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The next day, Ron lazily woke up and greeted the morning with a big yawn and stretch. He finally woke up when he splashed some cold water on his face as he made his way to the common room he was greeted by Hermione’s roommates and a very chipper Hermione. Ronald Weasley was not a morning person and seeing Hermione all chipper at seven in the morning, made him write a mental note of yet another thing that annoyed him about her. To Ron’s relief, Harry Potter wasn’t a morning person either. They half-heartedly waved at the girls without saying a word as they made their way out the common room, towards the Great Hall for breakfast.

Classes began without anything interest really, until they arrived in Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration class. They were given lengthy information that had to be copied word for word and then were instructed to turn a matchstick into a needle.

“Oh very well done Miss Granger.” Ron heard the Transfiguration teacher say. Hermione sat two desks away from her, she did not see him roll his eyes and shake his head.

“Attention class, Miss Granger has managed to transfigure her matchstick. You may notice how it has gone all silver and the tip is pointy. Five points for Gryffindor.” Finished Professor McGonagall.

Ron rested his head on his desk and sulked. “Good.” He thought, “Now maybe Miss-know-it-all could use it to sew her mouth shut.” He scowled.

Bombarded with new information and racked with homework, Ron and Harry begrudgingly started on their homework in their dormitory just to avoid Hermione and her rants about writing a schedule to follow so as not to fall behind.

While the two boys studied in their rooms, Hermione studied in the common room. She noticed no one wanted to sit and do the assignments with her. She shrugged it off, remembering her time at the muggle schools. No one wanted to sit with her either.
“Starting tomorrow I’ll go to the library to do my homework. That’s where I belong.” She thought to herself. “First week here and I’m already scaring them off.” She released a long held sigh as she finished her essay for transfiguration.

Friday arrived with a much harder day for Hermione. Having no friend’s permanent friends to chat with and having double potions with the Slytherin’s was not what Hermione called a great combination.

Being a very observant person, Hermione was quick to notice Professor Snape’s high disregard for the rules when it pertained to other students who were not Slytherin, and his high dislike of Harry Potter. When the professor began to attack Harry with questions, she thought it best to distract the teacher from bothering Harry by raising her hand to every question he asked. She did know the answers to all the questions, she thought by keeping her hand up he would get distracted thus ending the attack on Harry. With every question asked, Hermione grew ever more desperate to get the teacher’s attention.

When finally he asked what the difference was between monkswood and wolfsbane. Hermione could not tolerate his obvious insinuation. She stood up with her hand still in the air.

Harry had answered to her surprise. “I don’t know. I think Hermione does, though, why don’t you try her.”

Hermione stood their relieved and happy to see Harry stand his ground. “Sit down!” she heard Professor Snape snap at her. She sat down all flushed from embarrassment and quite taken aback at seeing Ron muffle a laugh at hearing the Potions master demand she sit down.

The rest of the lesson consisted of Snape calling Neville and “idiot” for having boils erupt all over his own nose, and taking points away from Harry for not telling Neville not to add the porcupine quills to the potion.

As the first years left potions at five to three, Hermione watched Harry and Ron walk towards the humble home of the giant they had met at the platform on the first night upon arriving. Hermione sighed as she turned back up the stairs to make her up to the library to do her homework, alone.

Making their way to Hagrid’s home, Ron took in the fresh fall air with a deep breath of relief. “Tomorrow’s Saturday, no classes.” Ron frowned as he remembered something.

“What’s the matter?” asked Harry.

“We might not have lessons, but we still have to deal with the know-it-all of Hermione Granger. Really, did she see her? Waving her arm about like some mad woman!” exclaimed Ron. The mere mention of her name made his skin crawl, he noticed even her presence his skin crawled. He didn’t like it one bit, it was starting to get on his nerves.

Harry nodded in agreement.

“Bit full of herself isn’t she? Bloody hell, and to think we have to deal with the likes of her for the next six years.”

“Seven.” corrected Harry.

Ron looked at him in disbelief. “I’m trying not to count this one Harry. It makes it feel like less of a life sentence if I don’t count this year.” He explained.

They both laughed at his ridiculous comment while they neared Hagrid’s hut. Hagrid had been waiting for Harry with tea and some rock cakes. Harry introduced Ron had noticed Hagrid already recognized him as “another” Weasley. While they were sitting chatting and complaining about Snape’s behaviour towards Harry, Harry had noticed the newspaper mention a robbery at Gringotts. Harry was telling Ron that the thief tried to make his way into a vault he and Hagrid had visited that same day.

After talking to Hagrid and not getting a proper answer, Harry and Ron walked back to the castle discussing the possibilities.

On Thursday in the afternoon, Gryffindor first years had flying lessons with the Slytherin’s. Ron was excited to get on a broom and try it out. He had always seen his brother’s practice on them. He was constantly teased by the twins about he would never be able to ride one. Today would be the first opportunity to show them they were wrong. As he walked beside the broom he was assigned by his teacher Madam Hooch, he noticed Hermione trembling. He smiled at himself realizing this was the only class that a book couldn’t help her.

