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Just like the good old days of Floral Scent. My little buddy adam_12 is helping out, a big thanks to you Adam! Much appreciated. So I'll dedciate this to all of you lovely's; to Becky-Jo for being the birthday girl. I'm all excited, today I celebrated my 365th day on this beautiful forum. I already made a wish on it, you know, the whole "Star light, star bright the first star I see tonight..." So on that note, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Letters and Squeals

The bright sunlight shone its approval on the Burrow in a fine August fashion. The plump chickens clucked merrily as they moved around the property giving the old rickety home a more countryside appeal. Anyone who happened upon the aged home would gawk at it in wonder, for how could a home like this stand erect for so long without it toppling over? It had five chimneys perched atop a very bright red roof. The roof itself was barely visible from ground level; the house looked more like a wild flower weeding its way up to the sky with its added floors creating a zigzag appearance. It was evident that the builder had constructed it without a care in the world. But like so many things, appearances were deceiving for in this very home resided a family well known for big hearts and welcoming demeanour.

The Weasley’s were a loving family, but unlike many other families, the Weasley’s were not your common folk, they came from an exceptionally long lineage of witches and wizards. They had made this house a home with the birth of their first child Bill, followed closely by their other five sons Charlie, Percy, the twins Fred and George, finally the youngest of the boys, Ronald Bilius Weasley.

Ron rested his long body against the ancient willow tree that had protected their fair skin many a time from the strong rays of the sun. Sitting with his palms together on his lap, Ron admired the natural beauty that surrounded the Burrow. Along with a wide assortment of wild flowers, peonies blossomed and graced the front and back entrance of the residence. A pebbled fence surrounded the property; the backyard was a considerable size, many family gatherings were enjoyed in the backyard; from Sunday brunches to Quidditch games to Fred and George’s fireworks displays to sipping tea and enjoying each other’s peaceful company. An old archway led to the garden, flourishing with a variety of vegetables that contributed to countless delectable meals prepared by Ron’s mother. The rest of the landscape was decorated with wild green grass and a modest pond with fat frogs ridding the Burrow of many pesky flies.

The atmosphere immediately changed with the arrival of Ron’s eleven yr. old sister Ginny. Not only was she the youngest but the only girl. She and Ron were only 16 months apart in age and were very close, with the exceptional argument creeping its way through their close relationship. They had many things in common which made them enjoy each other's company even more. Lately though there was one interest that Ginny had that bothered Ron to pieces. He first enjoyed the common interest they had in this person, until Ron realized too late that his sister's interest went beyond admiring fan. Today he knew would be no different; he needed to put a stop to it immediately.

“If you’ve come to bother me with questions about my mate, you’re wasting your time Gin,” huffed Ron. “I think a month of listening to you ask me bizarre questions about Harry and hearing you squeal like a pig every time I mention his name is driving me mad.”

“Don’t be such a git, Ron, and I don’t squeal.” snapped Ginny as she sat herself down beside him.

Ron laughed mockingly at his na├»ve sister. “Yeah, you do.”

He was worried about his sister; she was always tough and never shied away from anything or anyone for that matter. The mere mention of his best friend’s name, Ginny transformed into one of those star-struck giggling girls he had the misfortune of seeing back at school, like that Lavender Brown girl who was in his school house.

“What’s gotten into you? I’ve never seen you act this way about anyone before, he’s a regular bloke just like the rest of us. Here you are sulking over someone you don’t even know and for what, ‘cause he’s got a lightening bolt scar?” Ron said, sounding quite concerned.

Ginny protectively hugged her knees close to her body as she rested her head on them. Ron couldn’t help but smile at his little sister, he knew she was strong for someone as tiny as her but there were moments where he could see how innocent and vulnerable she still was.

“I don’t know,” was all Ginny could muster.

Ron frowned at how down she was about her own lack of understanding of what had become of her once incredible assertiveness.

He hoped it was a passing fancy so he decided to indulge in her girly antics and talk about her favourite subject which was Harry Potter, “The Boy who Lived.” With much reluctance, Ron began by telling her that Harry’s birthday was two days ago. He rolled his eyes at her when she cut him off and told him she already knew that. He told her about writing to Hermione, asking if she hadn’t heard from Harry. Her answer was no, she was concerned about their friend’s well being.

“I heard dad last night, he told mum about how Harry received an official warning about using magic in front of muggles.” He paused to see Ginny’s reaction to the news, she said nothing but she was ever paler than her usual self. “I think something’s happened to Harry.”

Ron stopped when he heard Ginny let out a strangled gasp. Her eyes were wide; Ron held his breath at what he saw in her eyes. Carnal fear, as if she had been a prey caught by her predator. His skin crawled as he saw unshed tears form in her light brown eyes, passing fancy was not the word he should have chosen to describe his sister’s feelings for Harry Potter, but another word should not be used at such a tender age of eleven. How could a feeling like love be present in the heart of a person as young as his sister? His thoughts immediately erased in his mind as he concentrated on what his sister said next.

“You’ll go get him right? You won’t leave him there to suffer by himself will you?” her eyes and her voice pleaded with her older brother.

Ron was worried for the safety of his best friend but he also knew Harry could take care of himself. He witnessed first hand Harry’s awesome abilities in the art of magic and survival skills. Hadn’t Harry survived years of abuse at the hands of his relatives? Ron also thought about how he’d go about helping Harry out. The one factor that made him decide to help Harry out was Ginny. If it brought his sister peace and comfort he would do anything.

With final resolve Ron held his hand out caressing Ginny’s petite face and smiled at her. “Course I’ll get him Gin.” Seeing her smile again calmed him down a lot. “Just going about how to get him is my biggest problem.”

