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*Patting self on Back* Look two posts in one week wow, finally! Well one post in this story and one in my other story. K just came in to say thanks again to all of you for the encouragement, mind you I do enjoy the odd threat once in a while *holding back giggles. Anywho, I'll stop the rambling and reserve it for Becky's feedbackthread. *Big smile*

With Swish and a Flick

Ron woke up Halloween morning ready to take on the day. He had woken up earlier than usual and quite cheerful which surprised his roommates. They had commented how they were used to hearing him mumble incoherent words when waking up in the mornings. Ron just smiled at them he wasn’t about to tell them the reason for being so cheerful.

As he and Harry made their way to the Great Hall for breakfast, Ron couldn’t help but smile in earnest. He heard Harry sigh out loud he looked at his friend with curiosity.

“Is something wrong Harry?” asked Ron.

Harry stopped walking and held out his hand to stop Ron from walking away. “You’re what’s wrong. Last week you were all grumpy and now…”

Ron noticed Harry was struggling to find the right words without hurting his feelings, which for some reason he found quite funny.

“…You’re all cheerful, what’s this all about anyways?” Harry by this point looked quite put out.

Ron had a silly grin and shrugged his shoulders, he was going to explain to his friend why the change in mood.

“It’s been a week.” Ron paused to see if Harry caught on.

“A week? A week since what?” asked a very perplexed Harry.

“Since we had our encounter with the beast,” Ron paused, he was dying to say this for a while he wore a huge smile as he continued. “Oh, and the three headed dog.”

Harry furrowed his brow not comprehending what Ron had just said. Ron simply crossed his arms and chose to wait until his friend caught on. Ron could see the wheels working in his friend’s expression. Then he saw the light flash in his eyes. “There we go, he caught on.” Thought Ron cheerfully.

“Beast, really Ron. She was just trying to make sure we didn’t get into any trouble.” Ron frowned hearing Harry defend her. “Then again, she is quite a bossy sort isn’t she?” Now Ron was finally calm in seeing the reality of who Hermione Granger was.

“Exactly, a whole week of not having to hear her boss us around.” Sighed Ron contentedly. “Yup, I quite like it like this. Now I can finally say this year is going to be great.”

“How about the nightmares are they all gone too?” asked Harry. Ron felt comfortable enough to tell Harry about the nightmares he was having where Hermione taunted and tortured him with her shrill voice.

“No more nightmares” smiled Ron.

“I’ll be honest with you Ron it doesn’t effect me if I hear her or not. She doesn’t really bother me as much as she bothers you.” Said Harry.

“Well, of course she doesn’t bother you. You’ve been used to people like her, from what you told me, your uncle and aunt are just too much. I may have a huge family and I can put up with their rubbish, but to listen to her. Besides, it’s enough we have to listen to her in class and that’s the only place we have to hear since she goes missing right after classes are over.” Explained Ron.

“Speaking of her going missing, I wonder where she Ron’s off to?” asked Harry.

“Who cares, enough about her Harry let’s go catch some breakfast before my appetites ruined. The suns shining this great Halloween day,” Ron took in a deep breath. “Nothing is going to ruin this day, not even the mention of Miss know-it-all.”

Ron and Harry walked on down to the Great Hall telling each other jokes about three-headed dogs.

Meanwhile, Hermione was sitting at the Gryffindor table eating her toast spread with marmalade when she saw Harry and the git enter the Great Hall.

She sighed inwardly and thought about that night she had tried to stop them. ‘I thought I was helping them out. If I had not been there that dog would have taken their heads off, they probably wouldn’t have reached the dog because they would have entered the trophy room and Filch would have had a field day with them.’

She looked around her table and saw that she was the only one who was by herself she bit her bottom lip as the realization crept in to her mind. ‘It’s like before’ she thought sadly. ‘Am I that impossible to get along with?’

She turned to watch Lavendar and Pavarti talk excitedly about something. They were her roommates and were very nice to her, but they never really approached her with invitations to eat with them or sit with them in class, not even to do each other’s hair in the dormitory. Hermione knew, even if she were invited she would probably decline. They were nice girls, but their interests were the polar opposite of what she found interesting. Hermione did like boys and did appreciate an attractive boy when she saw one but not to the extent her roommates took it. No, there were more interesting things to talk about than boys all day.

