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Ok, I'll be honest it's becoming a challenge to make their story: one year a chapter. Please tell me what you think of this post.

The Hogwarts train had come to a halt. After having that rather odd encounter with that girl Hermione Granger. Ron and Harry were glad to see that they no longer to deal with her again. Their conversation was interrupted by a giant man calling out for all first years to meet him. With all the hustle and bustle of the other students making their way to the carriages, Ron was pushed into the same girl he thought he’d never have to see again.

“Watch it.” bellowed Hermione.

“Oh sorry…” Ron took a double take. “Oy, that was you!” he exclaimed as he pointed at her accusingly.

“Me? What are you talking about?” she asked furrowing her brow.

Before Ron could answer her pathetic question the tall man introduced himself as Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts. He told the first years to follow him to the boats that would take them to their new school. Hagrid made it clear only four to a boat, which made Ron try to work at getting a boat that already had two passengers. He tried to get Harry into a boat with two girls who were identical to one another, but two other boys made it before they could get there.

All the boats were full except one. Ron and Harry were about to get into the boat when they heard someone say. “Have you heard of the term ladies first?” asked Hermione Granger, as Neville Longbottom helped her into the boat.

Ron scowled and answered back. “No but I’ve heard of age before beauty.” Hermione looked daggers at Ron, which made his skin crawl. He didn’t like to feel that sensation.

As the four sat together on the boat, Ron decided it was the best time to bring back the discussion they were having before they were brought onto the boats.

“You know fully well what I’m talking about.” Said Ron as a-matter-of-factly. He thought she would remember what he was referring to, but from her furrowed brow, he could see he was talking to a wall.

“You were the one who used me like a post to lean on and left grease on my face.” He exclaimed.

“Is evertin’ a-right over there?” asked Hagrid.

“Fine,” smiled Hermione. When she looked back at Ron, the smile was gone. She leaned in towards Ron and angrily whispered back. “It was an accident and it wasn’t grease. It was ink.”

“Oh, so that’s supposed to make it better than.” Huffed Ron as he looked away while crossing his arms.

“I really don’t care if it makes you feel better. Like I said it was an accident.” Finished Hermione.

“The sooner we get off this bloody boat, the better.” Scowled Ron.

“At least we agree on that. We won’t have to see each other again after tonight, castle must be big enough to have you get lost in it.” countered Hermione.

Hagrid shouted to all the boats. “Get ready, we’re abou’ ta arrive at the peir. Don’t be gettin’ up til I tells ya to.”

Both Ron and Hermione looked at opposite directions as to avoid anymore arguing. The first years arrived safely across the lake. They entered a passageway where they were greeted by an ancient looking witch. She introduced herself as professor McGonagall, she explained to them about the four houses. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. She left to advise the headmaster to begin the introduction.

“How exactly do they sort us into a house?” asked Harry.

“Some sort of test, I think. Fred said it hurts a lot, but I think he was joking.”
Ron could see how nervous Harry was. When he looked around at the rest of his peers he noticed they all stood silent with fear. The only one rambling on about how she already knew some spells and which ones she should use, was Hermione Granger.

All the first years were led into the Great Hall with trepidation. Ron could hear Hermione explain to one of the twins about the ceiling and how it was enchanted to look like the night sky. Ron nudged Harry’s back and rolled his eyes as he pointed with his thumb at the bushy haired girl. Professor McGonagall silenced the first years as they approached near the staff tables.

The professor explained that they would be sitting on the stool and the sorting hat would put in them into the house that best suited their characteristics. They stood around as the hat sang a song about the four houses when it was finished. It bowed to each four tables and then became quiet and still.

“So we’ve just got to try on the hat! Ron whispered to Harry. “I’ll kill Fred, he was going on about wrestling a troll.”

Professor McGonagall began to call out the names of the first years. Hermione was one of the first to be called. She had tried to compose herself by give herself words of encouragement as she walked up the steps.
“Ok” She thought to herself. “I can do this, whatever place they put me. I’ll make friends, they’re all just like me.” She smiled at the thought of finally making firends.

