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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

I think HBP gets worse and worse the more I think about it. It's just a boring movie IMO. It's not like POA, GOF and even OOTP, where there is some kind of dramatic meat to latch onto throughout the movie, with Black's appearances, the tasks and Umbridge all anchoring the movies right through to the climax. Most of the incidents in the first 1.5 hours of HBP are throwaway tripe that don't leave any lasting impression, Quidditch, Lavender, Ginny, the Potions book, these things are tossed away and forgotten about as soon as Harry gets the real memory. They were a waste of time. Aside from the crushing structural issues, the atmosphere of the movie was totally wrong. Once we got to Hogwarts, it felt the same as always. Yates did a truly terrible job of showing that a war was going on outside the castle, and the lack of Voldemort meant that it was difficult to connect Harry and Dumbledore's lessons to anything outside the castle, and the lack of Dumbledore screentime combined with a failure to adequately convey what he meant to the wider wizard world, meant his death felt very limp. It's kind of shocking that they never saw fit to reintroduce the idea the Voldemort was afraid of Dumbledore, that could have played nicely into the orphanage memory and also explained why Voldy didn't enter the castle with the other DEs. It reminds me of Terminator Salvation, where there were a lot of good ideas that were just not explored fully or executed well enough.

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