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Re: Homosexuality in Harry Potter

1. The fact that Dumbledore is gay adds a whole new dimension to his character and to the story. Were you surprised? Does it really change anything?

Yes, I was surprised that Jo said it. It doesn't change anything in the plot, of course, but it does change some of my interpretations, and it provides more angles from which to look at his actions. As Jo herself said, his love for Grindelwald could explain further his fascination with the ideas he embraced in his youth, and can make him a little less guilty, so to speak - because he was blinded by his love. It also provides another explanation on why he didn't confront Grindelwald sooner; and it also offers new possibilities on how their duel went - because Rita Skeeter suggested it wasn't really a duel, so now I believe her more than before I knew they were former lovers.

2. Do you believe we have met any other characters in the story that might be gay?

No, because there;s nothing on page to indicate it, as far as I've seen. To me, Dumbledore wasn't gay until today either.

3. Do you believe that the Magical World has a more well-developed understanding of "chemical attraction" and thus negating any issue of sexuality? In other words, physical attraction is more than simply genetics, but could in fact be magical and therefore a non issue?

No. I didn't see anything of the sort in the books. On the contrary, attraction was the same thing that we have in the real world.

4. The issue of a wizard's/witch's blood status was a major cause of indifference before Voldemort's downfall. With that in mind, would being gay make much of a difference or is it simply who you are born to that makes the big difference?

I have no idea, really. I think the wizarding world would have some issues as we do, some unaccepting fractions of society - they did have gender discrimination at one point, too - but I can't be sure, as we don't have any indication about it in the novels.

All in all, I am very happy about the revelation, because wehave yet another tragic love story, and a very grand one, at that!

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