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Re: Lovestruck


"My head feels like it's about to explode," Lily said to Rose in the kitchen.

"I can't stand all of this anymore," Rose said, agreeing. "I need a break from everyone."

"You know what? I'm going to tell Charlie I need a break," Lily said. "I feel way too... too... over sensitive about everything right now."

"I totally feel the same way," Rose said.

~ * ~

Rose, Lily, and Alice were unpacking at school several days later. Lily had just updated Alice on the on goings over the break. Alice was shocked.

"I wish I was there," she said. "I missed so much drama!"

"Oh, you're lucky you weren't there," Rose said, sighing and remembering what happened.

"And guess what? Charlie totally understood!" Lily said excitedly.

"I wish Scorpius was the same... he seemed kind of upset. He hasn't talked to me in a while, and he's always avoiding me. I have this weird feeling that something's up," Rose said.

"Just forget about it for now," Alice said. "You definitely need a little break away from cute guys." The girls laughed and Rose threw a pillow at her.

~ * ~

Scorpius slumped in his chair in front of the Slytherin fireplace. Stupid Rose. Why would she need a break? Maybe she didn't like him anymore. Maybe she's in love with Rob. Stupid Quidditch playing, pretty-boy Rob. Rose probably fell for him. And now she's leaving me. That's it - that's why she said she needed a break. Stupid Rose.

"The other Death Eaters haven't enjoyed how you’ve been hanging out with the Weasley blood traitor,” Zabini said from behind him. Goyle and Nott circled his chair.

“You wouldn’t want something to happen to her, now, would you?” Nott said happily, a gleam in his eyes.

“I don’t care what happens to her,” Scorpius said. “So the Death Eaters have no reason to harm her, Garston Zabini.”

“Surnames only, Malfoy! And don’t you dare lie to me! We have ways of finding out of you’re lying… and if you’re caught, things could happen to you,” Zabini snarled.

“Just understand that I’m with you, Zabini!” Scorpius said loudly.

“Prove it,” hissed Goyle.

~ * ~

Several weeks flew by. Rose’s grades were amazingly high and she was happier than ever. Scorpius seemed to have taken a toll on her life, and now she was happy it was back to normal.

It was a cold Friday morning in February. Rose was eating lunch at the Great Hall when Alice arrived. “Ugh… I hate Valentine’s Day,” she said, sitting across from Rose.

“But Valentine’s Day is the day after tomorrow,” Lily said slowly.

“I know!” Alice said, “And I still don’t have a date for Hogsmeade!”

“Hey – neither do we,” Rose said, motioning to herself and Lily. “Don’t feel so sorry for yourself.”

“I just want to go with you and Rose,” Lily said to Alice. “Who did you want to go with?”

“Oh – you guys, I guess,” Alice said, but Rose saw Alice’s eyes wander towards Albus. He was flicking food at the Slytherin table. Alice smiled.

“Charlie and I may go,” Lily said, “but if you guys want me to hang out with you, it’s all right.”

“Do whatever you want,” Rose said, laughing. “Don’t let us hold you back.”

The girls got up and were ready to go to their last classes. Rose looked at her schedule. She groaned.

“Double Potions,” she said, “with the Slytherins.”

“You know, sometimes I think evil spirits look down on us when they're bored and smite us,” Alice said, looking sadly at the schedule.

“What’s going on?” Lily said, reaching the dungeon. Albus was being pushed by a Slytherin.

“Watch your mouth, Goyle!” Albus said, pulling out his wand. “Scourgify!” Goyle’s mouth was filled with soap suds.

“What is going on here?” a voice drawled. It was Professor Eliv. “Ah! A fight… and that will be 20 points from Gryffindor. Oh, and detention, Potter.” Albus was clutching his fists tightly. He stormed into the classroom and took his seat. Rose took the seat next to him.

“What – “ Rose started, but Albus started before her.

“It’s that filth, Goyle!” Albus thundered, his green eyes full of anger, “He was threatening me! Talking about rising Death Eaters, and how our family’s blood traitors and we’re going to be the first ones taken! And he said – he said…” Albus’s eyes fell suddenly and he spoke no more.

“And he said what?” Rose said, urgently.

“Sshhh! Do you want me to fail this class? Start your potion!” Albus said heatedly.

“Since when have you paid attention in Potions?” Rose said, grabbing him and turning him around. “Tell me what he said.”

“Well… he said… I just… you shouldn’t really… “ Albus started, but Rose gave him a look that told him she meant business. “Fine… he said you’re the first to be taken. And he called you a – a – he called you dirty blood.”

Rose’s head was filled with thoughts, but Professor Eliv interrupted them.

“Do you have a question, Miss Weasley?” he said. Rose shook her head, too confused to think. She began adding the ingredients listed on the board to her potion. What was Goyle talking about? She was first for what? And the whole Mudblood business just seemed dirty… and was Scorpius behind the problems as well?

~ * ~

“I’m so worried about that test in History of Magic!” Lily said, groaning.

“I’m pretty much done studying,” Alice said. “History of Magic is easy.” Lily gaped and looked jealously at her.

“Not for me, it isn’t,” she said. “I wish it was.” She shut her book and stared into the Gryffindor fireplace. It was the evening, and Rose was falling asleep on the comfy couch.

“Hey people,” Rob said, dropping his bag on the couch and sitting next to Rose.

“Hey Rob,” the group mumbled quietly.

“What are you doing?” Rob said, picking up Rose’s book. “Ah… studying. And not just any subject, History of Magic. Don’t you girls ever get out?”

“We can’t with you stealing our books all the time,” Rose replied, snatching her book back.