The two siblings sat in silence, the fresh breeze that escaped from the swaying branches of the willow tree added adrenaline to their body’s as they came up with ideas on how to get Harry without using magic.

Ginny was first to speak up as she snapped her fingers and exclaimed. “The car! It's just sitting there in the shed, dad's already enchanted it to fly so there would be no need for you to do it. ”

Ron like always was impressed with Ginny, now with the idea placed it was Ron who began to strategize a plan.

“We’ll need help on this one Gin.” He said.

“But who? Can’t ask mum now could we?” responded Ginny.

Ron didn’t answer her; he stood himself up before helping his little sister up. He held her hand guiding her into the house and leading the way up to the bedrooms. The stopped at the landing where explosions and laughter could be heard behind the door that read, “Enter at Your Own Risk, ‘cept mum of course.” Ron released Ginny’s hand and pounded on the door. The two wisely backed away from the door, it was habit of the twins to set their many pranks loose on the fool waiting for the door to open. For some reason the twins could sense when it was their parents, nothing ever happened to their parents when they knocked on the twins’ door. There was that one time when mum’s shrills could be heard through out the house, after that the twins were more cautious. Today Ron’s brothers released a bright green smoke that lingered on the landing he and Ginny stood on. It was smelt rancid and made Ron want to throw up.

“Oi! What you want? We’re busy,” said Fred as he cleaned the green smoke up with a sponge.

“I’ve come to ask for your help,” answered Ron.

“With what, may I ask, will you pay us with?” inquired George.

“You haven’t a sickle to your name, not even muggle money,” said Fred, laughing.

The adrenaline he had moments before disappeared from his body with the sad reality his brother’s would only help if they were getting paid.

He was ready to make his way down the stairs when he heard Ginny say, “You won’t be getting paid, not if I can help it.”

She stood defiantly staring at her twin brother’s ready for them to challenge her. It may have been the stance or the stare Ginny had acquired from their ever-determined mother that made the twins smile disappear form their faces.

“Harry’s in trouble and Ron needs your help to bring him back here,” finished Ginny.

George’s cheeks were red, “‘Course we’ll help, Gin, I mean Ron.” He shook his head, “Harry’s our teammate; we’re glad we can help.”

“What have you got in mind Ronnie?” asked Fred as he led his siblings into their domain.

Ron explained his strategy to the twins; he made sure they understood that the plan would be laid out only if he had not received word from Harry by tomorrow afternoon they would go that very night. Seeing that the twins were in agreement he stood up and made his way to the door.

“I’ll write to Hermione and let her know what’s going to happen.” He said this more to himself rather than to his siblings.

By the time he had realized he had said it out loud it was already too late. His body froze full stop as he heard his twin brother’s howl with laughter.

“Go on; tell your bushy heard angel what you’re planning on doing. See if she’ll give ya permission,” Fred teased through his laughter.

“Careful she might not let ya go, wouldn’t want to upset her would you now?” guffawed George.

Ron’s ears burnt red as he scowled at his brothers, he kept his mouth shut knowing that if he as so much retorted they’d back out. Teammate or not, the twins took full pleasure in seeing Ron squirm.

As Ginny followed Ron to the door, she turned back staring daggers at the twins and rather vocally said. “She’s your best friend, after all.” Stepping on her tiptoes she then whispered in his ear. “Sounds like a grand idea, she’ll appreciate you letting her know. Go, and leave these two to me.”

As Ron made his way to his bedroom he couldn’t help but smile and be grateful he was in Ginny’s good graces. He set to writing a letter to Hermione.

Hello Hermione,

Just letting you know I’ve written to Harry again, if I don’t get a letter back from him by tomorrow afternoon I’m off to get him. Fred and George will be helping me out on this little adventure. Thought you should know, don’t worry about Harry so much he’ll be fine once we get him to the Burrow.

Ron paused and thought about the exchange in letters he and Hermione had during the summer. He was disappointed when she had declined his invitation, saying her parents missed her very much and wanted to spend as much time together as possible. He understood but he would have liked to have had her come to the Burrow and spend some time with his family. His allowed his family to think what they wanted, after their introduction to Hermione and her parents, the twins had been relentlessly teasing him all summer. He didn’t like her like that, as a matter fact there wasn’t a girl who had caught his eye yet. Ron figured his attention would be better applied in more important things like Quidditch, eating, and chocolate.

No, Hermione was simply a friend, he didn’t even think of her as a girl. In his eyes Hermione Granger was in a league of her own; she wasn’t into worrying about her appearance or giggling like a brainless twit when a boy spoke to her. Hermione was comfortable with her bushy brown hair, two large teeth and ink stained hands. She was smart enough to never be intimidated by the opposite sex. Hermione would be the perfect female role model for his baby sister; she’d teach Ginny to respect her self so others would too. Ron would never tell Hermione this but he admired her very much.

Not wanting to leave the letter with such a sombre note, he decided to add some casual questions.

Don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this to you, but I really wished you could have come to the Burrow and spend some time with Ginny. I understand spending the two short months with our parents is only fair, but I think they do look forward to seeing us go. This will be the first time in a very long time my parents will be together without any children, it’s the honeymoon they never had.

So, how’s your summer so far? Have you planned on going to London anytime soon? Can’t believe we’ll be starting our second year at Hogwarts. Well, must run. Oh say hi to your parents and stop worrying.

Missing you,
Ron Weasley

Ron would never know that the letter he had just sent that evening would make Hermione Granger squeal with delight.[/quote]

"You should write a book translating the mad things girls do so boys can understand them." Ron Weasley

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