She then turned her attention to Harry and the boy with fiery red hair. She noticed he had become cheerful and at ease.

“The git.” she thought. For some odd reason she focused all her attention on those two, she was drawn to them, she had no idea why and that’s what kept her up at night. After the fiasco with the three-headed dog, she was surprised to feel exhilarated at breaking the rules but she would never let on that she enjoyed it. If anyone were to ever ask, she would simply explain that she had a responsibility to uphold the integrity of this school and if breaking some rules were part of it then so be it. She rolled her eyes at how ridiculous that sounded.

The day after seeing the dog Hermione gave the silent treatment to the boys thinking they would come up to her and apologize and maybe even thank her for helping them out, but they never did. To Hermione’s disappointment they didn’t look like they would be apologizing any time soon. It was like being slapped in the face, she was alone again.

She resorted to seeking escape to the only place she found comfort, the library. It was in the library where she befriended a much older red headed boy by the name of Percy Weasley. Percy had introduced himself after apologizing for bumping into her, he told her about his very large family. She sat in awe of hearing there were seven siblings one of which was a girl, the baby of the family as Percy explained quite proudly. She had learnt that Ron was the youngest of the boys and that Fred and George were the biggest challenge in the family to which Hermione was not at surprised. She had seen the twins in action, she could not imagine how the twins could be related to Percy or to anyone for that matter, the only thing that popped to her head at the time was ‘bless the lady who was brave enough to raise those two for it took a very strong character to keep them in line.’

Being an only child Hermione couldn’t help but be a tad envious. She remembered saying her thoughts out loud, “ I had always wished for a sibling or two. Maybe then I would actually be normal.”

Percy had simply laughed, “Hermione, you are by far more normal than all these students put together. I’ve heard the professor’s comment on your more than perfect skills in magical arts. You may feel like you are not normal simply because you notice the superior difference you have with your peers, they just feel inadequate compared to a bright mind such as yours.”

Hermione never told him it was his own brother who brought out these worries and insecurities. Feeling the moisture rise up behind her eyes she composed herself and began to gather her things to go to her first class, she was looking to charms. She couldn’t wait to escape into the library and leave all her worries and sadness behind her.


Hermione paced around the girl’s stall, her eyes swollen and red from the crying. She had been crying since leaving Professor Flitwick’s Charms class, she had not dared leave the stalls even after Patil sisters tried to coax her out with admonishing Ron and letting her know they thought he the biggest prat in the whole of England. Although it did make her stop crying for a while she did not budge.

She wanted to go and join the Halloween feast but she couldn’t bring herself to leave. Remembering back to the events that caused the floodgate of tears to escape through her eyes. She had sat in charms listening intently at professor Flitwick and was shocked when she heard the professor pair herself and Ron Weasley together to practice a levitating spell he had just instructed to the class.

Reluctantly the two set to the task of practicing with the spell that when done correctly should be able to levitate the feather that each student had received to perform the spell “Wingardium Leviosa”

Hermione had noticed Ron was having some difficulty pronouncing it so she thought she’d help him out by sounding it out for him in a way he comprehend. She was taken aback by his outright rudeness, she only meant to help but he had dared her to make the feather float which she did which only made him even more annoyed with her. She noticed his trademark scowl had made its appearance and had not left throughout the remainder of class.

Upon seeing him leave the classroom immediately, Hermione thought it better that she apologize for what… she had no idea but just wanted to put an end to this feud or what have you. Besides, someone had to be the mature one and it certainly was evident Mr. Thick-head wasn’t about to apologize so it was up to her. Making her way through the throng of students, Hermione was about to tap on Ron’s shoulder to get his attention so she could apologize when she heard the most awful thing anyone could say spewing from the mouth of the boy she thought could one day be her friend.

“It’s no wonder no one can stand her, she’s a nightmare, honestly.”

Hermione froze up like a glacier but then felt herself melting into tears. The only thing she could do was colliding her body towards the boy who made her hopes of having friends diminish with that one sentence. She wanted him to feel an impact, any impact would suffice to show him how his words impacted her very core. With low spirits the only thing she had strong enough was to budge up against him to let her presence be known. She then made her way to where she was now present.

