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Re: Homosexuality in Harry Potter

1. The fact that Dumbledore is gay adds a whole new dimension to his character and to the story. Were you surprised? Does it really change anything?

While it adds a new dimension to Dumbledoreīs character, in that we now know of his sexual orientation, it does not change anything about the character himself or the story. Dumbledore is still the same Dumbledore, the wise, powerful old wizard, headmaster and Harryīs mentor/manipulator we met in six books with some backstory as to his youth and mistakes he made provided in book 7. Now we know he felt attracted to men, that does not really change anything about his character and why should it. And it does not have an influence on the story.

2. Do you believe we have met any other characters in the story that might be gay?

Thatīs pure speculation. To be honest, apart from our main four, whose romances were openly developed onpage, I did not give the other charactersīs preferences much thought.

3. Do you believe that the Magical World has a more well-developed understanding of "chemical attraction" and thus negating any issue of sexuality? In other words, physical attraction is more than simply genetics, but could in fact be magical and therefore a non issue?

No, I donīt think it is implied in the books that in the Wizarding World issues like attraction or sexuality are viewed differently than the Muggle world. If I understand this question correctly that is. I think witches and wizards experience falling in love, romance, relationships as well as the physical expression of it like muggles do.

4. The issue of a wizard's/witch's blood status was a major cause of indifference before Voldemort's downfall. With that in mind, would being gay make much of a difference or is it simply who you are born to that makes the big difference?

I think blood status made a big difference for some people and the cynic in me would imagine some people will not be any wiser after Voldermortīs downfall either. Since homosexuality as such has never been an issue in the books - as in we donīt see any openly homosexual couples - we canīt say if it would make an additional difference for the Wizarding World. I imagine it would be like in the muggle world, for some people itīs not a big deal, or better, no deal at all, some decline it.


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