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Re: What Movie 5 Means For Book 7

Nice editorial and hopeful, too. But, I agree with a couple of other posters that July 31st might be the magic number. It's JK's birthday, Harry's birthday, and doesn't conflict with the bombing anniversary. (But as it's on a Tuesday, I bet they would move it ahead to August 3.)

However, since several important things happen in the tube station, like Harry meeting his first wizard friend and first friend period, and Sirius being recognized, it might be appropriate to release the book on 7/7 and dedicate its release to those who lost their lives, as King's Cross Station is important to the books and also is where one of the bombs was planted. (The movies are not filmed there, I don't think.)

I also agree that the movie might do better if released before the book. The movies tend to feed off of a desire for another book, not the other way around. If people have already read the final book and know how things wrap up, it may not be as big of an incentive to go to the film. But, if we are anxiously waiting for the book and just can't stand it, what better way to get a Potter "fix" than go see the movie and discuss it at length until book seven appears?

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