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Re: Lovestruck


“You can’t stay in bed all morning!” Lily said, prodding a very sleepy Rose. Rose was lying in bed with a pillow over her ears. It was two days after the Winter Ball. It was the day they left to go back home.

She didn’t want to wake up. Lily was urging her to start packing. They had to catch the train in less than 3 hours. Lily thought that was plenty of time and she could at least sleep for another thirty minutes.

“We’ve got a lot to do in just a little while,” Lily said. “And that means you have to wake up too!” Lily threw a pillow at Alice, who was snoring faintly.

“Fine, fine, fine…” Rose grumbled. She rolled out of bed and glanced at her hair in the mirror. It looked like a poof-ball had exploded. She quickly showered and brushed her hair smooth. Alice was still sleeping like a log.

Lily poked Alice all she wanted to and yelled loudly, but Alice wouldn’t wake up.

Rose pulled out her wand out and pointed it to Alice. In her mind she said, Levicorpus!

Alice’s foot was pulled up and she was dangling from mid-air.


“Good morning to you too, sleepy head,” Lily said. “We’ve got to get ready in the next hour. Rose and I are already dressed. We’re going to go down to the Great Hall for some breakfast.”

“Whatever,” Alice replied once she had been let down. She brushed herself off and grabbed a towel to take a shower. Rose could hear her muttering under her breath things like “waking me up earlier” and “hanging by my leg.”

Alice and Rose entered the Great Hall talking animatedly about inviting each other over for the New Year’s Eve.

“My family always has a huge party,” Rose explained, “So why don’t you - ” But Rose stopped short when she saw the only seats left. They were right next to Rob. She groaned and looked at Alice. Alice rolled her eyes and pulled Rose by the hand over there.

Rose sat down next to Rob but focused on completely ignoring him. She didn’t do a good job, though. He had turned around to her the first moment he could and started talking.

“You haven’t talked to me since the dance,” he said.

“I wanted to apolo - ” Rose started to say.

“Apologize?” Rob finished for her. “Yeah, I figured I need to apologize too. Right after I give you a long speech about never hanging around Malfoy’s again. They’re bad news, Rose.”

Rose became irritated. Rob was constantly putting down Scorpius and the Malfoy’s. But Rose believed that they had changed. Draco and Pansy seemed considerably less rude and inconsiderate towards the Potter’s and the Weasley’s. That itself was an improvement.

“They’re different, though,” Rose said. “I know they’ve changed, I just know it.”

“It’s not that, it’s just… after all your Uncle Harry’s been through in his life with Draco and after Bellatrix killed Sirius… I really don’t think you should talk to them,” Rob concluded.

“Well you thought wrong,” Rose said coldly. “I like Scorpius. A lot. And nothing you can say or do will change that. He’s my friend. And so are you, Rob. And if you can accept that, then I’d be really happy.”

“But – “ Rob began.

“The train leaves in 30 minutes,” McGonagall said, interrupting him. “Everyone finish up your food and grab your belongings. We will go down to Hogesmeade Station and leave from there.” There was a bustle of people trying to get their things out of the Great Hall.

Everyone seemed excited and pumped for the remaining holidays except Rose. She was going to miss the days at school where she got to hang out with Scorpius. But she’d see him again soon.

Lily came up behind Rose, who was walking down to the door. “Why are you looking blue?” she asked.

“Nothing… I’m just going to miss it here,” Rose said. Lily rolled her eyes.

“That’s just like you, Rose. Missing the school,” Lily said sarcastically. “Well, I have some gossip.”

“Hmm… who’s it about?” Rose asked.

“Me, and it’s a major secret that’s been bothering me since the dance,” Lily said. She took a breath and whispered to Rose.

“I think I still may have some feelings for Rob,” she said quietly and quickly. Rose’s jaw dropped.

How was this happening? Weren’t her feelings for Rob supposed to be gone? Rose felt anger bubble in her chest. Lily would lose her wonderful relationship, and Rose couldn’t let her do that. She had Charlie. And Charlie had her. They were perfect together. Lily couldn’t just destroy that for a small feeling for Rob.

“But what about Charlie?” Rose replied. “You can’t do this to him.”

“But I may still like Rob,” Lily said, like a child protesting against her mother.

“So what are you going to do? Dump Charlie and go out with Rob?” Rose said angrily. “I disapproved of you dating Charlie just to get to Rob, but this is just stupid. I’m sorry if I sound rude Lily, but it’s the truth.”

Lily shook her head. “It’s different now, I…” she broke off. She didn’t seem able to explain what she wanted to say; she was somewhat agitated.

“Oh well,” Lily said. “I’m sure I’ll get over him.” Rose hoped she was talking about Rob, but she didn’t dare ask. She was afraid Lily would get upset and start crying. Rose hated fighting with her friends, especially Lily. Lily was so sweet and romantic, but she was also very sensitive and emotional. She was a polar opposite of her mother.

“Come on, let’s hurry and get a good seat,” Rose said.

