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Re: Crisis in Greece, the Euro Area and the European Union

awesome post, moogirl.

However, I don't agree with this:

Originally Posted by moogirl View Post
As I mentioned before, I think revolution is in the air, most likely in favour of communism, if not just a re-establishment of a new form of socialist democracy. Revolution or not, the next few years will be hard for the Greeks, and I hope they pull through alright.
The TV pictures look bad, but (based on my experience of Greece, reading Greek papers occasionally and knowing Greeks - all of which is anecdotal but I think pretty strong in this case) I don't think there is no mood for revolution. The people know what that would mean. And they still remember very well how different communist factions by their infighting and untenable policies drove large parts of Greece into famine in the 1950s!

I don't quite see on what basis you are suggesting that. Of course, you might have evidence which I haven't seen, but in that case, I'd like to see that, since Greece is a country I am interested in, and I'd like to be aware of its dangers.

I am worried about the stability of Greek society - but I am not thinking of anything like outright revolution. Rather the kind of resistance which makes a country unable to do anything constructive (but without actually aiming at overthrowing the democratic system).

Originally Posted by moogirl View Post
However, Klio mentioned Italy had a corrupt government? I wasn't aware of this. Research time!

Oh my God.... happy researching. Have you really not heard of Berlusconi - the man who, in US terms, is something like Rupert Murdoch (controlling a large sector of the press), Bill Gates (wealthiest man in the country) and Barack Obama (leading politician, but arguably with more power than a US president) rolled into one? One might also say that in personality and ruthlessness he is a lot closer to Rupert Murdoch than to Gates or Obama.

You can research back all the way to the 1940s. I don't think Italy has ever had a government not entangled with various shady interests and oftan also the Mafia (sometimes quite overtly), whatever party was in power. If there *was* a government that wasn't as corrupt, it would be one of the ones that lasted only a few weeks or months (of which there are many in the last 50 years).


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