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Oh Merlin! I can not believe it's been more than a month since I entered a post. Please be brutally honest. One section was written more than a month a go and then I entered more last night. If it doesn't flow, now you know why.

Books and Chess

Hermione sat in the corner of the common room laden with books, parchment, ink and quill in hand. She busied away with her homework, or at least that’s what it appeared to look like from Ron’s perspective.

What Ron was not aware of was Hermione was buying herself some time. Time to plan on what she would say and do to stop them from making a big mistake and causing the house to lose points because of their lack of thinking skills. From the moment Hermione saw Draco Malfoy, she could sense the boy was trouble.

Now this was saying a lot considering Hermione Granger was not one to judge a book by its cover. Literally speaking, that is why she always could be found reading a book. She could never ignore a book based on its appearance. Reading it would help to determine if the book held important information or not. All the books the world held deserved to be read and appreciated for the knowledge it gave to the reader.

Books and people were the same to her. There were many a time where she would come across a beautifully decorated book, only to discover the information held inside its beautiful covers held nothing but pages upon pages of.... nothing, vast emptiness and gross dissapointment. While those old tattered books held the world of information that would make her skin crawl and excite the very core of her soul.

Upon first meeting Draco Malfoy he gave such a negative impression on her that she immediately came to the conclusion he was the new book with no pages, just a cover. She knew right away he was up to something, his smugness oozed of the wickedness he had planned for Harry and Ron. She would make it clear to the boys, whether they wanted to hear it or not. Tonight she too would be sneaking out of her room to bring her point across, first her potions essay would have to be checked for spelling mistakes.

Ron sat in the centre of the common room with Harry, his twin brothers and their friend Lee Jordan. Ron furrowed his brow in concentration for his next move. The four boys sat quietly waiting for his move.

“Will, you move already.” Demanded George.

“You do this every time, even at home. That’s why no one plays with you.” Declared Fred.

Still sitting staring at the chessboard, Ron answered, “Ginny and dad do. Even Charlie plays when he visits.”

“Who’s Ginny again?” asked Harry as he too looked at the board.

Ron merely moved his eyes to look at Harry and calmly explained. “Ginny is my baby sister, remember I told you about her the other day.”

“Oh, that’s right. She’s coming next year, isn’t she?” remembered Harry.

“That’s right,” answered George. “The only reason she plays is because she feels she has too.”

“Charlie, well the poor bloke’s stuck with dragon’s all year. Course he’d find playing chess with you fun.” Mocked Fred.

“Course, I’d rather play with the dragon’s.” teased George.

Ron chose not to answer he knew his brothers were trying to rile him up so he would be too distracted to make his move. They did this to him at home as well; the last time Ron played one of them was right before starting school. To their intense annoyance, they had lost the chess game. Ron knew he would never meet an opponent who could beat him at this game.

It was a little blow in their ego considering Ronnikin’s was their baby brother and they felt it was their duty to make his life a living hell.

“Makes you stronger.” They had once explained.

Teasing and taunting him was a way to help build his character. What it basically did was help build his short temper, their constant pranks and tricks smothered him to the point where he would explode at the simplest comment or action. His short fused temper always got him into trouble even when it wasn’t him who started it.

It bothered him to be smothered by everyone. Charlie and Bill experiencing first hand the dangers of the world felt the need to be over protective of him when they were around. His mother encouraged it, adding more fuel to the flame with her constant fussing over her “baby boy” she would say. The twins fed off this, being the jokesters that they were, they loved to watch Ron being treated gently by their two older brothers and especially by their mother. It was live ammunition they needed to torment him even more. Percy the perfectionist always let Ron know what he was doing wrong. Although Ginny was the youngest, she was strong and assertive. Ron figured it was because she was the first of her gender, while he was the last of his. Therefore Ron was technically the ‘baby’ of the family. Being pushed and pulled by everyone, Ron had no choice but to tear in two.

Being the youngest of the boys did not grace him with patience. The only thing that Ron had patience for was chess. His father had taught him when he was much younger; it was his father who had helped him to concentrate all his anger into passion for something so simple like chess.

