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Re: What Movie 5 Means For Book 7

I'm hoping for a 2007 release date for the final book but I'm not optimistic that it'll happen. There are so many loose ends for Jo to tie up. Jo said in the past that she'd have difficulty in letting go since the series has been a major part of her life for so many years. Before she let go of HBP she spent three months just rereading it to be sure it was exactly what she wanted, therefore I think it safe to assume she'll take the same care with the final book.

I think the real signal for the final release will be when she gives us the title. If I remember correctly, the books have been released about 6 months after she releases the title. If she gives us the title for Christmas, maybe we can expect the final book in 2007. If not, I think we're looking at 2008.

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