Hermione stared at her broom, she wished there was some question and answering first. She had read Quidditch Through the Ages two times after seeing the notice up on the board about their flying lessons. Standing here alone and knowing her fear of heights, well she just couldn’t do it. This wasn’t what she came to Hogwarts to do, “ There must be loads of witches who don’t fly. There’s always a first for everything.” She thought to herself.

After many attempts of trying to get the broom to fly to their hand with the simple order of “Up.” Only Harry’s managed to obey. Later, Neville managed to fly off and hit the ground, causing his arm to break. Madam Hooch had given strict instructions to stay on firm ground, if anyone was caught disobeying. They would be expelled from school. With that said, she took Neville to see the school’s nurse. Malfoy and Harry managed to get into an altercation. Hermione warned Harry but he didn’t listen, as Harry flew up to fight Malfoy for a remembrall that Neville had dropped when he fell, Hermione had walked to Ron.

Ron was paying attention to the scene above him. He did not notice Hermione standing next to him.

“He’s going to get into a lot of trouble.” She said.

Ron’s mouth trembled to fight from yelling at her. Still looking up at Harry flying after the remembrall. Ron answered. “The only way he’ll get in trouble is if he gets caught, and I don’t see any teacher’s. Do you?”

Before Hermione could answer, she heard Harry’s name being yelled by none other than the Head of their house, Professor McGonagall.

As she led Harry away, Hermione couldn’t help but feel a tad guilty. She hadn’t called Professor McGonagall, but just mentioning it made her feel guilty enough. She sat herself down on the grass, waiting for Madam Hooch to return, so she may go back to her dormitory and hope that Harry would not be expelled.

Ron in the mean time was quite upset at seeing his friend being taken away. He did not voice his concern to anyone, he was about to round on Hermione for jinxing Harry with the mere mention of being caught, but he stopped himself after seeing her sulk on the grass. He chose to sit with Dean and the other boys, wondering about what would be Harry’s fate.

It was at dinner that Harry had given Ron the news of being seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Ron was impressed with his friend’s capabilities and was shocked to see that a first year was accepted into the team. From what his brother’s told him, he knew that anyone in second year could try out for the team.

His thoughts were disturbed by the arrival of Malfoy, he had arrived with his cronies evidently thinking Harry had been expelled from Hogwarts. They exchanged words and threats when finally Malfoy suggested a wizard’s duel.

“What’s the matter? Never heard of a wizard’s duel before I suppose?” teased Malfoy.

Ron couldn’t stand how arrogant Malfoy was, whether Harry knew or not, Ron chose to answer for him and not give Malfoy the satisfaction of teasing him.

“Of course he has .I’m his second, who’s yours?” asked Ron.

Malfoy had said Crabby was his second. He then gave directions of where to meet and at what time. With no further discussion Malfoy left alongside his cronies. Harry had looked at Ron. He also asked what a wizard’s duel was and what did being second mean. Ron smiled at his friend he always forgot Harry was raised with muggles. Ron was more than happy to explain every detail of anything Harry asked. Just like Harry explained patiently about some questions Ron had about muggles.

As Ron explained to Harry about what a wizard’s duel was. Hermione in the mean time could not stand it any longer. She had heard the whole exchange Harry had with Draco Malfoy. The urge to speak her mind over powered and she approached the two fools to say what was on her mind. Even though she knew they wouldn’t like it. Hermione couldn’t help following her impulse. It some times dominated her and always landed her into trouble.

This was one of the times. “Excuse me.” She said. She could already see the red headed boy hunch his back.

The two turned to her. Ron’s skin crawled again. “Can’t a person eat in peace in this place?” said Ron irritably.

Hermione ignored Ron’s remark. “I couldn’t help overhearing what you and Malfoy were saying-“

“Bet you could.” Ron muttered.

Hermione thought of how annoying he was sometimes. She ignored his trademark scowl she was already used to seeing. It had become a habit of hers to see if he scowling during the course of the day. She found it cute when she saw him make that face, he would scrunch up his nose. Causing all his freckles to connect together making him look like he had a big red circle around his nose. She noticed though, he didn’t do it much. Only if she was in his presence she could see him scowl, therefore she tried to be in his presence as much she could.

“-and you mustn’t go wandering around the school at night, think of the points you’ll lose Gryffindor if you’re caught, and you’re bound to be. It’s really very selfish of you.” She said in a very mother-like tone.

Harry told Hermione it wasn’t her business, which Ron agreed. How dare she come waving her thick blanket of hair and setting those big chocolate brown eyes on them; how dare she bite her lip while telling them what to do. Ron wondered if she knew that her lips looked moist and swollen just a touch when she bit her lip.

His skin prickling madly, turning his back on her, Ron told her. “Goodbye.”

Hermione left feeling quite put out, as she exited the Great Hall. Hermione Granger rolled her sleeves up. “This isn’t over just yet.”

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