Chess was not only a game; it was a way of life for Ron. Just like the board, everything was black or white with Ron nothing could ever be in-between. Things were evil or good, easy or difficult and most importantly successful or failure. His temper excelled in demonstrating this belief. Ron was an extremist, a passionate person for the need to succeed in everything he did. It was his own insecurities of his self worth that never allowed him to be true to the people that were important to him. These insecurities were the chains that kept him from reaching his dreams, fear of failure.

He wished he could put his knowledge of the game to practice in real life; he knew that every chess piece was essential to succeed in the game. Just like in his family and friendships each member was important in the role they had in his life. He valued the advice and guidance that was given, but he would never admit it to anyone.

His favourite chess piece was the knight, it embodied all his dreams and ambitions. The knight piece was the one that determined how the game would end. One day he would become the knight. He would be the one to determine his life no one else, tonight he was going to prove it, more to himself than anyone else.


It was half past eleven in the evening when Harry and Ron thought it was safe to leave Gryffindor tower without getting caught by anyone. As they crept quietly towards the portrait to exit, a light flickered on beside one of the sofas.

Ron took a double take when he heard Hermione voicing her disbelief and disappointment in their bad lack of judgement. ‘Just like in chess, she’s set her pieces on the board. This one’s ready to play the game’ he thought to himself. ‘Alright let’s play.’

“You!” said Ron furiously. Go back to bed!” he demanded as he looked over her pink dressing gown. ‘Make your next move, I dare you’ he thought as he scowled.

Hermione could see Ron was looking at her in disgust. She thought to herself, ‘I can read you like a book.’ She walked right up to him and crossed her arms as she looked deep into his eyes.

As if challenging him, “I almost told your brother,” Hermione snapped. “Percy – he’s a prefect, he’d put a stop to this.”

Ron gritted his teeth as he looked into Hermione’s eyes. ‘Can’t believe she took one of my men with that move.’ He thought bitterly. ‘I need to retaliate, take a piece that will have her cowering, then I can yell checkmate.’ He was ready to argue with her when he felt Harry tug on his sleeve.

As he and Harry walked towards the door Ron thought, ‘The nerve of that girl. Who does she think she is?’

‘Who does he think he is talking to me like that?’ She thought. “I’ll show them.” She said quietly to herself as she followed them out through the portrait hole.

Hermione went on about how the two boys were selfish only thinking about some silly duel, they were not thinking of the consequences that Gryffindor house would face if they were caught.

“Besides, it can all be a trick.” Stated Hermione. Ron paused for a fraction of a second pndering on her last comment. ‘She’s taken defences everywhere on the board, she has my men surrounded. Not going to give her the pleasure of taking my knight.’ He kept walking.

Seeing she was voicing her opinions to basically no one, ‘Guess I read him wrong, need study him further.’ she concluded. Hermione turned around defeated and very put out. Facing the portrait of the Fat Lady, she felt her heart enter her throat as she realized the Fat Lady had taken leave of her portrait for the evening.

“Now what will I do?” she thought to herself. Deciding to play it cool, Hermione invited herself to tag along with Ron and Harry.

“I’m coming with you,” she said.

“You are not.” Ron was beside himself, he stared her down thinking he would be able to intimidate her with his stare. She continued talking, Ron realized how truly stubborn the girl was. He grew angrier as he heard her say she would tell the truth if she were caught by Filch.

“You’ve got some nerve-“ said Ron loudly.

Hermione was going to argue again when she heard Harry tell them to shut up. Ron saw Harry draw their attention to a figure coming towards them through the darkness.

‘Filch’ Ron and Hermione thought in their minds. To their relief they noticed the figure was none other then Neville

Neville had explained how the Fat Lady would not let him since he forgot the password yet again. Ron could see Harry was growing restless, he knew Harry wanted to show up for the duel on time. Hermione and Neville were an obstacle that he and Harry never foresaw. Having no choice but to have them tag along, the four were off to meet Draco and his cronies.

Upon arriving they heard Filch looking for them. Ron and Hermione heard Harry yell to run and all four first year students ran as fast they could. Finding a spot on the third floor they hid from Filch.

Hermione knew it was no time to let them know that she was right, but the itch to say it grew intense in her. She took in a deep breath as she whispered triumphantly that she was right. Ron wanted to yell at her for gloating but chose not to waste anymore time. Getting to Gryffindor tower was the focus right now.

