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Re: Homosexuality in Harry Potter

Personally, this revelation makes it all the more amazing that Albus Dumbledore made it this far.

Remember, his infatuation with Gellert Grindelwald lasted only a few months before the untimely death of Ariana, Albus' younger sister. Albus likely blamed that tragedy on Gellert, and as a result there was a major falling out of the relationship that eventually led to that famous duel in 1945.

Because that relationship ended so horribly, Dumbledore likely took a vow of abstinance, and from "reading between the lines" of Rita Skeeter's biography from Deathly Hallows tells me he never engaged in another homosexual relationship. It is this very sordid past that explains why he never took the job of Minister of Magic (even though he was offered the job multiple times), because Dumbledore's sordid past would become public and that would end up forcing him out of office in very short order. He felt a lot safer being Headmaster at Hogwarts, where people far less likely find out about that past.

If you look at the way Dumbledore treated Harry Potter, note that it looks like a "normal" father-son relationship; this means Dumbledore was doing as much as possible to live down the tragedies of his younger years.

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