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Re: Homosexuality in Harry Potter

1. The fact that Dumbledore is gay adds a whole new dimension to his character and to the story. Were you surprised? Does it really change anything?

I was surprised only that Jo left no room for doubt about his sexuality. Dumbledore's back story makes more sense if he is gay.

2. Do you believe we have met any other characters in the story that might be gay?

I think Grindelwald probably reciprocated his feelings, at least to some extent. However, I think his evilness issues put a damper on his ability to have a meaningful long-term relationship. Other than that, no one comes to mind immediately.

3. Do you believe that the Magical World has a more well-developed understanding of "chemical attraction" and thus negating any issue of sexuality? In other words, physical attraction is more than simply genetics, but could in fact be magical and therefore a non issue?

The only examples we have seen of magic inducing attraction involve love potions, such as when Ron accidentally ate the chocolate cauldrons spiked with Romilda Vane's love potion. I think that the reasons for true attraction in the magical world are as mysterious and irrational as in the real world (just look at Remus and Tonks).

4. The issue of a wizard's/witch's blood status was a major cause of indifference before Voldemort's downfall. With that in mind, would being gay make much of a difference or is it simply who you are born to that makes the big difference?

I'm not sure exactly what you're getting at with this question. My hunch is that different people within the magical world have different ideas about homosexuality just as they have different ideas about blood status. Among pure-blood families who care about blood status, I would also expect there to be prejudice against open homosexuality, because such a union would not produce heirs.

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