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Chapter 2 Same Encounter, Different Take

Hermione Granger wasn't your run of the mill kind of girl. Since she could hold herself up as a baby, her parents knew she was different. Some would say, “special.”

As she grew older, Hermione had a confidence in herself that surprised the adults and annoyed her peers. Many considered her arrogant and few were her friends. Many a time she was shunned at her regular school by her fellow classmates. At first, it bothered her. She found refuge in the school library, reading on many subjects. Surprisingly enough, her favourite books were of fantasy. Witches and warlocks; stories filled with enchanted forests and castles. As her passion for this ever-interesting subject grew, her interest to learn more grew too. By the time Hermione turned ten, she soon realized she didn't care what the others thought of her.

For the longest time, she felt different from the rest of the children. The summer of her eleventh year, Hermione Granger and her parents would get a shock: a letter confirming that Miss Granger was indeed different from the children around her.

The bushy-haired girl lay on her cream-coloured duvet cover. Her bed was canopy-style, just like the princesses had in their castles. Two very large shelves laden with books covered one of her walls, while at the other end of another wall was Hermione's desk. Her bedroom, forever neat and organized, reminded one of a showcase room rather than a bedroom of an eleven-year-old girl.

She sat herself up and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She scowled as she looked at her large front teeth. Both her parents were dentists who, for some odd reason, thought that her teeth were just fine. They had tried to make light of the issue by explaining that she would have to grow with her teeth. In the end, their little joke did not help and Hermione began to wear a retainer to bed.

Many a time she wished her teeth would just magically shrink themselves to normal-sized teeth. There were times where she felt a little tingle around the gums, but shrugged it off. After all, there was no such thing as magic, at least in the world she lived in. In her dream, it was different. In her dream world, there were giants, merpeople, handsome wizards that would come to her rescue, and, of course, many books about magic.

As she sat there staring disgustedly at her own reflection, she heard her parents knock at the door, asking to come in. Hermione put on her best smile and welcomed them in.

"Dear, we have a letter for you. Now, before we give it to you, we'll be honest and say it came as quite a shock for us. Whatever you decide, we're here for you and know that you'll chose what's best for you." He father said this in all one breath, as if scared of something.

Her father passed the letter to her and she read it aloud. She paused at the second sentence. She was shocked and thought it all to be a joke. Hermione held her breath as she read her acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When she finished, she jumped on her bed and laughed out loud.

She immediately composed herself. "Oh mummy, dad, this is fantastic. But…how?"

"It was delivered by a huge owl. If this is what you want, dear, then we have to go and get your things," Mrs. Granger was beaming with moist eyes. "Your Headmaster has sent directions on how to get to the stores we need to go to so that we can get your school supplies."

The next few days had gone quite quickly, the visit to Diagon Alley was eventful. Seeing broomsticks on display in the window showcase, purchasing her own wand, and even being magically fitted into her school robes was an adventure.

The day had arrived when she needed to board the Hogwarts Express. She had bid farewell to her parents at King's Cross, since the passage to platform nine and three quarters was not accessible to "muggles," a term she had read in Hogwarts, A History. In her excitement, Hermione had managed to read all her books she had purchased at Flourish and Blotts.

Her parents wished her well and reminded her to write as often as she could. With that, she had crossed the threshold without wincing, since she had read about the enchantment on the passageway.

Hermione entered and saw how full it already was. A small sense of panic took hold of her. She leaned against the wall and took out paper, a quill and ink. She hurriedly began to write a letter to her parents, which she promised herself to mail as soon she arrived at her school.

In her haste in writing, Hermione did not see where she had situated herself and was accidentally pushed down by two identical looking redheads. Losing her balance, Hermione dropped the ink bottle, causing it to fall all over her hands. Once she balanced herself, she again had collided with something. This time she went forward, which caused her to put her hands out and have them land on the face of another redhead.

"Watch it," she said thoroughly annoyed and extremely embarrassed for using his face as support. To avoid a confrontation on her first day, Hermione quickly walked away while cleaning her inked filled hands with the handkerchief her father had given her when she cried in his arms as they said goodbye.

Hermione entered the train's corridor, where she had found a spot in a compartment with a round-faced boy who shyly introduced himself as Neville Longbottom. He then asked for her assistance in helping retrieve his pet toad, Trevor. Seeing she had nothing else to do and cursing herself for not leaving one of her school books aside for some reading on the train, she and Neville began to hunt for his friend Trevor.

One particular compartment that Hermione was very interested in was the one that held a black-haired boy and a boy with red hair who had his wand out. It looked like he was ready to cast a spell on something gray that he had on his lap.

Her lack of social skills made her a bit nervous. She chose to tackle this introduction, determined to see how well this young boy could perform magic. First thing first, she thought as she slid the door open.

"Have you seen a toad, by any chance?" she asked, the red haired boy just shrugged his shoulders. "Performing magic? Let's see then." She was excited to see some magic being performed, but made sure she did not show her enthusiasm.

When the spell did not work, she was sorely disappointed. When she looked at the boy with red hair she could see a dark smudge on his nose. It looked to be ink…panic took hold when she realized it was the same one she had bumped into earlier that day and used as a support beam.

Suddenly feeling nervous, she began to ramble on about having read all the books during the summer. She continued on and on, once in a while stealing glances at the red head. She stopped talking as soon as she saw the two boys frowning. She was so used to that reaction from her old classmates that she knew better than to continue.

She berated herself mentally for behaving ridiculously and chose to introduce herself. When she heard the boy introduce himself as Harry Potter, her excitement grew again, causing her to ramble on. During her lengthy lecture she noticed that the red head always made odd facial gestures, which she thought were strange. She shrugged it off, thinking that it was a nervous tick of his.

She finally composed herself and reminded the boys to change into their robes. Before leaving, she couldn't help but let the red headed boy know he had a smudge on his nose. She pointed at her own nose, too shy to clean his nose for him.

As she walked back to her own compartment, she thought back to the red-headed boy.

"What was his name again?" She thought to herself, "Ron Weasley, odd sort of boy. Cute, but odd."

Oh look it's double treat for you and me...tell me what you think.


"You should write a book translating the mad things girls do so boys can understand them." Ron Weasley

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