Trying to muster up the strength to exit the washroom and make her way up to the dormitories before the others could see her, Hermione walked into one of the stalls to blow her nose. When finished blowing her nose her sense perked up at feeling like she was no longer alone. The loud grunting and the powerful thumping of the ground as the being entered the girl’s bathroom. Hermione caught her breath not only to stop herself from gagging on the stench that polluted her olfactory senses. She braved herself to peek through the door of the stall only to discover a massive mountain troll boldly standing in the girl’s bathroom. Panic took hold of her but than brain went into overdrive trying to remember the weaknesses she had read about mountain trolls so she can then use it to her advantage. She chose to leave the stalls and run under the sinks, she immediately realized her error when she saw with great terror the troll advancing on her.

Her panic was interrupted by the shock of seeing the two people she least expected to see. Harry and Ron entered the girl’s bathroom with very determined look in their eyes. She saw as Ron seized a tap and threw it at the troll causing to veer away from Hermione. She stared awestruck witnessing how brave he was, the next thing she saw was a pipe hit the trolls shoulder, which the troll seemed to not have noticed. But then it turned when it heard Ron yell out.

Harry had broken her transfixed eyes on Ron when he demanded that she run. ‘I can’t’ she thought. The fear set in when the vision of Ron being crushed by the club the troll held in its massive hands came crashing in her mind. She felt Harry pull on her arm but she stood stalk still. Hermione’s grew large when she saw that the troll cornered Ron.

What happened next came as somewhat as a blur for Hermione was in shock as she witnessed Harry jump on top of the troll. The club had almost hit Harry and a Ron a couple of times. She had then heard Ron use the levitating spell, with a swish and a flick the club began to float up into the air and then drop on the troll’s head.

She smiled to herself as she thought, ‘He was listening to me even though he doesn’t realize it.’

She joined the two boys observing the unconscious troll sprawled on the floor. She was about to thank them when they heard the washroom door crashing open. With great annoyance in their eyes stood Professor Snape, Quirrell and the head of their house Professor McGonagall.

They demanded an explanation; professor McGonagall began to berate the boys for their foolish idea of thinking of taking on a troll. Hermione could not take it any longer, worrying that they would be expelled.

Hermione in a very small interrupted her head of house and went on to tell her that it was she who had gone looking for the troll mentioning the fact that she read about them and thought she could take it on. Hermione in telling her story made a shocked Harry and even more perplexed Ron the heroes of this story.

Hermione had never lied to a teacher before but felt quite proud of her performance even though the professor began to lay into her about her lack of better judgment and how she was very disappointed, she hung her head so she could think about she thought observed on Ron’s face. ‘Was that a look of admiration?’ she thought to herself, ‘He might be impressed or could it just be indigestion.’ She hoped it wasn’t the latter and stuck with her first thought.

She was then allowed to leave for the feast as she walked towards the Great Hall she could not hold back the smile that was fighting to come out while she was being reprimanded for something she did not do. A big thanks was due to give the boys, with her mind made up Hermione stood by the towering doors to the Great Hall waiting for Ron and Harry.

She saw them approaching, she was ready to thank them as they came closer to her the words could not come out for the emotions of the days events threatened to make there appearance.

The three stood awkwardly quiet. ‘Oh honestly.’ She thought and blurted out “Thanks.” She looked up and smiled when she realized all three thanked each other at the same time. Harry held the door open for them to enter, with her held not so high Hermione made her way through the doors with Ron and Harry walking at her sides. The three sat down together ignoring the gaping looks they received from not only their peers, Hermione even noticed that some Slytherin’s gaped open-mouthed at the trio.

As she watched Ron help himself to heaping servings of everything available and saw a small smile on Harry, Hermione quietly sighed. It was a humbling moment for her. She realized for the first time since the sorting hat Hermione was entering the Great Hall with the most something she will cherish for a life time, she not only had one but two ‘friends’ and she had them without having to yell or even splurt out knowledge from a book. It was all thanks to a twelve-foot troll, his club and a little swish and a flick.

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