~ * ~

Lily saw Charlie by himself. Albus and Hugo had just left to get some sweets. He was sitting alone in a compartment, an expression of deep depression on his face. His straight dark brown hair fell limp against the sides of his face. Even though he was sad, he looked cute.

He was the second person she saw looking depressed today. It was probably something to do with missing the castle, like Rose.

“I’m going to talk to Charlie real quick,” Lily said to her friends. “I’ll be back though.”

“Sure,” Alice said. “Go for it.” Rose and Alice left to get an empty compartment to themselves.

“Hey Charlie,” Lily said, entering the compartment. “You okay?” Charlie turned and looked at her, startled. His eyes flickered with anger for a moment.

“Lily, what made you decide to ask me out?” Charlie asked in an odd voice. It sounded almost strangled.

“Um… I had liked you for a while and I asked you out,” Lily lied. She looked at her feet. She hated lying to Charlie.

“So it had nothing to do with another guy?” Charlie asked, his voice becoming more and more strangled. Lily could see where this was going. “You didn’t stab me in the back, have feelings for another guy, and you haven’t lied to me? Right?!”

Lily’s heart almost stopped. He had heard her talking to Rose.

“No – you don’t get it – that was before, now I really like you, Charlie,” she said, putting her petite hand on his shoulder. He shook it off.

“How do I know you’re not lying to me?” Charlie said. “How do I know if anything you’ve told me in the last couple of months was true?” Lily’s jaw trembled.

“But I haven’t been lying – “ Lily said desperately. “Please Charlie, you need to understand – I – I… I really, really like you.”

Charlie looked straight at her. He gazed into her stunning chocolate brown eyes, searching for something. He looked away, his eyes shining and his voice quavering.

“I can’t – I won’t – Just go away, Lily,” Charlie said coldly. Lily hated the disappointment and sadness in his voice. It made her feel like all the happiness in her life was gone. Lily’s eyes began to water and she stood up. She ran out of the compartment and down the hall.

Her hands were white and trembling. She leaned against the wall and put her hands on her face. She slowly sunk to the ground, sobbing.

Lily’s thoughts were focused on Charlie. She was overcome with memories and emotions. She saw his crooked but cute smile. She was engulfed by his charming, cinnamony scent. His brown eyes were sparkling into hers. She felt his warm lips on hers. Lily clutched her hair in agony.

Lily heard a commotion down the hall and came out of her misery to see what was happening. She looked around.

Rob was talking to Rose. She looked upset and he looked as though he was trying to send her a message. She finally stopped him and said something to him. An expression of outrage formed on his face. He said something angrily back at her. Tears started streaming down Rose’s face. Whatever Rob had said must’ve hurt her.

“Well I hate you too, Rob! Don’t you ever talk to me AGAIN!” Rose said, running down the hall. She ran past Lily, not seeing her. Lily wiped away her tears and went after Rose. Friends first, she thought to herself.

Rose was sitting in the very last compartment by herself, crying. Nobody ever sat there because the lights were broken and the seats were torn and ripped. And Rose, sitting by herself in this compartment of disaster… it was a terrible sight. Lily opened the door.

She sat down next to Rose and put an arm around her. “Are you all right?” Lily asked kindly.

“Rob – Rob is being a jerk,” Rose said between sniffles. “An arrogant, pig headed, self-centered, Malfoy-hating jerk.” Lily put the pieces together and realized what happened.

“He’s just a bit confused,” Lily said gently. “Every family he ever knew has hated the Malfoy’s. And now you’re hanging out with one of them, so he’s probably upset… and maybe a little jealous,” Lily said after several moments of thought.

“He said – he said he hates me,” Rose said quietly, her tear-stained face looking down at her feet.

“I bet he doesn’t – and if he does, it’s probably no where as much as Charlie hates me,” Lily said, mostly to herself.

“Oh, I’m so sorry; I didn’t even bother to ask why you were crying!” Rose said, looking back at Lily. “What happened?”

“Charlie… he heard us talking… I don’t think he understood the last bit, though. When I said I’ll get over him, I was talking about getting over my feelings for Rob,” Lily said.

“You should tell him that,” Rose said. “I’m sure he’d understand.”

“Yeah… maybe…” Lily mumbled, depressed.

“Boys are like… clothes. You wear them one day, then one day you hate them cause they're out of style,” Rose said. Lily managed a small grin.

“See! You’ll survive. Now let’s go,” Rose said. “It’s disgusting in here.” They stood up, leaving the dirty compartment and going back to their own. Alice was sitting by herself.

“Well finally! I thought you weren’t ever coming back,” Alice said. “What’s wrong?” she said, after seeing the looks on both girls’ faces.

“I hate boys,” Rose sighed.

“I hate clothes,” Lily said.

“Did I miss something?” Alice said, a bewildered expression on her face. Lily and Rose laughed. It was the first time they had laughed on the train ride.

She sighed.

Stupid boys...

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