The hat was placed on her head. Her nervous habit reappearing after so many years, Hermione Granger bit her bottom lip. It spoke to her in her ear. “Good head on your shoulders. Very studious and wanting to learn more, Ravenclaw will give you what you need.” It paused for a brief moment. “I see you have a very strong character, very brave, loyal and may I say a bit of a risk taker…It has to be….Gryffindor!”

She heard it shout. With that said, she leapt from the stool; smiling at her new house she approached the table with the others. She had not seen or heard Ron Weasley groan as he heard the house he wanted to be in, being called out for the one girl he was hoping would not join.

Hermione sat at the table and looked around at everyone sitting there. She had noticed three of the boys had red flaming hair. “I wonder.” She thought to herself. She hadn’t much time to ponder on her thoughts when she heard the sorting hat yell out Gryffindor again. This time the young boy Harry Potter came and sat across form her.

Finally it was Ron Weasley’s turn to be sorted. He sat himself down and felt the old hat rest on his head. The sorting hat sprung to life immediately “Another Weasley!” It said in Ron’s ear. “I see you all were raised the same, not as strong as the oldest, or as lively as the second, more outgoing than the third and not as wild as the fourth boys. But you all are very loyal indeed, want to prove you’re different, a diamond in the rough. Oh! And what’s this? Bit of a temper…hmmm, better make it, Gryffindor.”

Waiting with anticipation, Hermione let out a quiet sigh of relief. She blushed just a bit, hoping no one noticed. As she clapped along with the others, she noticed the girl named Lavender Brown was looking at her and whispering into the other girl’s ear. Hermione chose to ignore them and continued clapping along with the rest.

Ron calmly walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat himself down beside Harry. The other three red heads came over and patted him on the back, congratulating their little brother.

Ron looked up towards Hermione and blushed bashfully, he didn’t want to be babied by his brothers in front of anyone especially her. He knew she would torment him, tease him. He got that enough at home with his twin brothers.

After the meal, everyone was wished a goodnight by the headmaster who had given a speech about the Forbidden forest, Argus Filch and something about dying a most painful death on the third floor, therefore to please stay away.

Entering her room, Hermione gasped at the ancient four-poster beds decorated with the house colours. She noticed that her trunk was already by her bed. She sat herself down on her bed and smiled at the idea of a fresh beginning. She noticed three other beds, when she wondered who she’d be sharing with, the door opened to show her answer entering the room.

“Hi there.” Beamed the girl Hermione recognized right away as Lavender Brown. “This is Pavarti Patil, her twin sister was placed in Ravenclaw. You are?” she held out her hand for Hemrione to shake.

“Hermione Granger, nice to meet you.” She smiled.

While Hermione had some small talk with her new roommates, Ron introduced himself to Dean and Seamus. He had no need to ask the other two boys their names since he had already met them on the train. Harry and Neville made themselves comfy in the room they would be calling home for the next ten months.

As Ron lay in bed still excited from the sorting and the delicious meal. He thought back with disappointment at the idea of having Hermione Granger in Gryffindor. The thought of having to endure her ramblings for seven years was unbearable. As sleep over took him he thought of her bushy brown hair, her round chocolate eyes and the way she bit her bottom lip as she waited for the sorting hat to call out one of the houses. In his mind he called out her name “Mione.” Blissful sleep over took him.

Back in Hermione’s room, she thought back on the day’s events and berated herself for being rough with the brute…Ron Weasley. He really knew how to push her buttons. She had never met a person quite like him before. She was glad she never did, before tonight she was happy to know that she had known some peace and quiet for ten years of her life. She didn’t know why but the little voice in her head told her this boy would never allow her to have one peaceful day ever again. She smiled at the thought of seeing his flaming red hair, sky blue eyes and freckled face in the morning. She would be seeing that face for the next seven years, she sighed as she rolled over to allow sleep to take hold.


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