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Brains & Braun

Hi, Since I said my tearful goodbyes to Floral Scent I just had to start one about my man Ron and his love interest Hermione. I'll try to stay canon as much as I can. There will be parts taken out of JK's books as well, which will be in italic writing. I am starting off in first year and then working up to book 6, this from both their points of view and there is some Ginny/Harry can you not mention them.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story, I am simply borrowing from our Queen Bee JKRowling.

First Year for Both

It was a lazy summers day, the old home had been brought to life with the fresh aroma of frying eggs, cooked kippers and buttered toast. The laughs and shouts of the children residing in the home could be heard throughout the house.

With all this livelihood, a young eleven year old boy continued sleeping lazily in his bed. The sun had peered in through his window, showing off his orange painted bedroom which was laden with posters of his favourite Quidditch team, the Chudley Canons.

Since it was the summer, there was no need to get up so early, but he knew already that his family members would be seeking him out. It was very hard to have time to yourself when there were nine people living under the same roof. It was actually seven; the two oldest of the seven siblings were away working in the Wizarding world. Try as he might, the sixth child of the Weasley clan fought with all his might to have his moments peace, even if it meant lying in his bed a few extra minutes.

"Bang, bang," came an abrupt sound from the door, before it was thrown open by two identical boys, twins.

"You can have your beauty rest later. It's time to get up," shouted one of the twins.

The boy ignored the his twin brothers. He kept his head under the pillow.

"Oh look Fred, seems our little brother can't hear us under that pillow. Let's help him, shall we?"

"We shall, George." Before he knew it, he was thrown to the floor with a great thud.

Moaning and lazily get himself back up, eleven-year-old (one year and some months younger than his twin brothers) Ronald B. Weasley stood up to his fullest height. He was already their size but much skinnier.

Rubbing his throbbing head he yelled, "Bugger off, will you!?"

The twins snickered as the walked to the door, "Oh, and good morning." They said in unison as they closed the doors behind them.

Ron changed into his clothes, washed up, and made his way to breakfast. He was greeted with a morning kiss by his mother and was told the chore schedule for the day: Dengnoming the garden, feeding the chickens and the pig, and getting his trunk ready for his first year at Hogwarts.

Ron was bit nervous at the thought of going to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. He was born into a magical family; he had no clue what the life of non-magical people was like, although his father was thoroughly interested in it.

Ron's nervousness was the result of his brothers Fred and George telling him of the first task first years had to endure. They had told them to read up on trolls and other magical creatures of the sort. Ron hadn't read any of his school books his parents purchased for him. He reasoned with himself that books and summer do not go hand in hand.

The day had arrived for the Weasley children to board the Hogwarts Express. Mrs. Weasley had accompanied her four boys to say her farewell, her youngest and only daughter, Ginny, came along to say her goodbyes to her brothers.

As they walked along King's Cross, Ron could see the hustle and bustle of the non-magic folk boarding trains.

"Packed with muggles, of course," said his mother.

As they neared platforms nine and ten, Ron noticed a boy who looked to be the same age as him, with black, unruly hair, standing nearby, staring at them.

After Percy had entered the passageway to the train that would be taking them to their new year of learning, the young boy approached his mother. He had asked for help and his mother was more than happy to be of assistance.

Ron noticed his little sister eyeing the boy, which annoyed him a touch. Ron had followed after the boy and entered platform nine and three quarters.

As he turned to look for his other siblings, Ron bumped into a bushy-haired girl, causing a small collision in which she used his face as support. When she pushed herself away, using his face as the source of leverage, Ron could feel something smooth rub against his nose.

"Watch it!" she exclaimed as she walked off cleaning her dark stained fingers with something that looked like a handkerchief.

Ron was taken aback by her abrupt response, as if it was his fault that she was standing near the entrance to the platform passageway. He stopped pondering about the rude encounter with the bushy haired girl when he heard his mother calling after him.

