! What are you doing!?”

It was Rob.

He ruined it. The moment was gone. The building anger that was inside her had suddenly come out and was ready to lash itself out on Rob.

“I’m having a good time,” Rose shouted back at him.

“But he’s Scorpius Mal – “ Rob started.

“I don’t care!” Rose yelled. “I like him, I really do! I don’t care if he’s in Slytherin, I don’t care if his dad is Draco Malfoy, I DON’T CARE!”

Scorpius touched her shoulder. He smiled sadly at her. “That was really nice,” he said softly. Rose smiled back at him. Rob came up to them.

“Stay away from her!” Rob said, pushing Scorpius away. Scorpius made no attempt to fight back. He stood up, brushed himself off, and gently moved Rob away from Rose. He took her hand and they left. Rob was left alone in the private garden.

His thoughts were confusing, head was pounding, and his heart felt like it was going to explode. His feelings for Rose were jumbled up and he didn’t know what to do. Rob stood up and walked past everyone and headed to the boy’s rooms. He heard Bailey say his name, Charlie and Albus asking what was wrong, and he ignored them. He just headed to his room. When he finally reached his destination, he collapsed on his bed and beat up his pillow. He then lay down and closed his eyes.

“Everyone knows it’s meant to be,
Falling in love, just you and me,
‘til the end of time,
‘til I’m on her mind,
It’ll happen…”

The Great Hall was filled with people still dancing, and some going to their rooms to sleep. It had been a long night.

Scorpius kissed Rose’s hand. “Good night,” Rose said.

“Sweet dreams,” Scorpius said. He turned and hurried to his dorms. Scorpius knew he needed to get back to his dorm before certain people found him…

~ * ~

Scorpius quietly entered the portrait hole and slipped past the couch where a bunch of Slytherin boys were sitting. He was heading up the stairs when one of the stairs creaked. The boys’ heads darted around and spotted Scorpius.

Scorpius sighed and decided to face his fear. The three boys walked up and stood around him.

“Malfoy… we hear you’ve been at the dance,” Zabini, the tall spindly boy in the middle said. “Have fun?”

“So who’d you go with?” Goyle grunted.

“Nice of you to bring that up, Goyle,” Zabini sneered. “Hear you went with that Weasley girl.” Scorpius said nothing.

“She’s a blood traitor!” Nott said. “A filthy daughter of a Mudblood Gryffindor! WHAT were you thinking?”

“She’s a very nice girl!” Scorpius said, rushing up to Rose’s defense immediately. “I don’t care if she’s in Gryffindor, or if she’s a blood traitor, or a daughter of a Mudblood!”

“Why can’t you understand,” Zabini said threateningly, “that she’s no good?”

“Why can’t YOU understand that she is good?” Scorpius fired back. All three boys moved in on Scorpius.

“I guess we’re going to have to make you understand,” Zabini said. Goyle cracked his knuckles. Scorpius’s face went even paler than it already was.

~ * ~

Rose was in her bed, staring at her dark ceiling. She could see Alice and Lily sleeping in their beds. Rose rolled over. Her face was stained with tears. She couldn’t help but feel bad about what she said to Rob. She rolled over again. Maybe she could apologize to him in the morning.

Her eyes closed and she prayed for sleep. Maybe it would come to her.


Hope everyone likes it! Sorry for not posting in such a long time!



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