“Such a shame,” Rob said. “because there’s this great Hufflepuff party going on in the secret corridor behind the tapestry…”

“I’m there!” Alice said, dropping her books and standing up.

“No, you’re not,” Rose said sternly. She pushed Alice back down and shoved the History of Magic notes into her hands. “Study.” Alice groaned.

“You’re such a party-pooper Rose,” Alice said. Lily giggled at Alice’s attempt at “American slang.”

“I want to go!” an excited voice said from behind them. Rose glanced behind Rob. It was Bailey.

“Um… you know, Bailey,” Rob started slowly, “I really need to study. Big History of Magic test. Rose says to keep those brain cells working. So I better stay here.”

“Well, can I study with you, Rob?” Bailey said, making a point not to include the other girls.

“You see, Rose is… um… she’s… she’s tutoring me,” Rob said, a sudden inspiration hitting him. “Yeah… I need help on one particular time period. The trolls. I can never remember their names.”

“Oh,” Bailey said, her spirits falling. “Then I’ll catch you later, Rob.” She left without looking once at the girls.

“Someone’s a bit blind,” Rose said to Lily and Alice, “I mean, it’s almost as if she hated us!”

“It’s not really us…,” Rob said, “It’s mostly just you.”

“What?!” Rose exploded. “What have I ever done to that girl! That stupid, pretty-faced, wannabe – “

“It’s only cause she sees us hanging out all the time,” Rob said quickly, trying to quiet down Rose.

“What?” Rose said, startled by his reply.

“So do you girls have dates for the Valentine’s Day Hogsmeade trip?” Rob asked.

“Should we?” Alice said. “It’s this weekend, but everyone asks each other at the last minute.”

“Yeah… but it’s the Valentine’s Day trip!” Lily said. “Everyone asks each other early!” Rose started worrying. Nobody had asked her yet.

“Well nobody’s asked me yet,” Alice said defiantly.

“I’m going with Charlie,” Lily said. “He told me he had to go with me, even though we’re taking a little break.

“Nobody’s asked me,” Rose said glumly. “Now I’m depressed.”

“Yeah,” Rob said, “Bailey asked me to go right when we heard the news about it, but I’ve wanted to go with someone else.” Rob slightly glanced at Rose.

Rose hadn’t seen that coming. That must have meant that Bailey liked Rob… a lot. And Rob didn’t return these feelings, or he would have been dating her… which meant that she thought Rob and Rose liked each other as – which meant that Rob liked Rose as -

“I have to go,” Rose said suddenly. She made a motion for Alice and Lily to follow. Her head spun as she tried to avoid the conclusion she had reached.

“Wait,” Rob said. Alice and Rose seemed to know what was coming and leaned back to talk to each other about some book for Divination.

“Rose,” Rob said gently, grabbing her hand. Her heart almost stopped beating as he looked at her with his stunning light blue eyes. “Let’s talk a little longer.” Rose sat down obediently.

“So why hasn’t anyone asked you to Hogsmeade yet?” Rob asked. Rose had wanted to avoid the question, but she knew she couldn’t.

“I dunno. Maybe it’s because I’m not appealing,” Rose said depressingly.

“What?” Rob said, smiling.

“Or because I’m ugly,” Rose continued, “and fat, and unpopular – “

“Stop it,” Rob said, “I can’t see you degrading yourself! You’re beautiful, popular, and simply amazing. I can’t imagine why no one’s asked you to Hogsmeade yet.”

“Well, no one has,” Rose said. “End of discussion.” She got up to leave, noticing that Alice and Lily had gone upstairs. She heard a rustle behind the table. Or maybe they hadn’t…

“No!” Rob said, grabbing Rose’s arm. He pulled her back. She couldn’t look away from his gorgeous face.

“Will you go to Hogsmeade with me?” Rob said. Rose caught her breath.

“Just as friends?” Rose said, almost not wanting to hear the answer of ‘yes’.

“No,” Rob said. “As a date.” Rose smiled.

“Yes,” she said happily.

~ * ~

“Guess we’re not taking a break from guys anymore,” Lily said the next day during breakfast.

“I still can’t believe you were spying on me,” Rose said, taking a spoonful of cereal.

“What else were we supposed to do?” Alice said, “Wait for you to tell us?”

“Yes!” Rose said, grinning.

“Hello, girls,” Rob said, sitting down next to Rose. He inconspicuously placed his arm around her hip. Alice hadn’t noticed and started a conversation about Quidditch, but Lily just smiled.

~ * ~

Scorpius scowled at the scene taking place at the Gryffindor table. Rob had his hand around Rose’s waist. And she didn’t seem to mind. This was slowly beginning to confirm his suspicions… but he didn’t really want to believe them.

“Goyle, heard the latest LamoGryffindor news?” Zabini said, loud enough for Scorpius to hear. Zabini took a seat in front of him.

“What?” Goyle said stupidly.

“Rob Dame over there asked Rose to Hogsmeade on Valentine’s Day. And she said yess,” Zabini hissed maliciously. Scorpius’s face whitened and his eyes narrowed.

“Where’d you hear this?” he said.

“From the girl herself,” Zabini said conversationally, “She was talking to her friends about it.” Scorpius scowled.

Rose said that they were going to take a break. That they’d think about dating after the break. Because she was tired of boys, so she said. But seeing her, sitting over there with her Hogsmeade date’s hand around her waist, it was hard to believe. Scorpius held back the stinging tears that were forming in his eyes.

“Don’t cry, Malfoy,” Nott said, appearing next to him. “At least not where others can see you.”

“Shut it,” Scorpius said, standing up and stalking out of the Great Hall. Stupid Rose.

Soooo sorry for the lack of updates in the longest time! But I hope everyone’s still reading this!!! Hopefully I’ll post more soon!!!




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