As the four made their way around the third floor corridor they heard a door open and out came the one being they least likely wanted to see. Peeves, was a poltergeist of the foulest kind; making the lives of all students (especially first years) was his favourite thing to do.

Ron’s patience had grown thin as he heard Peeves begin to taunt him. Ron began to inhale deeply to calm himself.

‘I will not give in to him; I will not lose it; he is not worth it.’ He chanted in his mind.

Suppressing all that anger, Ron’s mind went blank as he took a swipe at Peeves. Coming back to focus, Ron realized with great horror what he had done. Peeves yelled for Filch letting him know their location.

Ducking under Peeves, they ran to the end of the corridor where a locked door stood in front of them.

“Great, now what do we do?” asked Ron.

Hermione had had enough of their lack of problem solving skills. It was time for her to take the lead. Huffing she demanded they move over as she yanked Harry’s wand out of his grip.

“Alohamora.” Whispered Hermione.

The door unlocked and the three boys followed Hermione into the room. As Harry and Hermione pressed their ears to the door, Ron couldn’t help but admire her skills. For a muggle she was pretty good, but he wasn’t going to share that information with her.

Hermione could hear Peeves tease Filch about where they were. She smiled to herself realizing how calm she could be under pressure. Hermione sighed with a sense of relief as she heard Filch’s footsteps recede. Ready to let Ron and Neville know that the caretaker was no longer a threat, Hermione heard Neville whimper as Harry asked what the fuss was about. Turning her attention to Ron, she saw how his eyes bulge out of his sockets.

Ron had stood frozen to the spot unable to say anything in fear of provoking an early death for him, his new friend, new roommate and the know-it-all. Ron chose to stand there transfixed at the figure towering before him.

Hermione was about to scream when she felt Harry’s hand go over her mouth and pulled her back towards the door he had opened again. Ron feeling a tug on his pyjamas, allowed himself to be pulled back.

Locking the door shut, the four ran towards the tower where they knew they would be safe from harm. No one caring if they were caught by Filch, knowing full well, being caught by Filch was a lot better then being dead.

No one said a word as they caught their breath; Ron shook his head as he thought. ‘A three headed dog the size of Hagrid’s house residing in Hogwart’s.’

“What do they think they’re doing, keeping a thing like that locked up in a school?” said Ron

Hermione breathed in deeply catching her breath and trying to control her temper. ‘Could these boys be anymore clueless?’ She thought to herself. Finally losing her cool for the thousandth time that night.

“You don’t use your eyes, any of you, do you?” she snapped “Didn’t you see what it was standing on? It was standing on a trapdoor. It’s obviously guarding something.”

Seeing their blank expressions, Hermione had had enough. She stood up glaring at them. She was about to stomp up to her bedroom to theorize how men came to rule the world with the lot she had met through her young life, she could easily observe that intelligence never entered the y chromosome.

‘Ron is a hard book to follow.’ there are more to his pages than she first thought. ‘Interesting, but I won’t let him know that.’

“I hope you’re pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed – or worse, expelled. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed.” With that said, Hermione traipsed up the stairs to her room.

Ron stared after her, ‘Expelled is worse the getting killed? She’s really got her priorities tied in a knot.’ He thought. ‘Was that checkmate?’ he shook his head ‘no’.

He turned to Harry and said, “You’d think we dragged her along, wouldn’t you?”

Ron had a restless sleep that night, he had the weirdest dream where it involved a three- headed dog, but instead of the dog’s heads in place, three sets of Hermione’s head dominated the body of the dog. The Hermione’s began to taunt and torment him; one recited the story of Hogwarts: A History; the second nit picked at every little movement he made; the third had made his skin crawl as it batted her eyes at him and snickered “Checkmate.”

Waking up, Ron shuddered at the memory of his dream, as he pulled on his blankets to get ready to sleep again. He realized bitterly how Hermione Granger was the first opponent he met who made him question if he won or not. That question still lingered as he fell deep into dreamland again.

So? What'd ya think?

"You should write a book translating the mad things girls do so boys can understand them." Ron Weasley
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