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Re: What Movie 5 Means For Book 7

Wow, nice point! I really hope you're right, I'd love to have a whole Potterweek like that. It does seem really likely, though, put in that perspective. I never thought about it like that before. Wouldn't that be just awesome?

And embememu-- I don't think any real HP fan would be able to keep away from it, no matter what Jo did to Harry or our favorite character in Book 7 (which won't be possible for me, as my favorite character fell through the veil long ago ). This movie looks the best yet, and though I probably will be in mourning for a few weeks--maybe even months--later for the series and character(s) who didn't make it, I wouldn't be able to resist seeing the movie. After all, if this editorial's prediction comes true, the movies will be all we have left to look forward to in the Potter universe.

I'm going to be SO SAD when it's finally over, though!

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