She said her goodbyes with a kiss and a hug. "You have some dirt on your nose, dear," his mother said as she licked her finger to try to clean the black stain off his nose.

The twins arrived as she was cleaning his nose. Fred poked his mom on the back.

"Hey, mum, guess what? Guess who we just met on the train?" said Fred ecstatic.

"You know that black-haired boy who was near us in the station? Know who he is?" continued George.


"Harry Potter."

"Oh, mum, can I go on the train and see him, mum, oh please..." begged his little sister, Ginny.

Ron was very protective of his sister. Yes, Harry Potter was the most famous wizard that ever lived, but he didn't want his little ten-year-old sister anywhere near a boy who was only one year older than her. He was about to protest, but his mother did it for him.

"You've already seen him, Ginny, and the poor boy isn't something to goggle at in a zoo." Mrs. Weasley was not impressed with Ginny's disinterest in the boy's privacy. Ron was grateful for his mother's old school ways, it helped to keep Ginny in line. Unfortunately, it kept him in line as well.

They said goodbye yet again. As he entered the corridor of the train looking for a spot to sit, he noticed it was all full, except one compartment. The very same compartment that held Harry Potter was the only available space. Ron scowled at the idea at having to sit with him, especially after seeing his baby sister get all giddy over him.

Reluctantly, Ron heaved the sliding door open. "Anyone sitting here? Everywhere else is full." Harry invited him in, they introduced themselves to each other. Ron couldn't help but ask questions about his scar. Ron then introduced Harry to Quidditch, and, moments later, the food trolley had come around. He had his sandwich but Harry had insisted he take some treats.

Ron began to ease up on the annoyance he had towards Harry and reminded himself his sister will be no where near Hogwarts this year. She was safely tucked away at the Burrow under the watchful eye of his parents.

Ron had talked about his five older brothers and the disadvantages of being the youngest of the six boys…hand-me-downs and always living in the shadows of the other's. Harry sympathized with him; Ron had learned that Harry had not had an easy life either. This made Ron more comfortable with himself. He then introduced his always-sleeping rat, Scabbers and was about to perform a magic spell when a round-faced boy and a bushy haired girl walked in.

Ron had noticed the bushy haired girl immediately, it was the same girl who he had collided with on the platform. It was the first time he could see her face, since her hands had stopped him from seeing properly. She had thick, bushy, brown hair, her brown chocolate eyes showed an air of strength and knowledge. Although she had her mouth closed, her two front teeth were making themselves known through the folds of her lips. He thought her to be…odd.

When she spoke she had a bossy sort of sound to it. When they had told her they hadn't seen the toad, the girl noticed Ron's wand out.

"Oh, you were going to perform magic were you? Let's see, then," she demanded.

Ron furrowed his brow and tried to ignore her harsh voice. He cleared his throat before starting on the spell. When nothing happened, he looked up to see her with an unimpressed look. She droned on and on about reading all the school books; about being muggle-born. She then introduced herself as Hermione Granger. She was very intrigued when Harry introduced himself; she had told him how she read about him in many books. Ron noticed Harry was embarrassed about being in books. With all ramblings, Ron was not interested, he found her to be annoying and he wanted her out of the compartment fast.

Before he could say something, Hermione Granger stood up and told them to put on their robes. As she slid the door open she swiftly turned to face Ron.

"Do you know you have dirt on your nose? Right there." she said as she pointed to her own nose, with that she was gone.

Ron sat with his eyes transfixed to the door, "She has to be the oddest person I've ever met. I hope that’s the last I see of her," he said more to himself than to Harry.

As he changed into his robes, his mind kept on drifting back to the bushy-haired; buck-toothed girl. She had gotten under his skin so quickly that his skin was still crawling form the odd feeling. He shrugged it off as he thought at how odd she was, and sighed a relief feeling he would never have to deal with her again.

Tell me what you think. Roach P.S. I accidently italiced some of my writing but it's ok.


"You should write a book translating the mad things girls do so boys can understand them." Ron Weasley

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